my favorite boy

can you spot him?

there he is!

Another gorgeous day in Duluth. How did I get so lucky to have these beautiful fall days while we're here? Yesterday was spent in Lester Park with my Dad & his friend Mari. That is one of my new favorite places to take the kids. Today we went down to the far end of Park Point with my mom. There is a nature trail back there that I believe I last walked on when I was pregnant with James. We spent most of our time on the beach. The dunes blocked the wind and we ended up nice and toasty after a few minutes of playing. Such fun. I have a lot of pictures from both days but will post them when I'm back home. (I also have to write about the corn vigil at my Dad's.)

Speaking of home, we're staying here until Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I get to see Jolee & Lindsey for sure and hopefully my Dad again. I never got to see Thomas & Erin but it sounds like I get to see them the week after Thanksgiving when Andrea comes. yay!

I was sad to leave the beach & lake today. I still feel kind of sad. I know we'll go back at Christmas, probably up the North Shore too, but there was something special there for me today. I loved all the debris along the edge of the dunes...tiny pieces of birch bark, driftwood, little bugs and red was all so beautiful. I was watching for trash and only saw one tiny round from a cap gun along quite a long stretch of beach. That made me feel good. If you're ever in Duluth, drive over the lift bridge and keep going until you have to stop, right by the airport. Follow the path over the dune and you'll find a gorgeous, nearly deserted stretch of soft clean sand. Enjoy.


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