1. Clean sty kitchen (not even close, worse now)
2. Refill bc pills (this should be #1) (haha) (done)
3. Start scarf for M. (HA!)
4. Play outside (HA.HA.)
5. Update "gifts to buy" list (snort.)
6. make dinner (riiiiiiiight.)
7. oh, the laundry (lots of progress, thankfully)
8. catch up on my emails!! (this will be higher than #8) (sigh.)

1. pay bills
2. watch Project Runway


I just dozed on the couch while my kids watched TV. The first thing I saw when I woke up? A kitchen knife on the living room floor. Luckily, even our sharp knives are quite dull. (I know, this is horrible.) (James & I had used it to make a back pack during Ruby's 45 minute nap and he forgot to pick it up.) (haha, it's fun to blame him for something I did!) (hahaha, Ruby only slept 45 minutes today! hahaha) (hello pharmacy? I'd like a refill for my birth control and oh yeah, don't forget the Zoloft!!) (I wonder how many calls like that they get?)

I just laid myself bare on the feet of the Internet. I hope you can all still love me even though I am baaaaaaaad.

You know what's even worse? I have to make 50 mini cupcakes for tomorrow!!!


  1. ahhhhhhh, we are all in the same boat. With knives apparently.


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