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First of all, Congratulations to Sondra! I had James pick a number and out came #2. I'll email you later for your address. I hope you & the satchel have lots of fun. :)

We are having another lovely day with Ruby napping since 10am. She is sleeping a lot lately, maybe it's all the language bursting around in her head that's making her so tired. This morning she said mailbox, mine, and garbage.

James has a couple classmates with birthdays coming up so we made some little cupcakes today for him to keep in the freezer there. It's good timing because we can also bring a few along for a wedding cake substitute for him Saturday night. If there are any left, I should say. This recipe makes 48 mini cupcakes and 12 regular size...quite a few of the mini ones have already mysteriously disappeared.

It's gorgeous today so we are headed out after our late lunch. I had planned on doing a major grocery shop but I think I will wait until I can go myself or just do one of my shorter stops with the kids. I have to go to 4 places to get everything we need (for the month): Cub, Whole Foods, Woodmans and Trader Joes. I don't really even have my list finished, though, so I should go finish that up. I did plan meals for the month...quite an undertaking but so nice when it's done.

Patrick worked until 3am last night and went back at 7 this morning. He had a laser presentation moved up a week so they are busting their butts trying to get it ready. Turns out that he will have to go to the Neuroscience convention with this laser in a couple of weeks because no one else knows it like he does. sigh. I hate when he has to go but I guess he hasn't had to for a really, really long time. I also guess this means we're going up to Duluth and will happen to be there on my mom & brother's birthday. (did you hear that mom?) So, yay! I am very excited to see my mom & dad and anyone else I can fit in. Ruby is kind of at the worst age for being in non-child proofed homes so I'm thinking we'll stay at my mom's, if that's okay. My Dad's spiral staircase would just be a nightmare.

I was supposed to go out to dinner with my friends tonight but had to cancel. Patrick might be late getting home and will be exhausted even if he is here on time. I am kind of bummed because they are going to Tex Tubb's Taco Palace, a place I've really been wanting to try. Maybe Patrick and I can try it soon if our new sitter works out.

I made the mistake of telling James about Jail this morning. The questions came non-stop for the next hour. I folded laundry and he fired questions at me. What if you stole a calendar from your neighbors house? A lego? How long would you go to jail for? What if you found a key and got out of jail? What do you eat there, how big are the cells, and on and on and on and on. In the beginning of the conversation I assured him that little kids don't go to jail because he looked a little worried. At the end of the conversation he was saying he wished I would go to jail. (nice) I said I wished he would go and he replied smugly from under the coffee table, "But kids don't go to jail, member?"


  1. Ooooh congrats Sondra, you lucky gal!

  2. OMG, the "jail" talk. We are still going through all the questions about jail. I think I might bring him on a "field trip" to the jail with my uncle.

    I will child-proof my home even more if you can possibly stop by when in Duluth? Just tell me what you want done, and I will do it!!! I know you have a lot of family though, but I would LOVE, LOVE to see you and James and Ruby!!

  3. i missed a blog giveaway????

    lovely satchel - i'm thisclose to getting the book very soon, and i can't wait to try my hand at some of the patterns!

    my 4-year-old and i had a very similar conversation a while ago about jail. it just seems unfathomable to a child so young, i guess!

  4. I predict viewings of Escape From Alcatraz and Cool Hand Luke when James is a bit older, well, quite a bit.

    Good luck with the BIG shopping trip-whew!!

  5. Yeahhhh! I'm not a loser - I'm not a loser! It takes some convincing, ya know! Thanks so much, Stephanie, for my first bloggy win. I looooovvve it! Can't wait to have it on my arm, or my wrist rather, or my finger, or whatever! Tiny little thing anyway!! Love it...

    BTW - I love James! I loved him before he picked my number cuz he makes me laugh, but I love him even more now!

  6. I think a jail field trip is a good idea. But maybe just the outside of the jail, with all the high fences. :)


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