Saturday, March 31, 2007

the best illustrator of all

I first saw The Best Pet of All at our library. I picked it up because the cover was so appealing and brought it home. It is a delightful story and the illustrations are just perfect. I loved the home, and specifically the kitchen, created on these looks vintage & modern at the same time. James really liked the book but it didn't turn into a favorite. I returned it when the month was up and we haven't checked it out since. (I think the dragon scared him a little. He might like it more now.)

About 6 months later I found a soft cover copy of Goldie Lox at the thrift store*. Again, I was drawn to the cover and brought it home. James & I both LOVE this one and have read it many times. (Tonight, in fact, which is what led to this post.) The illustrations are once again perfect and I was pretty sure it was the same illustrator who had done The Best Pet...her style is so distinct. I checked and sure enough, Hanako Wakiyama did them both.

A quick search at Barnes & Noble found this Little Bo Peep one which I promptly put on hold at the library and also turned up this little gem, below, which I will be waiting for in May.

If you're looking for some new books for story time I really recommend these. The stories are adorable and the illustrations, perfection.

*James is an avid reader. I've been buying him books since he was a wee one and we now have stacks of them all over the house. He must have well over 100 (200?) in his collection by now. The best part is that I've gotten nearly every one of them at the thrift store. Their board books are always .35-.45 each, soft covers & golden books are typically .25 and special sound books & Pop Ups $1.00. I've also found him lots of coloring & activity books for .25-.45 each. I think we've bought him less than 10 brand new books in his whole 3+ years! When I look at the price of a board book at Barnes & Noble it just about kills me...$7.99 for Goodnight Moon?! That's highway robbery! Anyways, my point is...check out your local thrift store if you haven't already. Every book I've bought him has been in great condition and you'll probably be surprised to see all the "favorites" on the shelf.

a solo breakfast

(photo by -Deb- on flickr)

This morning I had the great pleasure of leaving my house, alone, at 9am. I am a morning person and in the days before children I was always up & ready to go early on Saturday mornings.

Today was a gloomy day but it didn't dampen my mood. James was kind of a monster this week - interspersed with some fabulous moments - and I was so happy to get away for a while. I headed to the East side for breakfast at one of my favorite little places, Lazy Jane's. Their scones are FABULOUS but they were out of the Orange Coconut White Chocolate ones (I'm not making that up) so I decided to get a breakfast instead. Of course, I later heard that the Lemon Cream ones are nearly famous but there's always next time. I had a chorizo, asiago, mushroom & scallion scramble with wheat berry toast and home fries. And a vanilla latte. It was heavenly. The restaurant is in an old home and they have seating both up & downstairs. It is furnished with thrift store finds and they have piles of books & magazines all over to thumb through while you're waiting for your food.
Aside from the medical concerns, which have thankfully been few & far between with James, one of the hardest things about food allergies is not being able to enjoy a meal out together very often. I am thankful we have a good handful of restaurants that we feel safe bringing him to but Madison is known for good eats and I wish we could try them all as a family. The day that we can take James & Ruby out to breakfast, without bringing our own pancakes, will be such a treat!
I lingered over my breakfast & coffee for over an hour and then headed across the street to SVDP Thrift Store. What I found there is another post. :)

Friday, March 30, 2007


Our little Ruby has learned so many new tricks lately that I thought I should share them. She shakes her head no and seems to know what it means. Sometimes, anyways. For instance: Busted at the toilet yesterday, she started shaking her head as soon as she saw me and she shakes her head and crawls away when I go after her with the wipes and a diaper. It seems she had a communication burst or something in the last week. Sometimes she'll look up at me and go through them, more, no no, up, all done, and then back to she knows that's how she tells me something but it all gets jumbled up in her mind. Other times she does more and all done right when she should and it makes her so happy to see me respond. I just got a Signing Time dvd from the library so I'm hoping to learn some more good ones to use with her. She is such a screecher that any signs she use will benefit all of us. :)

She also does so big now and loves to fake laugh and try and imitate any sound you throw at her. She loves throwing her head back and shaking it around...she's kind of crazy and very silly. I had her in a baby swing at the park for the first time this week and she thought it was great. She realized she could throw her body back and get a little rush.
She gives me a little rush. xoxo

Thursday, March 29, 2007

okay, just one more

best friends

he is so funny

Looky, Daddy! did it again. This guy cracks me up. You have to read this post.

