my crock pot can kick your crock pot's ass

I'll get to the crock pot in a minute.
First, here is the fruit of my morning's labor:

I still have to top stitch around the whole thing. It is reversible and the apron string slides through so it's adjustable. It is a 3-4-5T. I am just not sure how to finish the holes where the string slides through so the inside doesn't come poking out. I'm thinking of ironing on a little fusible stuff? Hmmmm. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

My inner critic noted that the pocket is crooked but like all of my projects, it's for a 4 year old! The seam ripper and I have already had some quality time together this morning so I'm pretty sure the pocket is staying as is. You won't even notice with a little wooden spoon or cookie cutter poking out. I should mention that the pocket was cut from one of Patrick's old shirts. He never wears it but I'm sure he'll come home and moan a little. (unless I hide the evidence...I bet you $50 he'll never notice!) I was going to do some embroidery but thought with all the wear and tear this will potentially get, something sturdy would be better. It's for one of the preppier little buddies in our group...I sure hope he likes it. (he loves to cook)

Speaking of cooking, I was talking to my sister about my crock pot this morning. I cooked a whole chicken in it yesterday and made some stock with the carcass. (what a horrible word to have on my blog) The stock was boiling on LOW and I told her how I should have returned it a long time ago as the settings are obviously mislabeled. It should read "HIGH" and "REALLY FREAKING HIGH." We were laughing and she pointed out that my crock pot could kick her crock pot's ass.

(it's also nice back up for the microwave.)


  1. We must have the same crock pot, mine is the same way.


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