• Loved the parenting class. Wish Patrick could come. Got name of new babysitter, maybe there is hope. When I got home last night Patrick asked me how it went, what we talked about and really listened to what I told him. It was nice. The whole idea of Love & Logic is to let kids make lots of small mistakes that won't cost them too much while they are young and then they won't make the pricier mistakes as they get older. You are supposed to look at each mistake as an opportunity to help them make a better choice next time. If I can have a few minutes to collect my thoughts I will give you a better description later. (ha!)

  • I did a little shopping after class last night and didn't get home until around 10. I was starving when I got home so I popped a bag of popcorn and brought it up to our bedroom with my new book. Patrick was already reading and minding his own business when I went in to wash up. I came out a couple minutes later and he had a HUGE mouthful of popcorn, his hands were full of it, he was laughing and the bowl was almost empty. Wha?!? Could he really have shoveled that whole bag into his gullet during those few minutes? No. He had poured it into a basket beside the bed but he did have me going for a few minutes. little rat.

  • So, I got the name of another babysitter to try! It's our librarian's daughter and we may call her to come over Sunday afternoon for the first time. How exciting!

  • We are taking the kids to a wedding reception on Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to it but still need to complete my outfit. I did get this shirt for $2.50 last night but I don't think it's appropriate for the wedding. (lots of good deals at Old Navy, folks)

  • Kate is back from Grand Cayman. We got to see them after school today and it was really good. We've had beautiful weather the last 2 days...not sunny but warm and nice...and I've had the kids outside a lot, that makes me happy.
  • (This picture was taken while Natalie was describing one dinosaur eating another one. James thought they all died due to meteors.)

    James and I had an excellent day yesterday. Everything just flowed and I didn't even make him have quiet time. Very nice. There is a little boy in his class who will be just turning 3 on Thursday. Today when we were leaving James patted him on his little blond head and said, "Bye Henry." It was just the cutest thing.

  • Ruby continues to say everything. Some new ones: bless you, amen (before she eats...soooo cute), buckle, off, on, weeeeen! (Halloween), pumpkin, Elmo (I know, I know), lady and milK and booK (with a hard K).

  • James has taken to sliding down the pole in the basement. He loves it but needs more totes stacked (or something sturdier, I said) to reach the very top.

  • Ruby tried the Indian Corn. She didn't like it.

  • I had a vision for changing our living room around and Patrick made it come to life last Saturday. I got home from an afternoon away and this is what I found. I love it! It's not done yet but it's so nice to have that huge entertainment center somewhere else for the first time in 3 years. I should do a post about how I want a new big rug, some new curtains and to finish fixing up my really cool footstool. (but there's not really much more to say so I just saved us all a few moments.)

  • We have been getting our cable at a steep discount for the last 3 years because they never came back to restrict our channels after hooking us up. We were getting regular cable for the basic price. ($20 vs $60) Well, they finally sent someone out and the party is over. We now have the 15 or so channels that we actually pay for and I'm really fine with it. EXCEPT no Mythbusters now and no Project Runway in November. I'm not sure if I can handle that. We'll see.

  • Our regular phone is dead. I wonder if we really need phone service or if we'd be okay with just our cell phones. Do any of you do that? How does it work out?

  • My dad's ITALIEN is on the front page of the Barrett-Jackson site. It's over on the left under Latest News. VERY COOL. He keeps sending me press that people are seeing all over about the car.

I think I have more but, really? Isn't this quite enough? xo


  1. My son and DIL only have cell phones, and have been doing that for the last year or two. We couldn't get away with it only because the cell reception at our house is not so great a good deal of the time.

    Couldn't live without the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic (and hubby's woodworking shows on DIY), so the digital cable is staying = }

    "Ruby tried the Indian Corn. She didn't like it" LOL

  2. I thought the popcorn trick your hubby played on you was pretty funny. :) Ruby trying the Indian corn was cute too!

  3. Yeah, but fishing it out of her little mouth wasn't so cute. :)

    I've heard so much about the dog whisperer but have never seen it. Maybe someday.


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