solo saturday (kind of)

I left at around noon on Saturday. Do I have to tell you where I was headed? I didn't think so. I had thought that I was going to have some alone time but as I drove off I realized I had a stowaway. This is Simon Chipotle, you've met him once before. All right, I sighed, you can come.

He turned out to be pretty good company. He was always willing to help and could fit in spaces where I couldn't. He has pretty good taste, too. (ha! get it?!) Seriously, he talked me out of buying these for the kids. I thought they might want to dress up as the 70s for Halloween., and this for Patrick, who did mention he wanted a robe.

I had sue-itis on Saturday and was so overwhelmed by all that was offered that my cart ended up looking like this. Simon talked me out of most of it. This is what I ended up with. I also saw a great idea for a Christmas gift for my mom. Simon was strangely drawn to this tray but I wouldn't buy it for him. It felt wrong.
All in all, it was a great d&s day. I spent $15! That is a LOT for me. I got 4 new pillow forms, a chicken tablecloth (?), an old snoopy sheet that was the same as one that my mom & grandma made into a quilt for me, black skirt for me, cords for me, capris for my ma, cute little sweatshirt for Ruby, new bug t shirt for James, vintage candy box, lots of dishes that I don't really remember because they are still in Patrick's trunk, and a few other clothes that I've already washed and forgotten. Oh yeah, a fleece jacket for a friend's baby and some other baby clothes to donate. Whew. Simon and I dug & saved for over 3 hours. It was very relaxing and almost as good as being alone.
While I was gone Patrick took the kids bowling. Bowling! James loved it and bowled a 61. Ruby liked it fine but was mad because they didn't have shoes in her size.


  1. i'm so simon coming to duluth by any chance???? this blog is perfect, it made me laugh in spite of a mean headache....i love you all

  2. You are so funny!! I'm laughing out loud~Love seester


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