Oh my gosh! Patrick begins many glorious days off today so we are all home together. I made pancakes & sausage for breakfast and the Christmas carols were playing. Lovely aside from the fact that both of our kids are CRABS. For real. What is this? Ick. I just told James that if he didn't get his haircut we would not be going to Duluth. little punk.

(shaking it off)

I have a few minutes before I have to get in the shower and then we are off for the day...for haircuts, santa visits, sliding and phone switching. Last year I needed a new phone and somehow Patrick ended up with a Krazr and I got his old one. This year, I need a new phone (mine only works on speaker phone) and somehow Patrick ends up with an Iphone and I get that old krusty krazr. nice. (it is actually but I love giving him crap about this)

Patrick just put on Blue's Clues for the kids and came down here, sniffing around me. Yeah, right. I am off to the shower.

There was much, much more I wanted to go on and on about. Like how much fun I had the other night and how much I love my friends and their kids and how I did pretty well being relaxed this year. I had one morning of great stress, the day before James' birthday party, but once that was over it was all pretty much okay. Didn't finish that? No biggie. Didn't send that? Fine, it can go tomorrow. I really prayed about this this year and I think God helped me through it all. I still didn't spend all the time I wanted to teaching James about the baby Jesus but we've read lots of books. I find myself limiting what I tell him sometimes because I fear the questions that will follow. :) Anyways, I'm feeling pretty happy and I hope you are, too. xoxo


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