Friday, June 29, 2007

not to get ahead of myself, but...

if I do end up with childcare for J&R, even once a week, these are the things I could do:

  • ebay auctions

  • package ebay auctions

  • mail ebay auctions alone

  • go to library/grocery store alone

  • clean

  • put laundry away

  • yard work

  • crafty stuff

  • read

  • nap (only in extreme situations)

  • gym (ditto - haha)

  • household projects (spray painting, etc.)

  • BLOG (maybe a little, but this really isn't how I want to use the time)

Wow, sounds a little blissful. The young lady called me back and is coming over on Monday from 9-1. I'm hoping we all like eachother and she will want to come back. I know I won't have an uninterrupted block of time but I can get so much done when I don't have 2 shadows. My plan is to put Ruby down for her nap and then she could take James OUT for a couple the park or whatever.

The morning my mom had to leave, this last time she was here, she gave me an hour or so to get myself in "order" before she left. It was so nice! I showered, brought all the dirty laundry downstairs, started a load, checked my email/blog...I don't remember but it was great. This would be such a luxury. I'm hoping and praying that this works out.


I feel like I haven't blogged in years, yet it's only been around 24 hours. :)

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to Target and then to a favorite playground. It was fun. (already I can tell this post will probably be BORING, so go on if you have stuff to won't miss much) heehee. I did get a couple cute pictures of J&R sharing an ICEE that I got suckered into buying by their large, colorful advertising. It was Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor, if you can imagine, and yes, it was sickeningly sweet. And pretty good. (there are a few more pics over on flickr, use sidebar, too lazy to link)

James was up a lot last night with bad dreams so I ended up sleeping in his room with him. Patrick got up with Ruby this morning and woke me with a fresh pot of coffee when he had to leave at 8. Only problem? No creamer. Making fresh coffee for someone without creamer is JUST WRONG. But, he didn't know so I forgave him. I got an email from a friend a while later saying they were heading to a park in Madison. A park right by Starbucks.

Normally I stay home on Friday mornings to get caught up for the weekend. Today I hastily dressed the children, brushed my teeth and waltzed out the door leaving the dishes and laundry without a backward glance. Kind of liberating...except it's all still here. Oh well. I'll get caught up this afternoon. (Both of my kids are sleeping I'm going to do work!)

So, I got my coffee and we met our friends. It was a really nice morning. Heidi had brought along a couple of pairs of shoes for Miss Ruby to borrow...even after I confessed that I had lost the Tevas I just bought for Ruby. "Hey, I lost Ruby's shoes...can I borrow yours?" (classy, I am) Anyways, that was really nice.

We stopped at D&S on the way home and I got some great stuff. James got a beginner scooter (or tooter, as he says) and I found a ton of embroidery thread (!!), a vintage Little LuLu doll (that I will have to give to my mother if she really wants it but hope to sell it otherwise, even though it's in rough shape), some vintage apron patterns (to sell) and some vintage Christmas icicles, still in their old boxes. A couple other things, too, that I'll show you tomorrow. It was fun. You know, if you're me.
eta: I called the babysitter, fyi, but she wasn't there. AND, I have a cold now, too. (just thought I'd add that in case anyone wants to play those tiny violins for me)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

one down, one to go

I thought the colors were a little blah so I added that R all by myself. That's pattern! hahahaha. James wants a red tent which I think will be much cuter.
I need to do some research on how to properly tie off the ends. I'm worried all my knots will come undone. Hmmmm. Maybe I should have done that first....

just james

J: 'member MALASKA, mom? That's where it's the coldest.

J: I know where RUSSIA is. It is yellow there.

J: 'member dead fish? They are fish that stopped swimming.

J: ISH! (this is what I say when I am totally disgusted and trying not to say anything bad. he uses my same tone.)

J: Ruby, get out of this house. It is not yours anymore! (can't take credit for this, all his. sweet, eh?)

