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This made me so sad.

James is using some good logic skills. At the bookstore last night we went to the highest point to look for Patrick. James said, "he's wearing blue so I'll look for all the blue shirts." This impressed me...that he is carrying over what we taught him in the I Spy books to real life.

I have to drop out of the book club for now. I signed up for a 7 week parenting class at church that starts tonight. The leader is an awesome speaker and I'm very excited. (It's based on Love & Logic.) Patrick will not be joining me...we decided it would be very bad for Ruby to try and go to bed for someone else right now. (you know, someone else being that nonexistent babysitter that we have) He has agreed to actively listen to all I learn and try new methods with me.

Miss Ruby got up early and then took a morning nap! James & I have had a very nice time together.

Our new church will have a sewing room so you can pop in and do some sewing on their machines at any time, for the different projects they have going on. (blankets and such.)

S: I want to talk about our relationship.
P: Go ahead.


Patrick is going to devise a screening device for my calls to his cell phone. He'll install a anxiety level detector that will measure the stress in my voice and assign it a value between 1 and 100. Anything less than 20 (0 being none) will go right through. We decided these will probably be my "Please bring home some milk" calls. Anything over 20 will automatically go to voice mail. Any calls between the hours of 5pm and 6:15pm will automatically go to voice mail and then be automatically deleted.

heeehhehehehehehehhehee. See? funny. xoxoxo

okay, more later.


  1. Pretty savvy invention there. Husbands everywhere will want one!

  2. Voice mail humor -- LOL! = } Deb

  3. I know, I see a golden opportunity here.

  4. This made me laugh. Maybe you could make your parenting class highlights a regular feature on the blog? Lord knows most of us could benefit. I'm just catching up after some time offline (thanks computer)- of course I missed a contest!


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