good morning good morning good morning, I hope you're feeling fine!


Ruby woke up at 6 for some milk. I laid her down to go back to sleep as I heard Patrick get out of bed. He tells me he is going out to shovel. I put aside thoughts of blogging and tell him I'll make him coffee. Decide to surprise him with muffins, so I whip those up. Hear Ruby. Put muffins in the oven and pour cup of coffee. Ignore Ruby, she has her doll, and here I am!

All I wanted to do here, really, was get down my to do list: (I know, I know. You can thank me later)

1. Clean sty kitchen
2. Refill bc pills (this should be #1) (haha)
3. Start scarf for M.
4. Play outside
5. Update "gifts to buy" list
6. make dinner
7. oh, the laundry
8. catch up on my emails!! (this will be higher than #8)

1. pay bills
2. watch Project Runway

And, finally, a belated Ruby's Tuesday especially for my sweet cousin Sarah:


  1. What's with you people who can just whip muffins up at a moment's notice?
    I'm just not getting that...but I should.

  2. Thank you! She is such a rosie-cheeked little beauty. I told our Aunt Barb/Stephanie to look at your blog, but unfortunately she is allergic to think I'm kidding:)


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