yay, a list

I am cold. We are waiting for the phone & cable people to show up with the hook ups. I'm going to do this in list form.
  • Patrick got home at 9:15 last night. James had fallen asleep with the open dictionary on his belly while waiting for him. We were in bed by 9:45, talking and cuddling. At 10 we heard Ruby. Patrick went in to get her and she had puked all over. He gave her a long shower and I cleaned & changed her crib. I was rocking her and she did it again. Right while I was looking at her. It got in my mouth. sigh. Repeat cleaning & changing & rocking. Put her to bed. 30 minutes later? Repeat. Then she slept until morning and is fine today. Who knows? A nice welcome home for Daddy.
  • I brought James to school this morning and had the next few hours to myself. First I went to the bookstore and had a coffee. I ended up talking with a man and a woman, each with a set of 2 year old twins. He stays home part time with his and they were with him. She had the morning off of work and was out for some alone time. It was all random and fun. I headed over to d&s when they opened and got a couple things I love and can use in that hour I had there. The camera is in Ruby's room and she is sleeping so I'll have to show you later. One thing I found...a Redmon picnic basket for $3. I love it, it's in good shape and I'm going to store hats & mittens in it until picnic season starts again.
  • After fetching James we went to the new Super WalMart that opened yesterday. I didn't know it just opened, I had just happened to notice on our way into town on Tuesday that it was open. I guess yesterday was the first day, though. It is huge with covered parking and escalators. James thought it was great, too big for me. I got us a phone and some groceries. big whoop.
  • On the way home I stopped for gas and let James get out and wash the windows. Boy, did he love this.
  • We got home and I was putting groceries away and then came downstairs to get some laundry out. Patrick came down, laughing, and said he had to tell me something. My pants were split up the back, right along side my left back pocket. Split as in my whole butt cheek was exposed. Well, not my BUTT but my underwear. Thank goodness I didn't wear a thong today! (haha) Think for a minute about allllll the places I was today. PRESCHOOL. oh no. B&N, d&s, PRESCHOOL, WalMart, the gas station. Oh man. I didn't feel a breeze, though, so maybe it just happened? The pocket was ripping out and I was going to fix it but never thought it would split! They were my only cords, too, the nice olive green ones. The half-full part of this story is that the corduroy is right in time for holiday crafting. Scarf, anyone?
  • Today I am thrilled that Patrick is home. Last night I was kind of icky towards him, in my head, not sure why. (I think I was just tired.) But today I fully love him again. xoxo We are excited to watch a movie ON DEMAND tonight. We are even more excited to see American Gangster on Thanksgiving weekend when my mom is here. (okay, mom?)
  • hmmmm. what else can I bore you with? Oh. In preparation for the cable guy's appearance Patrick scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned out UNDER the oven and vacuumed. ? He is strange, but good. I have wanted him to pull out that oven FOREVER so I could clean under it. You know what he did? He just removed the bottom drawer. Brilliant.


  1. It is good to reminded to cherish each day - thank you! Love, love the scarf and the fabric collection. Glad to hear Patrick is home and some of the single-parenting pressure is off for a while. Sorry, also, about your pants:(

  2. What a night with Ruby! Poor girl! I hope she is feeling better and that it doesn't spread through the whole family.

  3. So sorry Ruby had such an icky spell! Hope she's better today.

    Too funny about your cords! Whoops! Surely it happened right before Patrick saw you, surely.

    A WalMart with covered parking and escalators? Oh my!


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