(okay, I'm done for a while. It's so good to be back!)

blogging made easy (er)

Because my blog is mostly about our lives, it's pretty easy to come up with things to write about. I guess when you've been blogging for a while, and not focusing on your adorable children all the time, it gets harder. Maggie, at Mighty Girl, even wrote a book about it. My computer free time is so limited I find the opposite to be true...I have so many things I wish I could blog about but can't.

But I know if I ever get stuck, my fellow bloggers are there to help me out! There are memes, or memetags, all over the Internet that invite almost anyone to play. I have participated in a couple of them, but again, don't usually have the time. Here's a list of some that I've found:

Photo Tag Monday at Adventures in Baby Wearing
Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom
Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer &
Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes for Mom
Thankful Thursday at o, pish posh!
Favorite Ingredients Friday at Overwhelmed With Joy

Even if I don't post, I particularly like Tackle it Tuesday (see people organize their homes!) and Works for Me Wednesday (great tips - you should post on this one, Mom. hahahaha).

Now that I've made this list I think I might try and make a more comprehensive list for people to check. If anyone knows of any, would you please send them? Or, if such a list already exists, let me know. :) Thanks!

bye, bye, this american pie

J: I need a lot of feed to get me bigger.
S: mmmhmmm
J: (sliding empty plate over) And more pie.
I made a discovery quite a while ago that probably won't thrill anyone - except those dealing with a dairy allergy. Coconut milk works great with Jello Instant pudding! I had tried rice & soy milk and neither worked. Coconut milk is so thick to begin with that it works perfectly. It is pretty high in fat but fine for an occasional treat. (James needed extra fat as a wee one, anyways, to make up for the lack of whole milk. It was great for adding to his rice milk, too!)
I had extra crushed pineapple on hand last week and happened to have a ready crust so I made up a coconut pineapple pie that everyone loved. Here's the recipe: (if you can really call it that)
1 can coconut milk, chilled
1 small box Jello Instant Coconut Pudding
3/4 C crushed pineapple, drained well
1 ready crust (like Keebler)
Combine pudding and milk, add pineapple, pour into crust. Chill. Eat.

I'm back!

So happy to be back! I'll post more later. xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

we're sick

we have a virus. hopefully we'll be better tonight.

(the computer, not us) (but it is part of the family) (did you doubt that)

Monday, March 26, 2007

ruby's tuesday

How could I pick just one?


Hello, internet readers everywhere! I have been offline all day today while I busied myself with other projects around here. Oh, and it's beautiful outside and James wasn't into TV this morning so my normal morning fix just wasn't practical. He is in quiet time now and Ruby is napping. (Note: no cute nicknames for Ruby today. She is in a nickname time out due to unnecessary shrieking. Yes, she is too little to understand this but it makes me feel better.)

We had a pretty good weekend around here. Patrick took the kids out of the house Saturday afternoon for about 5 hours and 8 minutes so I could do little stuff that I can never get done with them underfoot. I spray painted some lamps, sorted my filing and shredding, filled up a photo collage frame that's had 4 empty spots for about a year, hung a picture and did some general cleaning up. Oh, I watched TV and talked on the phone a little, too. It was glorious. That morning I had also cleaned my half of the garage while he vacuumed the van and we got James' new carseat installed. What a productive day! This is fairly unusual for us to both be productive on the same day so I had to make a note of it. It was pretty cute to see him get ready to go with both kids. HAHAHA. He had almost the whole back of the van packed with provisions including, but not limited to, a tricycle, towels, blankets, food and various child carrying devices.

Sunday morning we made the mad dash to get ready for church and out the door in 30 minutes. I'm not kidding. The only thing I had done already was nurse Ruby. Church was great, we love it there, but the afternoon that followed was mildly bizarre. It swung between great and awful all day, it is still weird to think about. We tried to mix productivity (errands) with family fun time (walk by the lake) and it wasn't a good mix. But we made it! And James is getting so proficient at his trike. He pedals and steers all over! We were on that same bike path that I took them to last week and it is filled with students, normally. Yesterday he rang his tricycle bell right as he was passing 3 lovely coeds. Ha! They laughed and said how cute he was and he ate it up.

