James, on his way out this morningfirst snow on Thanksgiving eve, just after Gramma arrived
okay, she LOVES this and always has to be in this position

James helping Ruby get her mitten on. (I made her scarf & hat...heehee)

Going to the mall with my kids kind of stresses me out. It's fine for a while, while they're in the play area, but taking them to the food court for lunch...that gives me hives. I normally agree to go to the mall with Kate about once every 2 months, probably more in the winter, and today was the day. It was really fun to see them and we survived. That's what's important. Ruby doesn't like the stroller much. 18 months is a tough age to take them anywhere but the most child friendly environments. Thank God James is so easy these days. (did I just say that out loud? dumb dumb dumb)

Speaking of James, he is waiting patiently for me to finish up because I said we could go dig around in the Christmas stuff in a little bit. I decided to get those cafe curtain clips (on rings) for my shower curtain. It will be about $5 compared to the $27 I would spend for the (not on sale) grommet tool and grommets. Best case would be that my buttonholer would live up to its' name but I don't see that happening. Here is a picture of my (many) failed buttonholer attempts. It stops halfway down on the return trip. every. time. Any ideas?


  1. gah, no clue about that button hole issue.

    Ruby is SO sweet lying there.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I'm happy to have found you and your blog! I think I'm gonna like it here :)
    I am scared to death of making button holes!!!!! I have never even tried, sorry I can't offer any advice. It looks like one of them came out pretty good. I would go with the grommet idea.

  3. What a neat picture of the snowfall at night! It looks like you got quite a bit. We had our first dusting that stayed on the ground today.

    Ruby's hat and scarf are adorable!

  4. Aw, thanks everyone! :)

    It was so fun to see that snow! But the cold weather is a bit harder to adjust to. brrrrr.

  5. Wish I could be of help with the buttonholer - no clue.

    They are two cutie pies!

  6. Where is Ruby's Tuesday? I wait for that photo all week, but it always makes me long to come to Belleville. The b&w photos are awesome. Ivy loves to have her back scratched. That is usually when she looks into my eyes and whispers "yuv oo". I wish you could see my house. You would love the pine garland and white lights across the upper and lower front porch railings. Maybe I'll get computer saavy and load some photos onto my Macbook & send. yuv oo,

  7. honey, the scarf and hat turned out SO cute....nice job :)
    i miss you guys already......


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