S: James. You are not to talk like that to (insert family member here).

J: (snottily) I already sayed it, mom.

But, thankfully, there is this, too:

In bed this morning...

J: I just want to wrap my arms around your head, mom.

And he did.

our life: thursday morning edition

Ruby is doing much better on the teething front. She must have had a little cold, too, because now James has it. He has the sniffles and a hacking cough this morning. Nice. He's in good spirits, though, so we plan on escaping the house today. It sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous day. I think a long walk is in order.

Last night our neighbors had their 8 Weimaraner puppies out on the front lawn. OH MY GOSH. They are 5 weeks old and so soft and pretty and playful. James and I had been on a walk and I went in to get Ruby so she could see. She liked them for a minute, then headed for the street. (it's her favorite spot, the street)

My other neighbor was also out with her baby girl who is the same age as Ruby. Michelle & I have been talking more this last week and I'm so happy to be getting to know her. Our girls will most likely grow up together and I'm thankful to have them so close to us. Within our 6 house "group" there are 8 kids under 5 years old. One of the reasons we reconsidered a fence, aside from not finding one we wanted and admitting that river rock was just not feasible, was because we saw how nice it was to open the back door and let James out to play. For now, they all stay in the back pretty well and the 3 of us moms (with backyards butting up) all take turns looking out the back door for random checks or when we hear more than the standard yelling.

Michelle is a teacher at the middle school here and gave me a couple names of girls to call for some babysitting help. That is on my to-do list for the day, now I am accountable to all of you. I am hoping to find one to come over one or two mornings per week and mainly play with James, take him to the park, etc. while Ruby sleeps. We'll see. I did find out that the going rate for regular babysitting is $5/hr for 2 children...much cheaper than I thought. Michelle even offered to have James over to her house to play with her baby Ella while Ruby sleeps. Is she crazy?, I thought, but no. Ella is accustomed to being around lots of other kids at her daycare during the school year and is kind of bored just being home with mom. (I forget what it's like to just have one baby. I can't imagine Ruby not having James. xoxoxo)

Michelle is also a little in awe of James. You know how that is - when you see a child so much older than yours and doing so many neat things like talking and listening? He is normally on his best behavior outside and loves to chat with anyone and everyone that we pass by. "Hi, I'm James. I live over there. Ruby is my baby sister. My Dad is Patrick." and on and on and on. I think he would probably be pretty well behaved for her, he likes to save the rough stuff for me.

Man, I'm chatty today. If you made it this far, thank you. I'm done. (for now.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

her favorite things...

A while back I signed up for my first ever blogger-to-blogger swap over at Kelly's fun blog, According to Kelly. The idea was to send your swap partner a few of your favorite things...just to brighten someone's day a little bit and get to know someone new. I was paired up with Holly of Marathon Bird. I started stalking her reading her blog right away and was so pleased with what I found. She is a stay at home mom with one daughter. She has a strong faith in Christ, lives in Texas, loves running & coffee, and has a sweet & funny writing style.

Well, she also has some AWESOME favorite things. I got my TWO packages from her in the mail today and was thrilled. Just look at all the beautiful goodies she sent:
A set of 3 beautiful, summery dishtowels:

2 sets of gorgeous handmade note cards (she made them!):

These are the cards she sent along in each package...I think they are so pretty:

And, last but not least, a notepad and calendar that she embellished. I am going to use the notepad as a prayer/quiet time journal and the calendar is perfect for my bag.

Thank you so much, Holly! I love it all! How fun to be spoiled a bit on a Wednesday afternoon.

p.s. Go say Happy Birthday to Kelly if you have a minute!

disaster averted

I thought I just found a new oddly shaped & colored mole on my leg.

Turns out it was melted chocolate.

(whew, close one.)

oh no.