Now today is gorgeous. It's like summer...somewhere in the mid 70s. I know there is 40s weather ahead of us but this is a wonderful treat. I realize I need some summer shoes for Ruby and I need to find James' old sunhat for her. (remember that khaki Gap one you got him, Mom?) I also went through my extra bag of stuff I like to have in the van and removed the size N diapers and the 2T shorts. HAHAHA. Oh my gosh, those diapers are so tiny. Wow, one year almost. Last summer was a sweet time. But, I digress.

So, this morning. James didn't want to watch TV (gah!) so we went outside. He is pretty fun to hang out with outside now and we had a good time. I had gotten him a fire hose sprayer (see one here on Ebay) at D&S a while ago and he LOVED it. I let him spray me, too, which he thought was hilarious. Then we went back to the sandbox and I went in to move our living room furniture around so the couch wasn't blocking the sliding doors anymore. It was lovely to be cleaning in the living room while he played just outside in the sandbox. I could see him but he wasn't talking to me! Fantastic! (I want a fence. waaaaaaah.) Anyways, I love my "new" lamps. I had seen some black lamps at Target a long time ago but they were around $80 each. I had one floor lamp already and recently found another at D&S - they have a similar style and were only $4 each. The shades were $12 each and I paid $3 for spray paint. That's $17.50 each - score! (for my less mathematically gifted readers.)

I am about to wrap things up but just a couple more pics. I wanted to share these devotion books I got. They are by Joyce Meyer and I love them. I've had the morning one for a while and just added the evening one last week. (Next I'm hoping to add "Taking your Bath Right" and "Buying your Groceries Right" HAHAHAHAHAHA) Seriously, she writes about Jesus and the Bible in a no nonsense way and is also very positive but not flowery. It's hard to explain but you'll see what I mean if you check them out.

And finally, just a picture of James, who is afraid of bugs today ("I just don't know them, Mom") but not of turtles.

Friday, March 23, 2007

virus that blocks firewall?

Uh oh. I have no idea what happened but we seem to have a virus on our computer that won't allow our firewall to open. Of course, it's my fault. :)

This is how amazing Patrick is. Last night, he told me not to go online or our computer might crash and we'd lose our pictures. I came down this morning to back the pictures up so I could quick come on here & check email, etc. All the cords were missing from the computer! I called him at work to say haha, you are tricky. He said he hadn't touched them! I was freaked out and right away he offered to come home. Isn't that sweet? Instead of calling me a nutjob he offered to come home in case there was a psycho computer cord thief in our house. I said I'd come down again to make sure and that's when I saw that there is an empty power strip right by the full one - the one with all the cords. So, no psycho but still a virus. The pics are backed up and I am signing off for at least the morning. hahaha.

I hate the thought of no computer. I use my computer for EVERYTHING. Banking, recipes, email, blogging (entertainment), coloring pages, calendar, library, weather checks. It's crazy. What do you use yours for?

It's another gorgeous day so when bubles wakes up we're outie.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

and I think to myself, what a wonderful world

(photo by rachel.soli on flickr)
Another glorious day here in Madtown. Ruby took a long nap this morning so we didn't get out of the house until about 12:30. Our first stop was Whole Foods where we managed to miss the lunch rush and it made our visit so much more enjoyable. They also were sample crazy today...we tried grapefruit, fresh pineapple, blue corn chips, guacamole, salmon dip, gingersnaps, animal crackers and strawberries. A lot better than Cub where they sample Velveeta and Kool Aid. (HAHAHA - did that make you laugh, Sarah?) The pineapple was our favorite, I think. We got some lunch stuff for ourselves and sat in their little cafe area. James loves it there because they have a waterfall and little chairs that he can stack and unstack. I love it because they have highchairs so I can feed Ruby while he plays. (I remember going there with Kate when James & Natalie were about Ruby's age.)
After Whole Foods we headed to the UW Bike Path by Picnic Point. I didn't bring my camera today but I found a picture on flickr of our view across the water. It was just a beautiful afternoon and James was so happy to be running free. I had Ruby in the backpack again and she watched him for a while and then ended up sleeping for about an hour. James & I walked and walked...we heard a woodpecker, saw a muskrat (or a giant rat looking thing that swam - I'm pretending it couldn't have possible been a real rat), saw a girl on a Unicycle, threw rocks in the water, and James peed for his very first time outside. This he loved. As soon as he realized he was in charge that little thing was all over the place. Very cute.
I can't tell you how much I love these times with my kids. I was so worried about "missing" James after I had another and it's not that way at all. During the last few years I've become aware of these tiny moments in my life that are like a burst of pure joy. They come on in a flash and are gone just as a bubble popping...but leave me with this huge feeling of thankfulness and contentment. What a perfect reminder. xo

