ruby's tuesday

Ruby attacking something unseen in the first picture and a little stuffed beaver in the second. Her assistant is Sharky. Sharky has been around for years and should really be put out to pasture but Patrick will not stand for it. (He still wonders where Silky, our old blanket, is.) (at the farm, Patrick, at the farm.)


  1. I just love your little Ruby's hair. Too cute!

  2. You got rid of Silky? I'm almost as upset as Patrick!!! Remember the special smell that always clung to Silky:)? I know you thought I wasn't around anymore, but I lurk almost every day. I need to come see you guys. -Your lovin' cousin SS

  3. Sarah, you sneaky little thing.

    COME OVER. xoxoxo

    And, hi Darcy! :)


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