things could be a lot worse

This was my original filing system idea for the kitchen. You can see it's working well for me. I love having random crap and garbage decorating my kitchen wall. This is Ruby. It is, after all, Ruby's tuesday. She has taken up the nukkie due to neglect and hunger.
Oh yes, this is one of my pillowcases. They are really so soft and sweet. I like them. (gift)
This is the corner of my kitchen. It makes me want to weep. I need something new here, something better. I need to actually file stuff, not make more files of stuff to be filed later. (duh, right?) My bread box (you'll see that in a minute) used to be here but I am sick of the crockpot holding the bread so I had this crazy idea to use the breadbox for the bread. Stand back! That little white shoe box is my sewing box. sniffle.
Oh yes, here is my sewing area. I want this to be in the kitchen but not necessarily on the kitchen table. Or the half wall. (ruby lives to push stuff off the half wall.) The other pile is James' art. I have been taking pictures of all of it because we can't keep it all. It is awfully hard to toss, though. I may mail a parcel off to the grandparents soon.
Here is the breadbox I mentioned. And the crockpot. And more artwork on the fridge. Notice my blue radio is missing from the shelf. This bothers me. It's up in James' room so he could listen to "mnah mnah" by Cake while he jumped over me again and again last night. (large sigh.)
I guess that since he makes the waffles I should have to clean the waffle maker but I hate cleaning the waffle maker. Does anyone have any good waffle maker cleaning tips?
This is what I think I'd like. First of all, a desk. Ideally, a desk with a laptop, up in our bedroom, but HAHAHA, until that happens, just a desk. In our room. So no one touches all the stuff I need to keep track of. Then I would like a small table for the corner of the kitchen for my sewing machine. Of course, I could just say I'd like the lower level to be finished but I won't.
It's a dangerous path to start moseying down, this path of wanting stuff. Pretty soon I could be wallowing in sadness over all the stuff we haven't done around here. Instead, I will go drink some coffee and relax for the next hour until we leave to pick up James. But I do still want a desk and a table.
Oh yes, and for Ruby to pick up all the raisins she just emptied onto the floor.


  1. The paper battle is never ending isn't it?! And the kitchen counters always seem to be the catch all place!

  2. Waffle makers are hell to clean. Here are my suggestions:

    Waffle maker cleaning suggestion #1: eat pancakes.

    Waffle maker cleaning suggestion #2: eat out.

    Waffle maker cleaning suggestion #3: don't eat.


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