Now THIS is the Ruby I know and love

Okay, I've loved her the last month or so anyways, but now I really love her again. I was just upstairs nursing her before bed, and she did that thing where she throws her whole body towards her crib with longing. She hasn't done that in soooo long. I think the 9 month sleep regression has passed and her first tooth is fully out and we are getting a slight reprieve before the other 19 arrive. (cue sobbing and maniacal laughter)

Up North - Friday

Well, Friday morning I decided we needed a little break from the activities. Ruby needed a good solid nap and she had some other business she was behind on. (ahem.) When she finally woke up, after nearly 3 hours, we headed for Jolee's house.

It was a bright sunny day and Jolee & I had planned on letting the boys play in her backyard for a while. James had other ideas. He was in kind of a foul mood when we got there and a little overwhelmed, I think. After some fussing he recovered and ended up having a lot of fun. Mason & his cousin Gianni were sledding and kept inviting James to try it. He never did but he did inspect the dog kennel with them and pull his sister around for a bit in an adorable baby sled they had. (I forgot to borrow that, Jolee, but it's okay because we have no snow left!) ;) When we finally got to go inside he was very happy. Apparently he remembered this vacuum Mason had and was just dying to see it. haha.

The boys played, Ruby chewed on stuff and Jolee and I got to sit down and chat for a while. It was a lovely afternoon but it left me just wishing her & I lived closer. We barely scratched the surface, you know?
James was pretty pooped when we left but didn't fall asleep on the way home. By that evening he had had enough and a small miracle occurred. Up until this point of our stay, he had been sleeping in my moms' room with her. But this evening he told my mom he didn't like her and wouldn't listen to her (sassy!) and was going up to bed. Um, okay. (like we'd argue) We couldn't quite believe when he went up to my room, crawled in bed and promptly fell asleep at about 7pm. Ruby went down at the same time and it was so nice to have some quiet time alone with my mom. HAHAHAHAHAHA - what she really wanted was for me to leave her alone so she could read in peace. But I just wanted to be close to her and told her she could pull these moments out later, when she's missing me, like a delicious little chocolate. AHAHAHAHAAHA.

While it is nice to have time with my mom, I was really just waiting for my friend Jason to call. I was soooo tired it was hard to imagine leaving the house but I hadn't seen him in over a year. He FINALLY came to get me at 9:30, that's pm folks, in his new SAAB with heated seats and sweet rims. (ha!) He had his new girlfriend, Amy, with and we all went to one of my favorite places, Sir Benedict's Tavern.

Jason & I have been friends for almost 22 years. Oh my gosh, that is crazy. It also makes him my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with. I always love to see him and this night was no exception. Amy is a very funny girl and we all had a good time. I didn't really get to talk to him as much as I would have liked but there's always next time. He dropped me off at about 11:45pm, just in time for Ruby to wake up. What happened next is really a Saturday story.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a little break

It rained most of the day today, except for about an hour this afternoon. This time happened to fall right after Ruby got up from her afternoon nap, and it was near 60 outside, so I packed her in the backpack and out we went. James is a great age for walking now. He loves to run ahead a little but listens pretty well and seems to enjoy himself. (better than the whining of last year when we tried to go for more than a block without the stroller) We just went around the block a couple times and stopped at the park. It started thundering while we were there so we headed back. About 5 minutes after we got in - downpour. Is this spring? Whatever it is, I love it. (You can see a few more pics here.)

we interrupt this broadcast

to bring you an observation.

I do the worst at parenting when I am lazy or in a hurry. Neither of those are qualities I admire or want to teach my children.

That's all. Just an observation. Now back to our regularly scheduled stuff.

Up North - Thursday

On Thursday we got up and went to my dads' house.
We just hung out there for the morning and then decided to go get lunch. Of course, both kids totally zonked out in the car. My dad suggested McDonalds so we headed over, stopping at a paint store on the way. After we ate, they were still asleep so I ran in Target to buy a personal DVD player for the way home. (it went well but not THAT well. haha) Errands finished, we started back to his house. James woke up when we were almost there and was kind of wondering what was going on. Back at home, he ate lunch and then they went out to the garage.

