we're doing just fine

This circus should be over by tonight.

Those were Patrick's words, describing this week. He came home Tues night (very late) and slept until 10 yesterday morning. When he came down the stairs Ruby started this very quiet crying...she just didn't know what to do with herself. She saw him Mon night at work but hasn't seen him at home since Sunday night. He said he was going to come home last night but never did. He isn't sick yet and felt pretty good last night at 11:00pm. They are all banding together over there and on the same kind of sink-or-swim high that I've been. (which is a direct gift from God, I believe) Tonight at 6 they box this stuff up and it ships, end of story. whew.

I know God's been taking care of me this week. I've just been in love with my kids...like every single thing James says is so cute I should write it down (but I haven't) and they both are just cracking me up. It's been a good week. Great weather, too. (but I do want it to be over now, please.) (I can't keep taking this double dose forever.) (HAHAHA) I have a history of holding it together really well until the last day and then letting things fall apart because I know I can. I'm going to try not to do that today.

I guess things almost fell apart last night at Jo-ann's. There was a loooooong line for fabric cutting and Ruby was very tired. I quietly told James to keep his fingers and arms away from her mouth and decided to try and hang in there as long as we could. The people around us in line distracted Ruby by saying how cute she was and playing peek a boo with her. I prayed no one would bend over and try to touch her while I discussed the building structure with James.

I thought we were golden after our very efficient cutter whipped through my bolts in about 30 seconds and sent us up to the checkouts, me not being really sure what had just happened. Oh no, long lines there, too, but the checkers were in costume and this had Ruby stunned silent. Especially the tiger mask. Can you imagine what she was thinking? heehee.

I ended up getting the rest of the fabric for my kid birthday gifts and James picked out some really cute flannel planet print for himself.

Oh yeah, before I forget, there is no preschool today! Bummer. I think we're going to try a new cut out sugar cookie recipe. All right, I am losing interest in this post. I checked my ever expanding bloglines account before posting and saw that it was chock full of goodness...I'm headed that way now for a little relaxing reading before the kidlets wake up.
p.s. Ruby LOVES to hide and can keep quiet for a loooooong time while we hunt for her. Kind of a scary ability but right in line with her personality.


  1. What a week you've had! You ARE strong for sure. Hold on a bit longer and then you'll get some relief. Isn't it funny how sometimes kiddos just sense we really, really, need for things to go well? Glad you made it through JoAnn's (well, your entire week) and found some fun fabric. What projects do have cooking in your brain?

  2. good job, bob
    may i please have that little brown gingerbread man? soooooooooooo cute. kiss them from me, ok? love you all, me


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