This was not staged.
She had no help.
Things are about to change around here.

works for me wednesday

Now, you may all know this already. Often I am the last to find out such neat little tips. :)

I recently read somewhere that you could add some regular hand soap (I used 2 T) to your empty foaming handsoap bottle, fill it with warm water and voila! Foaming hand soap!
I had bought this refill bottle at the last B&BW sale and was just waiting for my kitchen pump to empty out. (it doesn't take much to make me happy) heehee

Finally, I got my chance yesterday morning. You know what? It works! It kind of makes me crazy that you could pay up to $5 for a bottle with essentially 1-2T of soap in it and the rest water! I like the foaming style because one or two pumps gives me just enough soap for a quick scrubbing.
Have a happy Wednesday and visit Rocks In My Dryer for oodles more tips & tricks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

so sublime

Last month I finally got around to ordering some patterns from Sublime Stitching. (4 for $10...what a deal!)

I have known about Jenny Hart and her amazing abilities for years. Way back in the year 2000 I found a message board called glitter on a website called getcrafty. I was a major lurker and occasional poster...I remember reading posts from Jenny and was around when her business first was getting started. For some reason I never got around to trying out her embroidery until now. Like, today, this afternoon. Yup, 7 years later. :)

I love it! It is super simple and really easy to get started. (I'm talking the basics here, folks, not stuff like this!) Jenny includes basic instructions with every kit and I also found a great online tutorial here. I started out with the split stitch and then switched to the backstitch. I think I like how the split stitch looks better but the backstitch goes much faster for me.

This little cupcake was my first project and it probably took me an hour. You know what took the longest? Threading the darn needle! I think I need one with a bigger frustrating! My next projects are from her Camp Out collection. I want to do matching t shirts for James & Ruby and James asked me to do the tent...I was thrilled because that was my pick! I'll let you know how it goes.

On a super side note: Getcrafty is still around but for some reason most of the members of glitter moved over to new boards on Supernaturale, even though Getcrafty has boards. I wasn't actively reading or posting when all the changes took place so I'm not sure how it all went down. Both of the mentioned sites are chock full of crafty girls (and boys) and I still visit from time to time, although I mainly get my crafty fix from blogs these days. If any of the old glitterati happen to find this...Hi!


seashore.jpg, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

This painting is by Erik Pearson, one of Patrick's best friends. My mom and I were lucky enough to get one of his older works at a greatly reduced price a few years ago. We each have one and she just brought hers down to us to use for a while. I love it! It feels so summery. I hadn't been to his site for a while and was thrilled to see how much he's added. Go take a look, he is amazing!

lots of fun stuff going on...

5 minuntes for mom has some amazing 4th of July contests going on right now...go check them out and enter!

And, Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing is giving away a beautiful Solarveil Sling by here to enter!

poor little ruby's tuesday

DSC04772, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I went back to the archives for today's pic. She was 3 days old and a lot happier than she is right now.

2 large teeth have broken ground on her top floor. She has a runny/stuffy nose and a mild fever. I also fed her asparagus last night so you know what else is going on.

Is the fever from the teeth? Or should I get her ears checked like I was going to do last week? It's a low fever so if she does have an ear infection it isn't raging and will probably pass. She did sleep pretty well last night. I think I will wait and see how the day goes.

This was totally me just talking myself through a decision. Hope you enjoyed it. HAHA.

Monday, June 25, 2007

it's getting there

I changed my layout and added some new buttons on the left. I am only half way through listing my favorite blogs...I hope to finish up this evening. (under Favorite Destinations on the left)

Miss Ruby is up from her nap, gotta go!

thrift scores!

I brought the kids to Dig & Save last Friday afternoon. During rummage sale season the place is overflowing. Normally, they are the SVDP outlet store, getting what doesn't move at the other locations. During the summer there are so many leftover yard sale donations that they just send whatever there, without it going anywhere else first.

James & Ruby were really good. James loves running around a little now, playing on the dirty floor with whatever he just pulled out of a bin. Ruby is happy watching him and having a snack. I dreamed of this day and it's finally here.