My dads' garage is not just any garage. It is huge (bigger than our house?) and full of cars in various stages of restoration. Right now he is working on the Italien. (You can read more about it on his website.) James loves being out there with Grandpa and had a lot of fun.

We left my dads' around 3:30. I wanted to give the kids some more play time before heading home for the night and my mom suggested the Duluth Public Library. They had a really great play area with a full train table for James and lots of stuff for miss bubles to chew on. (and she never even got sick!) There were a couple other moms there and I ended up talking with both of them and having a really nice time myself. One woman I met is a fiddle player and she will be performing with Catie Curtis next month in Madison. I've never heard of this woman but maybe I'll check it out.

We ended up staying at the library for nearly 2 hours. When we left it was really snowing and I was so happy to get back to my moms' in one piece. We hung out with Grandma for the evening and then, after Ruby was sleeping, I got to go to Kmart! By myself!

When I was a kid, Kmart was the trashiest place you could shop. Even my beloved Target was scoffed at in those days but Kmart was really bad. When Martha Stewart spruced the place up I started shopping there again. Then I had kids and realized their kids clothes are pretty cute, too. And they last! Of course, the Kmarts in Madison are closed now so being able to go in Duluth is always a treat for me. And I hit the motherload this particular evening. They had an additional 50% off all of their kids clearance so I got a ton of stuff for next year for around $20. Things like sweatshirts for $1.25 and tshirts for $.75. I also got a couple gift items to squirrel away. It was fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Up North Recap - Day One

We left last Wednesday at about 9:30am. With 320 miles ahead of us, I felt a bit of apprehension. James was so excited to be on the road, though, and was in a really good mood. The day ended up going really well. James didn't nap the entire time but Ruby took 3 short naps so she wasn't too crabby. A while ago my mom had given me a tote of Happy Meal toys she had collected over the last few years and I brought a bunch of those along. I was handing them to James almost every 5 minutes near the end. :) We made 2 stops, an hour each, to get out and eat, potty & stretch our legs. I prefer to stop at Target but we ended up at 2 WalMarts for our stops - you can do almost everything you need to there, including get gas. The one in Rice Lake, WI even had a Subway and a Great Clips so I got my hair cut, also. KIDDING. The lowest point of the day was trying to change a poopy diaper in the van. We had so much junk in there it was amazing. How much do 3 people need for a week away? A lot, I guess. Thank God for minivans. (and safe travels) We got to my moms at about 5:30pm in fairly good spirits.

ruby's tuesday

Suprisingly, she was pretty comfy this way.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We had an excellent walk this afternoon and got our the vans' oil changed at the place here in town. It was so gorgeous out, I never wanted to come back in. But I did. And now I have a lot of laundry and packing to do. I am going up North for a while so I may not be posting until next week. (we'll see) Adios, amigos!

p.s. a few more pics at Yahoo.

p.s.s. Even though I forgot his leash I didn't get a ticket. :)

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Well, I have a busy day ahead. AND, it's going to be 65. Holy crap! I am cleaning and starting laundry this morning so we can go out for a long walk after Ruby's nap.

D.S. Time is screwing us up big time. 8:30 wake ups are not always a good thing. I'm giving it a week, then I predict we'll be back to our new normal. ha!

I put some pics from our trip to the zoo yesterday over on yahoo.

maybe more later, maybe not. peace out peeps.

hahahhahahahhahahahaha...warm weather making me giddy......

ruby's tuesday

Monday, March 12, 2007

I can't believe I just said this

S: Stop saying Look! I'm. not. looking. at. anything. ever. again.

