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Good morning! First off, I can't find my camera! I said I had taken all those cute pictures and I haven't been able to find it since then. I think it's in James' room so as soon as he wakes up I am going on a hunt. Wish me luck.

This has been the craziest week. We were stuck at home on Monday, due to strange van activities which turned out to be nothing, but had a pretty good day. We were snowed in on Tuesday. Oh yeah, snowed in AFTER Patrick drove James to preschool only to realize we were in the beginning of a winter storm and the school was closed so I had to pack Ruby up and go get him. Snowed in after that. (we did stop at Super Target on the way home...roads were still fine.) Tuesday went pretty well until Patrick called to say he'd be late and I was so tired and Ruby was so crabby but you know, we made it. We were home again all day on Wednesday, not sure why right now. Just were. We did go outside again but Ruby was less than thrilled with it this time. Yesterday I had grand plans for taking us to Olbrich after preschool but Ruby was so cranky in her car seat that I couldn't make her go all the way to the East side. So, we had a picnic in our van and did some shopping. (I hate to say Target again but that is where we were.) It was a good day. Later on in the afternoon, James & I made microwave popcorn. We put 1/4 C of popcorn, 1t of veg oil and a little salt in a brown paper lunch sack and shook it all up. Fold the top over and microwave for approximately 2 minutes...popcorn! How cool is that?! It was bland, like air popped, but easy to dress up with some brewer's yeast and smart balance. Has anyone else ever tried this? It's v. possible that I'm the last one in on it but if not, why isn't everyone? Easy, cheap, good. :)

*Side note: James loves unpacking lunch. I started toting a cooler everywhere a few years ago so I would always have something safe for him to eat. There are some fast food things that he can have but I don't like to do that very often so I still have a cooler a lot of times. He is so sad if he asks and I don't have it. Yesterday our lunch was just in a paper tote and he asked where the ice pack was. I explained that it was freaking cold out so our food would be fine...he liked that idea. Anyways, this is just one of the little things that he likes that I think is so cute. (it's always the little things, isn't it?)

So here we are at Friday. We are having some little friends over this morning so that should be fun for everyone. I am hoping to get a few things done today but am not feeling too stressed out. I am in denial about one gift but I can't really go into detail on here...I just hope I get going and get it done!

I could ramble on for hours but must go cut out a letter Z. Have a really good Friday! xoxo

Is it wrong that I am loving my archives from last December so much? This post still makes me laugh, this one brings in a few visitors who are probably disappointed, and I know this was one of my dad's favorites: (actually, this is why I started a blog so I feel very happy that it's making me so happy. was I funnier then? ah well, such is life. xo)


  1. He needs an apron to carry all those tools...

  2. my sawyer, three years old, is calling all ornament hooks "hookers" this year. it brings a smile to my husband's and my face everytime!


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