It was a lot harder when Ruby was smaller. Sure, I could wear her in the sling but she tended to slip out when I bent over to dig in the boxes.
These were some of the specials they were running on Friday.

I am kind of surprised I didn't buy a couple of these school desks for $1 each.

I am not always successful at only bringing home what I absolutely love or think might sell on Ebay, but I am getting a lot better. When my mom is here I roll my eyes at 98% of what is in her cart, allowing her a few token selections, but really weed it out. She loves that. haha. Here were some of my favorite finds on Friday:

(keep, I think)

(sell, but I do love these - and in the box!)

(keep, for Ruby. It needs buttons and it is not my her normal style but it is soft and cozy and just appealed to me.)

I went back by myself on Saturday, during my sweet time away, and found tons of good stuff. A group shot:

(Red hat for me (this is a favorite color of mine), floral one for Ruby, celery green capris for me, Kipling bag for me or maybe to sell, American Eagle tote for me, hoodie for James.)

(Jacket for me, in another favorite color!)

Yes, I just geeked out and linked to similar items (style & brand) that I could have bought new. Instead, I paid about $8 for all of it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm not so sure about this...

I don't know how I feel about seeing my big smiling face all over the place. (unintentional rhyme) (I mean my new profile pic)

My teeth look HUGE! hahaha.

Ruby nursed tonight! Yay! I think I tricked her into it by singing the ABCs over and over until she was confused and disoriented. Hopefully this will not have to happen every time from now on.

G'night. I have 100 things I'd like to post about...we'll see how tomorrow goes. xo


Ruby refused to nurse last night, in the middle of the night, and again this morning. This morning she actually shook her head NO and pulled my shirt down. Real subtle, Ruby.

She's been kind of ornery at bedtime the last couple days and up a lot during the night. She had a slight fever for a while last Thursday. Hmmmm. I called this morning to get her ears checked and they said they could fit us in at 11:00. I went up to get her ready and laid her down for a diaper change. She screamed at me, like she usually does, and I spotted it. A large new tooth up on top. (sighofrelief)

I almost felt gleeful! I am sad that she is hurting but things are so much easier to deal with when there is a reason. I hope my supply can hold until she is up to nursing again. I am just not ready to stop...I want her to still be my baby. And it's good for her!


In other news, we went to Keva Friday night for a family fun night. It was kind of fun, I was tired (how many times have I said that lately? I will stop soon. promise.), but we had a nice time. Ruby & James loved it. Ruby just squealed with happiness as she wandered around dancing to the blaring 70s rock. (classy) James' favorite part, I think, were the campers parked outside. They had 3 on display and he adored them. I put some pictures up on Flickr and here are a couple movies:

And, isn't James the typical big brother in the end? :)

you found me! you really found me!

Wow, you guys, I am a little sniffly. It was time though, you know? RIP Sugar Ave.

Anyways, I'm so happy you found me over here. I'll explain my new name and get back to my regularly scheduled babbling blogging soon. (I got so many thrift scores today!)

I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment letting me know you were here. Thank you!


Friday, June 22, 2007


Hip, hip, hooray! Every morning this week James has been asking Patrick if it is Saturday yet. Last weekend really threw him and he's been missing his time with dad. Patrick took him out for dinner & a playground last between the thunderstorms they had a good time. Ruby & I did lots of dishes and danced to Johnny Cash. This little one loves music.

I have no direction or purpose to this post like I normally do. (HAHA) Let's see...oh, yesterday!

Yesterday we met Kate & Natalie at Trader Joe's as I needed Sunbutter. We had been out for almost 2 weeks and it was really getting to me. While we were there the sun came out so we decided to go over to the zoo for a while. I was exhausted and she felt a little crabby so we complained to each other for a while until we both seemed to forget how we were originally feeling. :) It was a fun trip. A couple things in particular really made me happy.

