my favorite meal

*for anyone who saw this earlier...I just couldn't leave that title up there even though I thought it was funny. :)

(perfect photo found here)

Patrick and I were on Martha's Vineyard with my sister and her boyfriend. We had rented mopeds and went to a tucked away beach that had a freshwater swimming pond right next to it. It was the perfect set in the strong surf until you get scared (if you're me) and then relax in the pond.

We played all afternoon and headed back into town for a late lunch. (I can't remember which town.) We found this little diner with a slamming screen door and a specials sign outside. We were all know that certain kind of starving you get after a day at the beach?

I ordered the daily special...fried fish, mashed potatoes, corn, a roll and an icy Coke to go along with it. It took a while to get our food but it was so worth the wait. I couldn't help making these little happy noises while I was eating it and ever since then, when I say I love something I'm eating, Patrick always asks me if I love it more than this lunch. So far my answer has always been no.

It wasn't just the food, though, it was everything. The little bustling diner on Martha's Vineyard with the fan in the corner, the day spent with two of my favorite people (no offense, Tony) at what was, to me, the perfect beach. The sunburn on my cheeks and the ice cold Coke. My exhaustion and satisfaction. Everything.


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