my favorite beer dip

Oh SHUT UP. I am blogging on a new super fast (compared to what I had last night) computer with the freshly installed Firefox. My mom's computer is pretty new and NetZero is decent (for dial up. or decent in the sense that I don't often hear of people offing themselves over a slow connection which is what I was considering last night) so I figured it must be the out of date versions of explorer and opera that it has. I was right. I have heard about Firefox everywhere so I got myself some on download this afternoon. (while I napped, Ruby napped and James was out doing errands with Gramma. Yes, I napped.) (Yes, that was italicized.) Anyways. Holy cow, what an improvement. I have every blogger button available now and might attempt a photo tomorrow. It is still slow, especially blogs because we are all so darn camera happy, but not that horrible slow that makes me whimper. (not that I would ever whimper over blogging.)

Oh, I'll get to the dip in a minute, hold your horses. Guess what else? I'll get to comment tomorrow. fun.

Today was a good day. My mom had to see one client this morning so we went and hung out with my dad for a couple hours. We went for a little hike and then he fired up the Italien for a photo session. Like I said, I napped this afternoon. Glorious. Ruby napped for 3 hours, after sleeping 12 HOURS STRAIGHT last night (can you hear the hallelujah chorus?), and James just had a good time doing all sorts of stuff with Gramma. This afternoon I went to KMart alone and that was also fun, but a little disappointing, too. I have been surprised in the past at how cute their kids clothes have been. It seems they've changed direction and decided to go back to the ugly/tacky KMart of my youth. sigh. EVERY girl shirt had some stoopid saying on it. Like I want Ruby to have a shirt that says "Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee." nice. Anyways, I did get a cute ghost/pumpkin muffin pan for $3.50. They were just putting out the Christmas stuff so I'll probably go back on Sunday night to look at that. I like Martha Stewart Christmas stuff. I like it better at 50% off so I won't buy anything yet.

As a special birthday treat my mom gave me lots of buttons and fabric. haha. She did, though! Lots of awesome stuff that I am so excited about. I now have a serious stash. Thanks, Ma. (and Happy Birthday!!)

Okay, here is the dip recipe. I first had this at that Halloween party that made me cry. (heehee) The dip, though, the dip made me cry of happiness. I wanted to be alone with the dip, that's how much I loved it.

Kristie, the little darling who brought it, sent us all the recipe afterwards. It is super simple and really, really, really good. I made some tonight to take to my dad's house tomorrow as a special treat for him. I think it will make a great gift with a bag of pretzels and a good 6 pack. (some folks on our Christmas list will be getting this as well. more about that later!)

Beer Dip

2 blocks of cream cheese, softened (those standard blocks, I think they are 8 oz. each)
4 C of shredded cheese (used cojack)
1 pkg of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix (the dry stuff)
up to 12 oz of beer (I used an Amber but any favorite beer will do)

Mix the first 3 ingredients with beaters, adding beer until you get the desired consistency. I used almost all of a bottle and it was the perfect dipping consistency. (yes, my mom & I had some. I'm so drunk right now.) (kidding!)


  1. oh hell yeah. dip made with beer, to eat with beer. this is totally speaking to the new EVER-present hunger that has taken over my life. have a great last day up north!


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