First, I got to buy James a popsicle. When you have a kid with allergies you're always wondering if there will be any snack or treat available to get for them. I always (okay, almost always) have stuff along for him but it is SO FUN to be able to buy him a treat like everyone else is having. I just love it. Kind of silly but it makes me happy. And, him, too.

The second happy thing was something I forgot about until we were right there. Ruby had never seen any big animals before! We went straight to the polar bear and she just started pointing and chattering. He was out and moving around so it was a particularly good introduction. I told her it was a bear and she started saying it right away. So cute. She also got to see seals and the big daddy Lion.

It started raining after a little while so we headed back towards the entrance. We stopped off for a hot dog and got to the van right as it started pouring. Thank God for the rain.

I'm not sure what we're going to do today but we are staying home for the morning nap, for sure. James & Ruby have been playing so well this morning. They've been down here with me just chattering (each to themselves) and playing and occasionally running into each other and squealing a little. (okay, a LOT. Ruby squeals a LOT...but they are happy squeals this morning.)

One more thing...last night I was asking Patrick if he was ready for me to disappear for a LONG time this weekend and he said, for what? I just looked at him and started lecturing sharing with him how tiring it is to watch the children for 12 days straight. He started rubbing his fingers together like the world's smallest violin. Remember that? We did that in grade school. hahahaha. He is such a card. And I am so out of here on Saturday morning, with his blessing and his little violin sending me off.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


J: You 'member badwill?

S: badwill? Like Goodwill, only bad?

J: Yeah.

S: What do they sell there?


S: Where is it?

J: In bad cities, far, far away. There's nothing in them.

S: That would be very very bad.

J: Yeah. It would.

(he knows me so well)


James, lamenting the lost popsicle. More pictures from our morning on flickr.
I am pooped. Back later, after my afternoon iced.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We've been to Einstein Bros. Bagels a few times lately and James always wants an apple juice. How can I say no when they come in these adorable little fat bottles?
I treated myself to some roses at the grocery store this afternoon. I think Hydrangeas would be better but these are pretty sweet, too. I got 4 little boquets out of the dozen I bought and have them all over the house. I should do this more often. (I forgot to mention that Kate had fresh flowers yesterday, too.) (am I a copycat, or what?)
Those little darlings of mine are sleeping again. I'm going to go start dinner so I'll be able to turn on Curious George play with them when they get up. HAHAHAHAHA.

oatmeal & jam

I was going to bring Kate & the others some jam yesterday but the new batch seemed a little softer. It had been "setting" on the counter for 24 hours and I think it was too humid because it never really set. I popped one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer thinking that at least it would be good on ice cream. I finally had some last night and was happily surprised. I swirled it into some oatmeal and sprinkled pecans on top...delicious!

I had the same thing this morning and it looked so good that James even wanted his own bowl. He had his with strawberry jam and ate almost all of it.

All of this jam talk reminds me of Bread & Jam for Frances. Frances is a childhood favorite of mine, and now of James. The books are a bit wordy still for him but a little editing on our part works just fine. Check them out if you haven't.


(Will her images ever get old? I don't think so. See them all here.)

Thank God it's Wednesday. Only 2 more days until Friday! And Top Chef is on tonight! Life is good.

I am in a big ole ditch of housework here and slowly digging out. Yesterday it felt like everything was a mess, and to be honest, it was. All rooms of my home, the van, the garage, the yard...I cried a little with the weight of it all. We were supposed to go to Kate's and I was this close to calling and cancelling. But I decided that a few hours with friends might be really good and so we went. I'm so glad we did.

We walked into her clean, good smelling house. She was smiling, glad to see us, and had fresh coffee, lemon coffee cake and lots of toys. :) Another friend came after a while and we had a really nice morning. It was like a big hug for me. (sorry to sound like a sap...where is this coming from? pms was over a week ago! oh, I guess it's just those silly emotions.) Thank you, Kate! I think I've mentioned this before but she really makes her guests feel welcome.

