Ruby was asleep in her car seat when we pulled into the garage. I parked and turned around to see James staring lovingly at her. I will wrap her in swaddling clothes, he said. xxxx


We say "duh" around here a lot as in, "Du-uh, you are so silly!" James has started saying it now and every time Ruby is within earshot she echoes with a tiny "du-uh." Just like when she chimes in with a little "home" during my nightly singing of "Home on the Range" (both of my kids love this song) or "me" at the end of the ABCs. I love her tiny voice.


We ran into James' teacher at Target last Thursday as she was preparing for a trip to Ohio for a wedding. She was so surprised yesterday when James asked her how the wedding was. They also made a point of telling me how they had changed some subtle things around in their room and James was the only one to comment on that. It is so nice when someone goes out of their way to tell you this neat little stuff about your kid. I see these women doing that every day with different means a lot.


James hit a low point on Monday, moaning about how Christmas was still SIX days away. I think the last time he was this upset was when he thought the reindeer was going to fall through the ice on the Wonder Pets. Anyways, he was begging for presents and when I suggested we talk about how some kids won't get ANY presents (sounds like the starving kids in china line, I was the end of the day) he suggested that we talk about how many he was getting instead. Nice. His actions this year, being so hungry for gifts, proves a point I've come to believe. Whatever icky thing you see some other kid doing...chances are very good that your own child will do it eventually. Not everything of course, but most things. Kate thinks this is quite pessimistic of me but I think if you take the position that they will do it all then you can be pleasantly surprised when you do get lucky and miss one. (like spitting on you or something.) Trust me on this.


I was supposed to be hosting a holiday potluck here tonight but we rescheduled to the Olive Garden because Ruby threw up on Sunday night (all over me) and hasn't had much of an appetite all week. (James picked out clean jammies for me after...that was so sweet.) No fever and no more vomiting, but I didn't want to take any chances on getting anyone sick before Christmas. (before New Years, fine, but not before Christmas.) Honestly, I think the puking was due to the huge chunks of orange pulp that came up. She had eaten that orange at breakfast, 12 hours before, and it was nearly whole in her belly. (and then, nearly whole on her carpet.) Have I made you sick yet? sorry. moving right along...


I have to go now, off to a birthday party. Oh yeah...Ruby is 19 months! Right now she calls herself "FEEBEE", James is "BAPES", and all her s's are f's...fippy, flippers, fovel. v. cute.



  1. That's so nice of James' teacher--it's encouraging to hear positive tidbits, and it's thoughtful of her to take the time to pass these along.

    We are having some of the same talks with A. over her eagerness(maybe even greediness?) over presents. She's missing the fact that some children don't get anything. I want to find some way to show her...not sure what would be best.


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