my weekend lists, just for you

(beautiful photo found here)




dishwasher cubes


garbage bags


pay bills

go to JoAnns (yip, yip)

go to PO

go to birthday party Sat aft

go to wedding Sat eve

finish groc shopping


freeze meat

finish shopping for my outfit tonight, alone, Thank God

cook meals for Patrick's lunches, freeze (chipotle mac & cheese, lasagna, tt hotdish)

blog about:

going up north, what I hope to do

James sounding out words

parents (I have no recollection of what this means even though I jotted it down this morning)

button crafting (calm down, I know it's exciting but you're just going to have to wait)


  1. Thanks for the link!

    Good luck accomplishing all that this weekend. Wow!!

    The germ kills me!!! I'm a kindergarten teacher and a bit of a germaphobe (I know, those don't belong together), so I have a LOT of respect for that little creation!!

    We live in upstate NY, but as I said we come to Wisconsin often and also Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, where his father lives. His sister goes to college in Madison. Sounds like a fun place to spend a weekend!


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