Christmas highlights 2007, part 1

Like I said, our trip up north was loooooong. We were so happy to finally arrive and even happier when we woke up to a small blizzard the next morning. We all napped that day and then Patrick and I went out in the afternoon for a little date. First we went to Kmart where the Martha stuff was already 50% off! Merry Christmas to me!

Then we headed down to Canal Park to Amazing Grace's for a late lunch. The place was almost deserted with nearly everything else around shut down already. We shared one of their fabulous chocolate mint brownies. yummy. We are also big geeks and watched a couple movies of our kids on the iPhone. (off of You Tube...oh what a world we live in.)

We were going to head over to the Canal so I could take some pictures but then we got a little stuck and Patrick said NO, in his manly way. Oh, fine, I sighed. When we got home I took James out to play in the front yard.

I'm going to glaze over Christmas Eve morning. I'll just say that we decided (gave in to guilt trip) to head 2 hours north at 12:30 for an event that had started at 11:30. After Patrick and I worked out our differences in the first 15 minutes, the ride was actually beautiful. It was sunny, the roads were totally clear, and the scenery was gorgeous. We had a nice afternoon, enjoyed a ham and potato dinner, and made it back down to my Mom's house for our evening celebration.

Thomas & Erin came over and we all had a wonderful evening. There were lots of awesome gifts and laughing and all the stereotypical good family Christmas stuff.

We had our second meal of ham & twice baked potatoes and then Mom went upstairs to put her jammies on. HAHAHA. (can I tell, Mom?) I loved all of my gifts but Thomas & Erin got me something really neat. They went and picked out 7 yards of different fabrics for me. How sweet...I just loved it. Erin said it was Thomas's idea, too. awwww. He's a thoughtful brother. My mom got me a rotary cutter and mat, that I've had since after Thanksgiving, and I LOVE that, too. Seester sent us 2 Thermos bottles which I also really wanted. There's something about a good Thermos that sets my mind at ease.

My sister stayed in Mass this Christmas and we all missed her. Thomas, Dad & I get to see her in a couple of weeks so that helped. (too bad for you, mom. HAHAHA.) I know she really misses the kids, though, and said she's coming in February. Really?!?!

I'm not sure how to say this next part the right way. Annie & Thomas are two of my very favorite people to hang out with. Even though Annie was gone it still felt like a "family" Christmas, with me & Thomas. (and Patrick and Erin, but this is mainly about us.) Not that it wouldn't with our little family and my mom, or us & my dad, but it would definitely be quieter. (my siblings are so funny.) I think about James & Ruby and the future...if one of them can't make it home for something it might be nice if there was another. You know...2 outta 3 ain't bad. I'm not saying anything, mother, just that it might be nice. I feel like I might be depriving them of their Thomas, you know? xoxo

Well, that's it for now. Tune in (late) tomorrow for more ham, twice baked potatoes, humiliation and fun. (I'll also put a lot more pics on flickr)


  1. Love all the pics--especially all the snow on the trees. Glad y'all had a nice (upon reflection?) holiday. I'm sure it's stressful trying to fit everything and everyone in--and exhausting. Looks like James and Ruby enjoyed themselves!

  2. Ohh I wish I had had a white christmas. :-( It looks like such a lovely time!


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