things I don't want to forget v. 628

J: I am funny. I am the funniest guy Ruby knows.

J: Mom, can anyone borrow Ruby for a while so I can have a bow and arrow? (we had told him no because Ruby is too small)

J: Do you know you are a living thing, mom?

J: Is that guy in the sleigh Jesus?


Ruby is suddenly saying just anything she wants. Today I've heard: jacket, hat, door, shoe, sock, bye bye, no, baby, bear, apple, off, help, PLEASE (yay!), thank you, light, no, dada, jay, mama, uppa, milk, nurse, all done, train, puppy, no and no.

She is suddenly in love with these 2 naked babies we have laying around here and calls after them all day, "BAYBEE! BAYBEE!" I got her a little plastic (made in the USA) (probably the only one of their toys that is) carriage at D&S today and she is loving it. I think I want to get her all the doll stuff for Christmas. Annie said she can use her old wooden cradle and I would love a wooden high chair. (for a doll)

Okay, that's it for now. I have many, many other very important things to tell you but right now I am making pumpkin cookies. The results aren't final but they are looking to be pretty darn tasty.


  1. ok, where is the wooden cradle?


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