night night

The 3 of us laid on the floor in Ruby's room last night. James had brought in a mound of pillows and blankets and we were playing "night night." Ruby's little naked body was sprawled across mine and James was in the crook of my arm, talking and talking.

He chattered on for about 15 minutes, sometimes pausing to ask Ruby or myself a question:

Ruby, would you like to come to preschool with me when you are older? You can.

Mom, is the DNA in your hair alive? (Oh Lord, Patrick, would you stop with the DNA talk?)

It was one of those times when I was almost holding my breath so as not to disturb the mood in the room. Ruby was so peaceful, just listening, and James was just being James...talking in his normal voice, not the "silly" one that I hear so often these days.

I was just in awe of them and that they are ours. I can't even say how thankful I am for these two perfect little beings.

(and I'm even more thankful when they are both asleep by 7:30.) :)


  1. Ahhhh! What a sweet night and a great memory.

    7:30 would be awesome (and I'd feel like I had a bit more of a life)--does James still nap? We are between an afternoon nap and "break" and a later bedtime and no nap and an earlier bedtime (along with some evening craziness/attitude).

  2. This is a sweet post. I love when those perfect moments happen in life--they are treasures!


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