a bit of afternoon fun

I wanted to make a scarf for James, so I did. (please ignore the popsicle juice on his face...I was sewing.) I haven't sewn anything for him since his Halloween pillowcase and was feeling like I just couldn't keep sewing for everyone else and not my boy. He loves it. It quickly became a snowboard, and then a tape measure, but now it's a scarf again.

I kept it simple, it didn't take more than an hour. Not that I sat down and finished it in an hour, but over the last 4 hours it took up about one in total. I think I first saw this idea here and then later, here.

Ruby's next but probably not today. Not unless I am terribly inspired by the Project Runway premiere tonight and stay up sewing when it's over. HA! Not likely.

p.s. James' adorable shirt was an early birthday gift from our friends Zoe & Elijah. Ruby got one, too. They both love them and they fit perfectly. Thanks you guys! :)


  1. Ruby has fashion sense. Spiderman and leg warmers? The scarf is really sweet. Maybe you could make it less obvious in the photos that they are watching TV??? Skipper. I bet your flock really missed you.

  2. the scarf is adorable sweetheart....i love all the things he can use it for, too. :)
    i love you all......mama

  3. I am all about honesty on this blog, thus, no hiding that the kids watch tv. :) xoxoxo

  4. nice legs, ruby! we wore two pairs today- it was chilly for the Keys and Sophie asked for "legs" multiple times.


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