my favorite luxury

This is a bonus post because I cannot believe how mind-numbingly slow dial up is. I can't comment on blogs this week because my mom's version of explorer doesn't support that feature?! I can log into blogger on Opera but it takes FOREVER. Seriously. I've eaten a Klondike bar and read a chapter in my book while I was waiting for this create a post page to load. And reading bloglines during nablopomo? hah! I got through to some of my favorites and would like to say: Darcy & Holly - Elle, Thomas & Annelise all looked adorable on Halloween. Holly, I have never heard of trunk or treat. blackbird - I was so happy to hear about Caleb Potter. I was just thinking of him yesterday. (I would italicize yesterday but do not have that button available. Thank God I have spell check.) Ellen - I already told you but I am soooo happy for you guys. Sarah, Again, Jack looked great and I love the quilts you are giving away. I would be too tempted to cut them, though, so I will refrain from trying to win one. :) Sondra, I'm so glad you got your little satchel and like it. I am going to try and catch up tomorrow. And maybe on Saturday - my Dad has high speed! Hallelujiah! So, yeah, a favorite luxury of mine is a high speed internet connection. FOR SURE. (I can't link to any of you because explorer v 1.0 doesn't recognize the hyperlink function.)

I got us loaded in the van this morning and it would not start. Not kidding. Called service station down the road and said a little prayer with James. He was pretty sad about missing preschool but recovered quickly. They came and gave the van a jump and then I drove over to the shop and they ran a diagnostic to make sure the alternator and battery were okay. They were and we were on the road by 11am.

We made excellent time with only one stop in Eau Claire. The kids were great. The Cars movie & Blues Clues helped. Ruby only liked Cars for about a half hour then wanted her screen covered up. She slept the rest of the first leg. nice.

V. happy to be here. I made my mom a scarf that I gave her already (we're like that) because I was so excited. I really like how it turned out and she seems to love it. Her birthday is tomorrow so I'm glad we can spend the day together. I am planning on seeing my dad on Saturday and hopefully a whole boatload of other people sometime, too. (oh yeah, Darcy, where do you live? Sometime I'd love to meet you if you would ever want to. Maybe next summer when we come for longer.)

You should see what garble just popped up when I tried to spell check this hot mess. I thought spell check and picture upload were my 2 meager options and now I'm down to one. I am afraid to even try and add a photo.

I have to call Patrick now and read for a while. Oh, and paw through my moms' jar of vintage buttons that she keeps by my bed. mwah ha ha. Oh yeah. My mom found a pair of cords for me...they have ZIPPERS on the bottoms of the legs. Whatever, mom. They are totally gonna be a scarf for my brother.

As part of my own personal nablopomo I am not checking my statcounter ALL MONTH. I vow that right now. Totally serious. So, I will have no idea if anyone drops by unless you leave me a little comment. I understand (very very well) that commenting takes up precious time so there is no pressure but if you want to, I would love it. And you know what else? I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to add that I would love to hear about any of your favorite meals. I love reading stories about stuff like that so if you want to share, let me know so I can come and read it. Have a great night. xoxo

(wow - labels work, preview doesn't) Let's try to post this bad boy.


  1. Hey!
    here I am -
    glad you got the van going...

  2. So, is this thing called dial-up powered by pedaling monkeys? Do you post by candlelight too?

    Ha! I have to admit that I've been TOTALLY spoiled by DSL and my head would most likely explode if we went back to dial up. Howver, the Klondike and chapter do sound tempting.

    Have a great visit!

  3. Cords with zippers by the ankles...sweet! :) How far of a drive is it for you to Duluth? I haven't ventured on my own with the kids to visit my parents in Nebraska.

    I would love to meet sometime when you are in Minnesota!! We live by Brainerd.

    Hope you have a fun week! BTW, I loved your first nablopomo post...especially with the first title! :) I really laughed at that one.


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