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I just had to step away from my sewing machine because my shoulders were all bunched up in knots. I am attempting my first zipper and one side didn't go so well. No problem, just take it out and start over, right? Wrong. The stitches are teeny tiny and strong and I ripped my (vintage) fabric while getting it out. I have more but I will wait until tomorrow to cut a new piece and try again. Too late, too tired. I did finish one more pillowcase this morning and that makes me happy. I'll post a picture tomorrow so I hope you can wait that long. (ha.)

Patrick is watching the Packer game so I thought I'd write some stuff down. We had a really nice weekend. I needed it.

Friday improved after I got the kitchen cleaned up. The kids played nicely upstairs for 45 minutes and I got almost all of it finished. Jenna came over to play and have lunch with James and then while Ruby napped James got to go to the homecoming parade with Rachel. I had told him he could pick candy up but could only eat the sucker I sent with or a Twizzler. When they got home Rachel said he said he didn't want to eat anything until he could show his mom. I was very proud of him. After Ruby got up we went to walmart for some stuff and then home for pizza with Patrick.

(now it's Monday morning...I put myself to sleep with this last night)

Saturday morning James & I went to the big farmer's market with our other neighbor Michelle and her daughter, Ella. Ella & Ruby are the same age but James is the one who loves the market so much right now that I wanted to bring him. Ruby was happy to stay home with Da. We had a really nice time. I had an excellent cup of coffee from the Johnson Bros. cart that Oliver (Kate's husband) had introduced me to that day I lost Patrick. They have such good coffee and I guess they were just rated as the number one cart up there.

Later that afternoon James begged me to take him to Dig & Save with me. He fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there and this is how he spent most of our shopping time:

He woke up kind of crabby, I suppose the cart wasn't that comfortable, but they were closing so it was no big deal. I mostly dug through the clothes and bought some fabric, a linen dress to cut up, another sweater, some baby clothes to donate and a vintage girl's dress. Next we went to the grocery store and JoAnn fabrics and ended up having a really nice time together.

I was chatting with the woman at JoAnn's who was cutting my fabric, saying how I really need to stop going in there. She said, "Me, too. But I can't. My husband left me." (uh oh, I think, pulling James' head closer to my thigh.) She continued, "Now I have to pay all the bills myself...the rent, the car payment, the pet food, everything." James was listening intently, of course, and asked why he moved out and where he moved to. (oh crap.) I was about to answer when she said, "Sometimes people fall out of love, just like they fall in love, and they don't want to live together anymore." (NICE. Hello? not even 4 here!) I was imagining a long talk on the way home but James just said, "Not my family. We will always live together and love each other."

I was stunned. We've never had to talk about divorce before or anything like that. This love that he feels so sure of is from what he's seen and how we've talked about each other. I was so thankful to hear him say this and to know that this is what he knows and believes in his heart. What else could you want for your kids to think?

To the woman's credit, she replied to James, "That's right. Your family will always love each other and you." We walked away, me feeling very thankful and James unscathed. I want to remember to pray for her...I know how it is to be feeling something so strongly that you want to share it with everyone you come across. (I remember saying that I would have told the garbage man about our miscarriage if given the chance.) I still think people should be careful what they say in front of kids but people without kids just might not realize.

We drove home in the dark and instead of talking about husbands leaving we talked about Jesus. Not a whole lot easier, really. The questions he is asking...where is heaven? why can't I see God? What does God eat?...are probably definitely harder to answer. I say, God is everywhere, he is in your heart. James says, "Is he that little?" Help?

Sunday morning we just had fun together, eating bacon and knocking the kids over. (video later.) I got to finish my book, Stormy Weather. I loved the story and the characters but didn't like the writing so much...very wordy for me. I need authors to get to the point at this point in my life. If anyone can suggest some good books about the Depression/Dust Bowl I would appreciate it. I realized I do love reading about the struggles & simple triumphs and pleasures of that time.

Patrick took James to a firetruck parade at noon and Ruby stayed home with me for a nap. I paid the bills and sewed a little...and enjoyed the quiet house. We met the boys for church and then went to Noodles for dinner. So nice, all of it.

Now the natives are restless so I must sign off. xo


  1. Glad that conversation turned out okay--I can understand sometime needing to get things off your chest, it must have been so much on her mind she didn't really think about James standing there and all. Wow--love his statement and security-that is wonderful!

    Have you ever read Sandra Dallas? She has several books that are good and not too heavy. The Persian Pickle Club is set in the Depression time, in Kansas and is about friendships, quilting and even a murder! Gasp!

  2. A couple years ago, Mason was asking about Jesus and God and how they went together and I said "Well, Jesus is a part of God", to which Mason replied incredulously "Jesus is like my parts?!?!?" as he looked down his undies. (we called his privates his "parts" at the time)...yeah, it is hard .

  3. what a lovely post! i love it when my older two boys talk about "our family" and how they love it when we're all together. we always stress how much we always love to be with them. four is a tough age for questions, isn't it? james is asking some good ones! i answer, "He's in your heart" as well, and so far, that seems to end the questioning. i think my 4-year-old is trying to figure that one out on his own! :)
    i am addicted to fabric buying as well. fortunately, the only super joann around me is 50 mintues away! we have a small dinky one...but i still buy fabric everytime i'm in there!


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