making me happy

  • I forgot to add a link to Sondra's blog the other day after she won my satchel. I went to check for new posts there this morning and was surprised to find a really nice one all about US! :) Aw, that was fun. Thanks, Sondra. It is so fun meeting new people and I'm just thrilled that she is so excited to be getting my little bag.

  • New artwork from James yesterday. These are monster trucks and they are very special because they are the first drawings he has done of actual things, aside from a couple faces & people. (which I also treasure) I heart them and want to frame them. Oh, and the orange one is a germ.

I have to stop now because Rubes needs me. xo


  1. Hi Stephanie
    I came across your blog last week when you posted about garbage pick up. It's so cute. I went to college in Madison and totally remember going around and finding stuff for our apartment on the side of the road. I love the orange art-- I got one of those this week too:) Nearly identical.

  2. found me because I dig through other people's garbage...what could be better?! :)

    Thanks for saying hi, Megan!

    Isn't the art fun? I love it.


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