I think I need a time out. please?

a change of season

I am so happy to be switching from hot to iced coffee! Okay, I know we are only getting a 4 day reprieve from winter but I am pretending it's for good. I love having hot coffee in the morning, year round, but in the spring & summer I add an additional iced in the afternoon. Yippee!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

b o r i n g & b o r i n g e r

I am down in the basement with the best intentions of getting some stuff on ebay. nah. Okay, I'll start some laundry. yawn. Okay, okay, I'll just post on my blog. Nope. Not feeling it. I'll just say, for the grandparents, that I posted some pics over on Yahoo from our visit to the playground yesterday. Patrick made a huge (over 6') snowman with a full head of hair. It was hairlarious! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

no. 3

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a little taste of spring

I just had to get us all out of the house today. Yesterday went pretty well but felt so long. After work last night Patrick took James out to dinner and they had a good time. James really needed to get out and having dinner alone with Daddy was a special treat. Ruby seems better today (but just wants to be a lap dog) and James seems a little worse. He was excited to leave this morning, though, and it was a beautiful day.

It's only 28 outside but it's very sunny and feels a lot warmer in the sun. We went to Olbrich Gardens to walk around inside their conservatory. Ruby was just in awe from the moment we walked in. She just kept swiveling her head around with her little mouth hanging open. I don't think she remembers ever seeing that much green before! You can see some pictures over at Yahoo. James always has fun running around the pathways and seeing all the plants and flowers. I pointed out one particularly large leaf and he says, "But how can I rip it down?" Good thing noone was around or we may have got the boot. :) Ruby did manage to snake a hand out and rip off an Orchid petal while I was snapping a picture of it. She is stealthy, that girl. I felt awful. It smells so good in there and you can hear water rushing and birds chirping...I am very much ready for spring now.

Because it was so gorgeous outside we went back to the van to get bundled up a little to walk around in the outdoor gardens. Ruby fell asleep pretty quickly so James and I just strolled until he said he was ready to go back to the van for a pop tart. (a special treat I picked up at the gas station this morning - he thinks they're fabulous!)

It was such a nice morning. And the best part? They both fell asleep on the way home! I am off to have some lunch and read a while.

feeling a little fragile this morning

I've tried to get James in this sling a bunch of times. This morning he was hanging off my legs so I asked him again. He let me! It was pretty sweet but boy! was Ruby jealous. He only lasted a couple minutes...until it was time to make his own sunbutter & jelly.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

lunch is served

Well, here you see activity #45 for the day - Play Doh. Ruby & James both started coughing last night and we are now in sick mode. Poor Ruby - she was probably not feeling well yesterday and instead of being kind and understanding I complained about her allllll day. She ended up sleeping with us until 4am, until she HAD ENOUGH of our bed. It was funny because all of a sudden she was just DONE. (she is not shy about letting us know when she is done with something) I put her back in her crib, she yelled, "Finally!" and rolled over and fell asleep. For an hour. Then Patrick got up with her and moved her to the car seat where she slept until 8am. She has a really runny nose and did a lot better upright. James is pretty fine. (his words) He's in a good mood, just sneezing a lot. (And keeping me updated on the number of times he's covered his mouth. 11, in case you're wondering. we have a chart.)

It's only 11:50 am and we've already made & eaten blueberry pancakes, watched TV, read books, played Play Doh, played Fireman, put together 2 new puzzles from our stash and watched some more tv. Now he's back to fireman mode and is spraying out a raging fire in our washing machine, dryer, laundry pile and wash sink. Did I mention it's not yet noon? Oh! The siren just went's noon! Halleluiah! Almost lunch time and then quiet time. There might be hope for us yet.

out of the blue

J: They have that same kitchen at Target.
S: Oh, really?
J: Yes. Did Santa get it at Target?
S: I'm not sure...he might have.
J: Where did he land his sleigh? How did he get inside?
S: Oh, look! There's a bird outside!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

what we learned today

James & I learn something new every day.

Today I learned that drinking 32 oz. of Mountain Dew will increase my milk supply. Hmmmm. They never told me that at those LaLeche meetings! hahahahha. Sadly, I don't drink as much water throughout the day as I should. My supply isn't suffering but I did notice an abundance today after this huge shot of liquid. (Okay, it was sugary artificial liquid but what can you do? It was one of those days - get off my back!)

Today James learned that looks can be deceiving. (and I also learned that we are at that age) The scene: Ladies Room at Walmart. I come out of the stall and am washing hands. James & Ruby are in the cart next to me.

J: Why is that door closed?

S: There must be someone in there.

J: A man?

S: No, a lady. This is a ladies room, men go in a different bathroom.

J: But I saw a man go in there and shut the door. It was a man! In this ladies room.

S: (drying hands on pants and rushing towards the door using my fake smiley voice) Okay, buddy, let's go!


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