we're ba-ack

We managed to do a little bit of everything this weekend and still found time to relax. Patrick told me it would be another busy week for him (late nights) so I took some time yesterday to get caught up on laundry and he helped me pick up the house last night. I got 5 sewing projects cut out (cutting out is the worst part) so I can fit in a little sewing here and there and that always makes me happy. We are in survival mode and I think we're going to be fine.

Jolee wanted a little camo tote bag for her son, who likes to collect clues and such. I had the idea to make it a longer messenger type bag (using the term loosely) and I think it's going to be cute. I have 2 of those ready, one spidey bag, a camo apron and a spidey apron.

The wedding celebration was very nice. They had gotten married on Friday afternoon in a civil ceremony and had this cocktail hour on Saturday to celebrate. There was tons of delicious looking food (roast beef, lobster, tarts) but all we managed to have was a drink because we each had a child clinging to us. Taking the kids to a busy party at their bedtime is not always a good plan. But we tried it and were really happy that we did. The bride and groom were beautiful and gracious and just seeing them made it all worth it. I love those little moments in my life when I've been somehow touched by someone I barely know. Those little moments of contact that make me feel like we're all in this together. Very nice. (I decided to wear my favorite skirt and a new sweater...it was perfect.)

We were leaving when we ran into a professor of mine that I hadn't talked to in a few years. He and I and another woman in the Spanish class that he taught had gotten to be friends and shared some meals together a few times. I lost touch with them when we bought our house...or rather, waited a really long time to respond to their emails until it was so long that I just felt stupid and then it seemed too long and you know how that goes, right? Anyways, it was fun to see him and his partner. They were heading up to the rooftop of the Monona Terrace for some star gazing party that we never would have known was even going on. It was a beautiful night so we took the kids and joined them.

The first telescope that we came upon was aimed at the moon. We all got to see it close up, craters and all. It had been a while for me and it was so cool. James LOVED it. We also saw the Andromeda galaxy and Jupiter. James impressed them a little when he knew that Jupiter wasn't a star, but a planet, and the largest one at that. Patrick was proud of him. It was sweet.

The kids both fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep until 1:30, when Ruby woke up requesting a bagel. She settled for yogurt. (new words: yogurt, wash it, back (as in give it back), and more bless you (now after she toots))

James was down for the count. Patrick had taken him mini golfing that morning and then I brought him to a birthday party at Madtown Twisters. Lots of fun.
Last night we went for a long walk, there are some pics here. After the kids went to bed we watched The Pursuit of Happyness. We enjoyed it. (how could you say that you didn't without looking like an ogre?) I would change the title to The Very Long Pursuit of Happyness, though.
This seems like an abrupt ending but my timer (ruby) just went off. xo


  1. Love the polka dot skirt and the picture of the tree against the evening sky is very cool!

  2. The fabric looks Adorable!! Can't wait to see the bag!!!!

    I love the skirt!!
    Man, I can't remember the last time I looked down and could see my toes!! 35 days left!

  3. You're almost there, Jolee!

    Thanks, too, you two. :)

  4. Love the skirt and hey you can see your toes must be wonderful and I unlike Jolee haven't any days left just excess baggage, can't see my bum either :o)

    Love your blog.


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