settling back in

(leather apron made by grandpa Warbucks Tom)

I know my mom is at work today and she'll be checking in on me over here. Hi Mom! I hope you're feeling better. Had I mentioned that we all were sick while at home and that we gave it to my poor mother? bummer. sorry.

Things are improving between the husband and I. We will love again, probably later. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am so kidding! hee hee. (my mom hates when I make sexual references but I think they are SO FUNNY.) Things are good, though. I am resisting the urge to go on and on about it all but then again, not really. It's over, big deal. Funny how a couple days can make everything feel better.

We are very happy to be home and have been relaxing and cleaning and sorting the mounds of toys that our kids have. Yesterday James & I dropped about 8 brown bags of toys and books off at Dig & Save...that felt good. After that we went to the Zoo and had such a good time. He is so much fun. We broke icicles, played red light/green light (he loves this), and follow the leader. It was late afternoon and there was hardly anyone there. The only animals we saw were the seals but it didn't matter. It was just fun to be there and run around.

It was almost dark when we left so we drove over to see the Holiday Fantasy in Lights one last time. (I think it closes tonight.) I noticed this time that someone proposed to their girlfriend with a display...she must have been so surprised!

We had dinner at Noodles. James walked in and said, "It is just amazing in here, Mom." I was totally the sickening mom that just stared at him all through our meal thinking how perfect he is. It is just so cool to see him growing up and experience stuff with him. I love just hanging out with him and not thinking about being his parent every minute, you know? There is less worry these days that he might throw his pasta on the floor or have a big fit because he can't have another glass of lemonade. So nice.

Okay, I'm making myself a little sick. I have to find my disc with all the Christmas pictures! xoxo


  1. i now have a sore throat and hardly any voice's croaky and cuts out all the time. i'm so happy to hear you two are on the way back to bliss-ville.....i will be back in my bed at approximately 4:45 as i'm done w/my last client at 4:30.....i feel like are my kiddies today? it's annies 31st b'day tomorrow! wow......i guess she really has gone and lost her twenties, hmmm? she'll get no sympathy from me, i'm losing my fifties after all :( hey, where's the rest of the pictures??? hurry it up, ok? you left your new blouse from tjmax in my car. do you need it before i come down? i have to go now....kiss each other from me. i love you all.


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