babies, birthdays & bottles

Lots of picture posts this week...lots to do! I kind of long to write a normal, lengthy blog post but I must keep up with my groove today. Here are some pics from the weekend:

Lots of snow around here (james loves it!) and lots of babies. Here are a couple of our newest

Lots of birthday parties
and Ruby has decided she finally wants to drink from a bottle. (remember when she wouldn't?)
The Muesli turned out fabulous. go make some. (but not if you are related to me because you may be getting some)
I got 6 whole gifts finished this weekend! Hooray!
here they are:
Here are the 2 dozen roses Patrick brought home for me on Saturday evening, after being out with James for the whole day. He also picked up my library holds and got us a blueberry pie. He had it all arranged and it was so, so sweet. xoxo
Here is Ruby who likes to be tossed up in the air or dangled from her toes but doesn't like to go over bumpy snow in the wagon. at all.


  1. I had one that WOULD NOT sit in the baby sled. THE BEAUTIFUL BABY SLED.
    But was perfectly content to sit in mud and eat it.


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