Happy Halloween from James & Ruby!

I have been in denial all week regarding the fact that tomorrow I am bringing the children up to Duluth for 5 days and that Patrick is leaving for San Diego for 7. Today, I am facing my fears and getting it together. My to-do list is a mile long but I have already accomplished quite a few things this morning with the help of ye olde internet. I've held our mail, cancelled and rescheduled a doctor's visit I had scheduled for next Monday, ordered a refill on my prescription (to be mailed to me at no charge), confirmed that a copy of the Cars movie is waiting for us at the library and printed and sent a FREE* 4x6 picture postcard to my gramma using flickr & QOOP.

*If you have a flickr account and have never used QOOP, you get one postcard, created and mailed, free. Fun! Check them out, if you haven't already, by clicking on ORDER PRINTS above your photos on flickr.


I made the most delicious cookies last night. Seriously. They are so good. I was moaning a little as I ate my first one, warm from the oven. James gave me a funny look but when I gave Ruby a cookie she moaned a little, too. Already she knows the goodness of chocolate. I found the recipe at this beautiful blog, Orangette, and made them using Earth Balance Buttery Sticks and plain soy yogurt. Superb.
(this picture reminded me a wee bit of simply breakfast, one of my recent favorite blog finds. go see! mom, I know you'll love her photos.)


I asked James to come and pick out one of his masterpieces to give to gramma for her birthday. He informed me that gramma already has a LOT of stuff and can't she just LOOK at one but we keep it here? haha. He then came up with an idea for a fresh drawing just for her. (And one for grandpa that we so sadly forgot in September.)


Just because she is so awesome, Jessica from scrumdillydilly and scrumdilly-do! sent me this cd of fun & creepy Halloween music. We listened to it right away last night and everyone enjoyed it. It will be extra perfect this afternoon while we are carving pumpkins. (#33 on my list) Thank you, Jessica!


I am not sure yet and don't have time to process this right now, but feel strangely okay with the possibility that it might be true: Ruby may be allergic to dairy. See? She is better today but this happened twice yesterday, after she had milk. Poor bubles. (and, filing this away for later, Benadryl does not make this one sleepy.)


Now I must go drink that coffee and eat those cookies that I set up for that photo. Maybe I'll be back later. (probably!) xoxo


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