a first

James got his first stitches tonight, 2 of them, right under his bottom lip. Poor buddy. He's fine, though. Earlier Patrick and I were trying to decide who would take him to the ER and James, lying in my lap bleeding, suggested that we all go. So we did. We just got home a little bit ago. Time for bed. xo


  1. oh, poor little guy indeed. we had to ER trips just in the past few weeks as well. i hope to not go back for a long, long time. :)

  2. Eeek! Stitches! I'm sorry!

    What a family outing huh?

  3. Oh no!!!! What happened??!!

    I hope he's okay *hug*

  4. feel better, buddy! i was 4 when i got mine- a good dozen or so in the forehead, so it could have been worse! either way, it sounds like he was the patient of the year. rockstar james.

  5. Ohh, James. What a little trooper. I'm sorry to hear about that Steph.


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