catching up & ruby's tuesday

,,mmmmjjjjjjjj okay, that was Ruby. She is on my lap so I don't think I'll be getting very far with this. Mainly, I've had a lot of good days and so I think I'll just post everything I've been thankful for lately. (aka: a list)
  • for new babies: My friend Heidi had her baby last Friday morning, one long week after her due date. A little girl they named Willah Lake. I love her name and she is just the cutest little tiny pink thing. Their family is busy adjusting to life with 3 little ones. I got to visit her in the hospital on Saturday and it was so nice to talk quietly with her, without all our kids around. I'm just so happy for them.
  • for time alone & thrifting for Christmas: I spent the day by myself on Saturday, shopping and visiting, like I said. I found some lovely old bowls at the thrift that I want to give as Christmas gifts with a bag of homemade muesli.
  • for visiting with friends & happy news: Kate & Natalie came over Saturday night for dinner. I was gone all day and when I got home Patrick had the house looking all cozy. (I think it's so cute how he likes to make things look cozy for our guests.) We had a really nice time, aside from all the blood. (our evening with them ended with James' lip) Kate announced to our group on Saturday that she is 13 weeks pregnant. I've known for a while and have just been bursting with happiness about it. She was so good to me while I was pregnant with Ruby and I am so excited to do the same for her. And doubly excited for her to have a new tiny fat one.
  • for visiting with friends, part 2: We went to Susan's yesterday for Ally's birthday party. I hadn't been to Susan's since before she had little Ben, 10 weeks ago. I got to see his nursery and it is just the sweetest little coziest little room. And it's done in Milwaukee Brewer's stuff. Who would have thought?! That would be Ben's dad's influence but Susan has added her touch and I could have just curled up in there and taken a nap. Ben has this amazing smooth, creamy skin. I got to hold him for a while and I could hardly stop myself from chewing on his cheeks. Ally loved the pillowcase we gave her and came and gave me a kiss and a hug. Yup, made my day.
  • for James making me laugh: To Ruby in the van yesterday, "Ruby. I can't understand you when you talk that baby talk." HAHAHA! That is exactly what we say to him and hilarious to me because, you know, she's actually a baby. (be quiet, she is!)
  • for Ruby turning 18 months: I love her, she is amazing. She says absolutely everything and knows some colors (purple, blue and yellow) Who taught her those? Well, Blue comes from Blue's Clues, but what about the others? She is deep into the babies and has been pretty sweet lately. I love her tone and how she will always answer our questions. Ruby, where are you? Stairs. Ruby, are you hungry? Yeah. (only it's more like "yeaaaaaaaah." she draws it out, v. cute.) Ruby, did you poop? Uh-uh. Do you want a diaper on? NO. Where is James? Rooooooom.
You know, there was more but I can't think of it right now. Ruby wandered upstairs a while ago and is asking for water. Just because, here is one last picture. I had cleaned out the closet and James wanted to play in it before I filled it back up again. He set this up himself and was in there a lot that afternoon.


  1. That's a great list of thanks! So nice you've had some alone shopping time--that can make all the difference can't it? It's also so special you can share with your friends their happiness of new babies--what a joy!


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