ruby's tuesday

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I let Ruby play in the sink like this...she loved it and BOY was it a mess. So wet and sloppy that James lost interest. He told me he'd like to play by himself another time. Understood.

See all the stuff I got packaged up yesterday?! Yay! And those are all wrapped gifts in blue on the side there. James helped me and we got a lot done in a relatively short time. We had to stay home yesterday (van acting strange) so I decided I would make the most of it. There was also lots (too much, perhaps) of racing cars and lego building and books. I had a major headache by the time Patrick got home. James seemed to sense that I had a lot I wanted to do so even after my play times with him he kept after me. That wears on a mama after a while, you know?

After dinner I escaped upstairs to the quiet of our bedroom to fold laundry. Then I laid down in the middle of it all and closed my eyes, just for a few minutes. Bliss. After the kids were in bed, Patrick and I sat in our dark living room and talked for a while. Patrick talks, really talks, best in the dark. It took me many years to learn how he feels most comfortable talking to me. I'm so thankful that I know now. I am so thankful to have had all these years to get to know him so well and so hopeful that I'll have many, many more. He talked about work, how he'd like to move to Middleton, and how he'd like some new socks. I talked about our day and Christmas gifts and my Muesli. I asked him if he wanted to know what was in it, he said not really but he would guess there's oatmeal involved. I proceeded to tell him all the ingredients. A while later he was helping me unload the dishwasher and bent down to get all that soggy food that collects near the drain. Would you like some dishwasher muesli, he asked. Oh, I could have barfed.

Okay, today has been a fun mess. I will be back later. I started this post about 5 hours ago! xo


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