my morning is pretty cute

I told Ellen yesterday how I've been wanting to try to make these. I decided to start with this gingerbread boy as they are a bit simpler. (inspiration came from these cuties) I have no stuffing but am coming along with my blanket stitch. I was too tired to get out the sewing machine last night so I figured I might as well cut out a felt cookie. Life is odd.

See my new coffee cup? Love it.

It's gorgeous again so I must get out of my pjs and get us outside. xo


  1. I saw this play food awhile ago but forgot all about it! Your gingerbread boy is turning out so cute! We have been considering getting the girls a little play kitchen for Christmas and some of this food would be so cute to go along with it. Hmmm....I need to get busy! I have a lot of projects on my to do list before Christmas! :)

  2. You're awesome with the blanket stitch- my aunt made beautiful pillows with that stitch and felted wool sweaters- great Xmas gifts!! I wish I could tap into your productive, crafty side. I need the Bend the Rules book.

  3. Thanks Darcy & Ellen. :) I am going crazy with things I want to make and can't do them all.


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