Wednesday, January 31, 2007

our day so far

Okay, not really. But last night...definitely. Ruby was up from 2:30-3:30 am just nursing and howling. It was her high pitched howl so I think she was gassy. Finally, at 3:30 I brought her into our bed. Patrick had to get up at 4:00 to leave for Philadelphia until Friday. At about 6:30 I heard James howling in his room. I jumped up, grabbed Ruby, and ran in there. He was crying for me not to leave on a bus...this is the first time he really didn't like the idea of Patrick going away. :( Not that he's liked it in the past, but it never seemed to upset him before. Poor buddy. So, there we all were. Me, exhausted. Ruby, exhausted but happy to see James. James, exhausted but happy to be up so freaking early without getting told to GO BACK TO SLEEP. And so begins day one.
I must add that I loved having Ruby in bed with me last night. That normally makes me so nervous (as every other time she's ended up under the covers or some horrible thing) but last night she fell asleep in the crook of my arm, gripping my hair and shirt like a baby monkey. It was so sweet and even though I wanted to be grumpy at her I really just loved it.
(note to Ruby: this will not be acceptable OR sweet tonight.)
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

breakfast (and a clean kitchen)

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Oh man, I am cracking up. I've been receiving these emails all week from unfamiliar names with the subject "Girls Night." I've been deleting them and marking them as SPAM because I thought they were porn spam or something. Finally tonight I opened one because they just WOULD NOT stop showing up in my inbox. THEY ARE FROM THE WOMEN IN MY SMALL GROUP AT CHURCH. HAHAHAHAHAHAHa! They are planning a "girls night" this week and invited me and were all emailing back and forth about who could bring the lettuce salad and soda. hahahahhahahahahahahahaha. I am so dumb sometimes. I emailed them back telling them what happened - let's see if any of them have the same sense of humor that I do. Tune in...

UPDATE 9:22AM: Um, nope. Haven't heard from any of them. Tomorrow might be awkward. :)


  • Patrick and I have been staying up way too late watching Prison Break. (please note: watching Prison Break with spouse will result in many conjugal visit jokes)
  • We had playgroup here today and it was lots of fun but I am pooped.
  • James & Ruby both did well at church on Sunday. James had a hard time until the teacher's husband stepped in and told him about his tarantula. He (James) told me later that besides tarantulas he also learned that God is Jesus' father and that he's really nice. And that we'll all go to see him later in Heaven. But can he learn more about tarantulas next time?
  • Ruby was up THREE times last night. That is 2x too many, if you ask me. Maybe it's finally a tooth. Or maybe she picked up a deadly virus on that gym floor yesterday.
  • We signed James up for preschool on Sunday. He loved it and we loved it and we're very happy.
  • Did I mention I'm tired? Off to rest a little while.....


In the bus

Ruby + green ball = LOVE

come back!

This was fun until they got busted by the play police.
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Ruby's Tuesday

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Monday, January 29, 2007

desperate times and all that

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He actually did this.

Okay, it didn't get to this point, but Patrick actually put Dawn in our dishwasher. sigh. My husband*, the brilliant engineer! :) He kept stopping it and scooping out bubbles so it never overflowed but then we had to leave so he couldn't finish. So now I am left with a bubbly dishwasher but I think I found a solution here at wikiHow. What an amazing site, inspired by Wikipedia. I'm off to find my vinegar, I'll let you know if it works.

*I should mention Patrick also said the sweetest words to me yesterday..."How about we make Sunday morning cleaning morning?" I love this man. (I also love church on Sunday afternoon but more about that later.)

eta: I know I have poor sentence structure sometimes but that's too bad I am usually in a hurry and just want to get something down while I am here by myself. K? :)

he's like his mama this way

Patrick is always amazed that I can fall asleep in the middle of a big pile of junk. One of my guilty pleasures is falling asleep with my books and magazines spread all around me, discarded socks under the blankets and the light on. (knowing he will turn it off for me) The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

smooth operator

James, to a Victoria's Secret saleswoman, "Hi. My name is James Thomas. I play Play Doh." (I think she was pretty impressed.)
If Ruby could talk she would have said, "Hi. My name is Ruby Harper. I hang out under the table and wait for scraps."

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ruby's New Ride

It matches her! We didn't plan that, honest. :) James will get his in about 6 weeks, hopefully it will bring him through a few more years. We've decided to keep him in a 5 point harness for as long as part because of this video. It's very sad but very powerful. We could have got him a Marathon, like Ruby's, but I'm worried he'll get too tall and the Regent goes a few inches taller.

I ordered them both through . They have 10% off baby items over $75 and I found another code online to get an additional 10% off - we got the seats, shipped, for $240 each. That's a really good price. Anyways, I'm happy.

ETA: I shouldn't mention that video so casually. I'm sorry. The parents of a 3 year old boy pieced together that video about their sons' death in an accident. I had it forwarded to me quite a while ago and it's been on my mind ever since. They took Kyle's death and used it to teach so many people about car seat safety. Think of all the deaths they may have prevented. I can't imagine their sorrow and feel so thankful that they shared their story with me...

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the boy in the bubble (s)

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Hero

This morning started out so nicely. Patrick & James got up a bit before me and Patrick set James up with some breakfast and a Blue's episode.

A while later Miss Ruby got up and seemed to be feeling a little better. She is always happy to see James in the morning...she kicks and squeals when we get up from nursing to go downstairs.

At around 9:30 Ruby was ready for a nap. James was prowling around the house looking for trouble so I decided we should go out and play. I made these snow (and sand) scoops that some other kid had at a playground last summer and out we went.
It was a mild morning...a good one for playing in the snow.
I brought the monitor out so we would hear Bubles when she woke up. After a little lesson on snow tasting:

we headed around to the sand (snow) box. I grabbed my keys and locked the front door so noone could sneak in for Ruby. (being we live in such a rough neighborhood and all.) In the back I made a path for James to follow me.

