uff da

Okay, yes, I say that sometimes. I'd always seen it in print, mocking those of us from Northern Minnesota, and thought it was so strange because I had never heard anyone really say it. Then one day I realized...it's not something you say...it's a sound you make. Like when you sit down and are really tired, or when you lift something heavy. It sounds more like "oof duh." (I just googled it, if you're interested)

This little lesson brought to you by the sound I just made when I sat down at my computer.

Today is grating on my nerves a little. It started out too early, 6:30, after yesterday so rudely ended at the ungodly hour of 11:15. I had playgroup here Monday, parenting class Monday night, went to the park yesterday, went out to dinner with friends last night, and I had told today that I just wanted to chill. But it won't let me.

The youngest of my spawn woke at the aforementioned 6:30, the eldest at 7:00. I looked at the calendar and today reminded me that most of my bills are due tomorrow, except for the ones that were due last week, and that I had better get those taken care of. today. The spawn didn't like this. I beat them off of me while hastily filling in passwords and hitting submit. I then went to feed the spawn and noticed all of yesterday's dinner dishes in today's sink. (hello, yesterday? you are so over. go away!) I fed spawn while doing the dishes and finally, at 9am, made today's coffee. Then eldest spawn pooped (wiping lessons, though not completed, are going well), and not to be outdone, youngest quickly followed suit. I wiped, washed my hands, chased, changed, washed my hands, topped off the coffee, folded today's laundry (which included a baby doll that the youngest dropped into a pee filled toilet this morning...forgot to mention that), hollered at spawn to go upstairs and read to eachother, topped off coffee yet again (with Baileys) (kidding), sat down and said "oof duh." And here we are, waiting to see what other goodies today has for me. How about you?


  1. I guess you deserve an uff da. What a morning! I thought it was funny about yesterday's dishes going away--you are so over--haha. And the spawn. At least you didn't refer to evil spawn. :)


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