yawn v 2.0

Why is it that we are always embarrassed to be caught sleeping? As if sleeping at 4:00 in the afternoon while your son is watching TV is something to be ashamed of!

I just got woken (?) waked (that's what James would say) up by my neighbor knocking on our front door. She bought 2 little pairs of new suede boots at the thrift store for Ruby for .50 each! "Were you sleeping?!" she asked. Oh no, just resting my eyes. HAHA.

So, I did get a little nap in and can now carry on until Patrick gets home. I called to tell him we were having chicken pot pie for dinner. Do we have to have those big carrots again, he wanted to know. Last time I got frozen stew veggies and they were HUGE. Seriously, Paul Bunyan sized. No, I told him, I have fresh ones this time and will cut them small. He suggested I just throw whole carrots on the bottom of the pie tin and top with some whole baked potatoes. HAHAHA. What a card. As I type this I realized I should have done just that. It's not like anyone besides us will eat it anyways.

I planned to meet Heidi & Susan at a playground this morning and had the idea to bring along the other pie for us to share as a special treat. I called Patrick to ask his permission because he seemed to really love it last night. He was fine with it (slightly bitter, but fine) but then I went and forgot it on the oven when I left. I also shared this information with him this afternoon and he said, "Way to horde the pie, bunny." I love him.

The park was beautiful. Susan didn't make it because her wee Ben had just fallen asleep when it was time for her to leave. He's 3 weeks old now and such a cuddly little bundle. I loaned her my ring sling and she bought one of those awesome fleece pouch slings last week and is loving them. I think all my friends have used the Bjorn with their first and slings with their second...they are sooooo much better.

Heidi & I and the kids had a good time. When we were leaving James said, "Odin is so much fun, Mom." I love that these kids all have each other. And us moms, too. We met another mother at the playground whose daughter had on a t shirt from James' preschool. Turns out this little girl is James' cubbie partner...using it on T & Th afternoons. Small world! Her mom was really nice and we are planning on getting together again.

Ruby is up so I have to go fetch her. xo James is BOTHERING me so I have to go (s)MOTHER him a little. (with love, of course.)


  1. Isn't it nice to have good mommy friends? I swear the friends I've made since my kids were born are the best friends I've ever had.

  2. I know, Amanda. I'm not sure where we'd be without them. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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