I'm going to be a zombie/ruby's tuesday

(and not for Halloween, either.) (Patrick is my Zombie love interest.)

So, Patrick slept over at work last night. He thought working until 3am (his estimate) and driving 30 minutes home to sleep 2 hours and be back by 6 was crazy. Yes, but boo hoo. I miss him. This darn laser ships on Thursday so this will def. be over by then. He did watch the kids for a couple hours while I went to my class last night, that was great. I do want to write more about L&L but not today. I'm nearing zombiness.

I had to drive James to preschool so we all had to get up and out the door by 7:45. Ruby and I stayed in Madison and went to Lazy Jane's for coffee and delicious waffles with berries and cream. YUM. Then we went to the thrift store, then D&S. Then we got James and went to meet K&N at pumpkin patch. GORGEOUS day. I couldn't get James up this morning so I sent Ruby in. She squealed and jumped up on him, waking him right up. He was all put out. "Ruby, I'm doing something," he said. hahaha.

I'm done for now. Time to go call Patrick (not to complain, just to say hi) and James wants some "milk.org" (Do you think he's watching too much PBS?) Oh yeah, pics on flickr, help yourself.



  1. poor baby.....i'm sorry you're so tired. thanks for the photos, i'm so jealous of kate, snuggling my baby.........sigh. oh well, only eight more days to wait. i love you all. xoxo mama

  2. Aren't little toddlers just way too cute in jeans?!!


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