i love them

James is standing on his plastic kitchen shooting a Lightning McQueen car off of the top of it. One particularly powerful blast sends the car clear across the room. Ruby, who is hiding behind the curtains nearby, pounces. She grabs the car and runs to her favorite hiding spot behind the chair where I am sitting, trying to enjoy my coffee.

James freaks out and demands that I get it. No, I tell him, you need to ask Ruby yourself. He crawls behind the chair and asks her nicely to give it back. She squeals. He yells. The chair shakes as they wrestle. The sounds are something like you'd hear at the zoo...I'm thinking shrieking monkeys. James emerges victorious.

A second later Ruby rushes out, red faced, and throws her stuffed chicken at me. NOOOOOOO, she yells.


  1. Ah, the sounds of sibling rivalry...

    I assure you, one day they'll be best friends (or not).


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