We are so zen. After a while I announced it was time to go in for some hot chocolate. I pull my keys out to open the door and realize that the house key is not on my ring. Crap. But, we have a spare hanging right inside the garage. (note to robbers: Key will be placed elsewhere immediately) Or, we DID have a spare hanging right inside the garage. It was gone. CRAP! I ran next door but Rachel was not home, neither was my neighbor across the street...all of a sudden I heard miss bubles waking up. Oh no. We can see the police station from our house so I threw James in his car seat and drove the 3 blocks down there. The officer followed me back to our house and made a check of all our windows and doors. Sealed up tight! Perfectly safe! With an infant inside. sigh. James was a little bothered that we were locked out but Hey! there was a cop car in the driveway and Ruby was still happily babbling away.

I used Officer Bill's phone to call Patrick. He was all "WHAT?! RUBY'S INSIDE?!" and headed for home. There isn't a locksmith in town and Officer Bill didn't seem to want to try breaking and entering today. After he left, I tried to break in like I had seen Patrick do once. James was very encouraging saying, "You can do it, Mom!" But, alas, I could not.

We headed into the mini to warm up and have some almonds. James shed all of his warm clothes and cuddled up in Ruby's blankets.
She was still fine at this point, about 11:45. Then,

Oh, this killed me. And my breasts. They wanted to offer her liquid comfort IMMEDIATELY but were trapped in the garage with us. They revolted by soaking my shirt, an experience I hadn't had in quite a while. They've still got it, the old girls. But I digress. After hearing Ruby cry, James and I said a little prayer for her. Literally one minute later Patrick pulled in to whisk the door open and save the day! Ruby was upset but very happy to see us, going back and forth between me and Patrick for a few minutes. (she is napping now in her crib so I know she's not scarred for life due to roughly 7 minutes of crying.)

James finally got his hot chocolate and Patrick made us egg sandwiches. I think he liked playing hero. I liked it, too. Thanks, Bunny. xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trying his hardest

to convince me that he should be able to use Patrick's Sawzall.

It didn't work.

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Our First Poll! Please Vote Now!

So - what's the problem?

Who knows the whole story, but I think this family got off pretty good. Their toddler (3 year old!) got them kicked off the plane for not taking her seat...they all flew home the next day, got a full reimbursement and got 3 free round trip tickets anywhere.

I'm sure they were embarassed but come on! That would be one tantrum I would be thankful for.

But I'm also wondering...why didn't they just physically put the child in her seat?? I have my own 3 year old so I know what they are capable of...but there were 2 of them. Interesting.

Because I wrote this post, this will happen to me on our next plane trip.

Ruby's Tuesday

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It was a mall morning

Ruby's first time in the play area

Her & Odin like eachother

The big kids at Build a Bear

Strolling with Kate & Natalie (you can't see it but they're holding hands)

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Man, I'm pooped.

So far today I have browned 2 lbs of ground turkey/hamburger, baked some chicken breasts with our wonderful new thermometer (love it!), boiled pasta for tonights' soup, made homemade granola (not bad but will change a couple things next time), folded and put away 2 loads of clothes, cleaned one filthy kitchen, fed and played with 2 crazy children and blew my nose about 1000 times. That's kind of gross with all the cooking so I should mention: washed my hands about 1003 times. Not a bad day, altogether. I really can't believe it's 3:30 already. Only 2.5 hours until Patrick gets home and I can collapse. :)

Just another manic Monday

Bartering - it works!

James and I have worked out a rather simple bartering system. For every mess he makes bit of fun he has, I get a few minutes of freedom. For instance, this earned me 10 whole minutes in front of the tv this morning. TEN WHOLE MINUTES! An excellent bargain, in my opinion.

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Barrett-Jackson 2007

My Dad and Uncle Ray both had cars sell at Barrett yesterday. It was fun to see them on TV - and to see Dad in a new sweater instead of his favorite Back to the 50s Sweatshirt! (which we all LOVE, Dad, but you know...)

Here are their cars:

Dad (tbird, of course)

Ray (custom 1940 Ford)

Congrats! Now we can start gearing up for next year...the Italien!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

James to the Rescue

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They Were Right



My aunt Kristy told me years ago that I should get all clear totes for storage. Patrick told me last year that we should reorganize the totes so they all were stacked with ones similar to them. I wanted them stacked with like items and didn't have time to move stuff from one tote to another so they stayed a mess. Recently, I began longing for clear totes but couldn't justify the money as we bought most of these just 2 years ago. Last week, at my beloved Target, I found some 4 packs of the XXL Ziploc Storage Bags for only $4. I also realized that Patrick was right and it would all feel much neater if they were stacked as he suggested. Voila! I now know that the only stuff I really want in clear totes is the clothing I have bought ahead for the kids and my clothing. These bags are wonderful...they hold more than a tote...and satisfy my need to see what's inside. I'm sure they'll have to be replaced eventually but for now I got all of these for the cost of one tote and that's nothing to sneeze at! (haha - I have a cold.)
An important side effect of reorganizing has been sifting through everything again and throwing/donating so much. I seem to be able to get rid of more every time I look. Nice.

Tune in next week (?) to see me tackle our basement shelves.

Isn't this all so thrilling? Probably not to you, but it is to me. I LOVE having stuff organized and that is so much harder to maintain with small children. For me, having the basement organized again will set the tone for the whole house. It's kind of like they say to not store "stuff" under your bed - having that junk under you will interrupt your peaceful slumber. Having all this junk in the basement has really been bothering me for a while. Here's to a fresh start!

(I know you all think I'm nuts but I'm okay with that.) xoxo


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