i can't believe it's only wednesday

I wanted to post last night but it just would have sounded like this: $%@#!

I wanted to post this morning but it just would have sounded like this: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I want to post right now but all you're gonna hear is this: thumpthumpthump
(my head banging against the wall)

Not really, but kinda. Longest week ever. I have some fun pictures from earlier that I will post later if I can remember my camera next time I come down. Yup, that lazy.

I just checked my archives. Sniffle. This was my afternoon last year. What a little muffin. Okay, I'm ready to carry on now.


  1. Long week, eh? I'm sure snow days cooped up are taxing all around. Hope tomorrow and the rest of the week is better!

    Ruby sure looks like she loved the sink play.


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