I keep thinking I should be folding laundry, packing, sewing, putting my chicken in the crock pot, dancing a jig...something! But I am running in circles. Must stop now. You will help, dear blog. By 11:00am I will have my laundry folded and put away. will check back. xo

UPDATE: It's just before 11 and I have folded and put away the laundry and James & Ruby's clothes are packed.

By 12:30 my goals are to have my clothes packed, the kids fed and the chicken in the crock pot.

UPDATE #2: Okay, now I'm pooped. My clothes are packed, except for what is on the line drying. The chicken is in, the kids have been fed, I took the recycling out and emptied and filled the dishwasher. Ruby is going to take her nap soon and I am going to chill with James for a while. Then, back at it! By 2:30 I want to have the load that just finished drying folded, and most of our toiletries/misc packed or piled up on the counter. Also, I have to call Verizon and cancel our service.

UPDATE #3: Okay, now I'm really pooped. All my clothes are packed and mine and the kids' are loaded in the van along with the pack and play, little high chair, single stroller and some odds and ends. James & I cleaned the van, folded the laundry, and wrapped 2 gifts. I didn't call Verizon but will. Now my goals are to bake some pork chops that I had defrosted, empty the cooler I brought in from the weekend (ick), call Verizon, pack up the dry food that I'll bring along and get the refrigerator stuff in the freshly cleaned cooler. By 5.

FINAL UPDATE: Allright, it's just before 5, I think. I called Charter to order their bundle (cable, phone, internet) so they will cancel Verizon phone service for me. (hello project runway!) The chops are in the oven, the food stuff is together, the cooler is clean and I just looked in the mirror. Oh. Must shower. It is a holiday after all. (so maybe I shouldn't?) We still have to carve a pumpkin. I don't think James will want to trick or treat for too long. He knows he'll have to hand over most of the candy and already got his trade-in gift...a new skateboard. It's v. cute. He's had his helmet on allllll day. I'd show you the pics but I already packed the camera cord. Did I say that I'm tired? I have to get all this done today because Ruby & I have to bring James to preschool in the morning and I don't want to have to come home again before we pick him up.

I wish you a fun Halloween!

I'll be posting tomorrow night as it is the first day of nablopomo. It will probably be about my favorite rest area.


I interrupt this garble to share a few cute things. Ruby tooted while eating her dinner last night. She looked at James & I and said "burp!". We laughed and told her it was a toot, not a burp. A while later she did it again and quickly said "toot!" We laughed and she was very pleased.

When you call her name she answers with "yeah?" just like Patrick does. When you say her name, like when you're right next to her and want her attention, she answers with "what?"

She has been calling, "Babeeeee, whew aaaaaa oooo?" (where are you?) for a week now and I LOVE it. We always say that to each other in a sing song manner and she does it just the same for us now, too. She also jumps out of the closet and says boo.


  1. Wow! You are on a serious roll. Good for you!!

    Have a GREAT time visiting your mom and fam./friends.


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