James had a HUGE fit when it was time to go but I didn't let it get to me. I just drove until that little sucker went to sleep and had a nice, almost 2 hour!, break for my efforts. It was wonderful.

Patrick and I cleaned for an hour last night and got a lot done. I woke up to a much cleaner house and, while I still have much to do, I don't feel hopeless. The natives are restless so I am outie for now...

Monday, June 18, 2007

the dreaded bulleted list*

  • Ruby woke up screaming like a mad woman at about 12:30am, last night. I went in and offered her some milk, which is usually what she wants. OH NO! She was all, HOW COULD YOU?!, hollering and writhing on my lap. Patrick, bless his heart, came in and offered to take her. I went back to bed and felt a stab of sadness until it dawned on me that I got to be back in bed and HE was getting her back to sleep. Excellent! She was back to normal this morning. Ruby has never been a nursing fool, like James, but has pretty much stayed the same for the last 6 months or so...4-6 nursings during the day and one at night. She can skip the daytime ones now, no problem, but still likes to partake if we are at home. She doesn't seem to be night weaning on her own...she'll sleep 12 hours straight for a few days and then goes back to waking once a night again. I think that by the end of summer I will start sending Patrick in at night if she doesn't give it up. Um, like you cared, right?

  • We made Patrick a Father's Day journal like I read about here. I thought it was the best idea and he really liked it. I think it will be so neat as the years go by.

  • I made blackberry-raspberry freezer jam this morning. It is ultra sweet which seems odd because these berries were more tart than the strawberries. ?? I think a little sunbutter will tone it down perfectly, though. Yum.

  • Patrick was diving all weekend and really enjoyed himself. I kept us busy, out of the house both mornings by 9am. It went pretty well. I was dreading another 5 days of this mom stuff, without a real break, but today has gone pretty well. The house was a sty from the weekend (can't do it all, people) but I made myself relax on the back steps and drink coffee while James played in his sandbox this morning. Just drink coffee...not write out the bills I had to or call my friend back. It was a good break. (and then I did both of those things...see...still had time!)

  • James said Ruby was the moon this morning. I'm like, the moon? He says, "Yes, the moon. And I'm going to jump over her." Haha, but NO WAY kid.

  • We made star shaped juice pops out of a $1 ice cube tray I got at Target. Once they were kind of slushy I inserted toothpicks and it worked out nicely. James & Ruby love them and it's fun saying, "Sure, you can have a Popsicle for breakfast." (100% juice) (Okay, I haven't really said that but it's been implied.)

  • About a year ago our computer crashed and we lost all the pictures from the first 2.5 years of James' life. And a lot of other ones. I never told anyone as it was too tragic to speak of. We did have tons on Yahoo but there were many, many more that were gone forever. Except Patrick just got them back! He rules. Haha, Mom, I can keep some stuff from you. :)

  • Right now, as I type, Flickr is moving all my Yahoo photos over to their site. Yahoo Photos is closing in September and they gave me a choice of 4 or 5 different sites that they would move them to. I actually wanted them all over there, anyways, so it is really nice to have it done for me. And, they extended my Pro account for an additional 3 months, on them. I'll let you know when it's complete so you can gaze at all the old favorites again.

  • Lots of weekend pics up at Flickr and more later.

  • An esteemed blogging friend had a couple good ideas regarding my blog renaming. I am in talks with her now and will have more information soon. Thanks, Mama!

*lots of bloggers refer to these lists this way, but really, I kind of like them. Maybe a picture would help here, too.

(oh yes...the stamps...well, they are all over him. Yup, all over. "Jesus is Risen" is currently on his forehead, nose, torso, kneecaps, toes, buttocks and a couple of other places *coughtwigandberriescough* that I won't mention.)

(but he did so good in quiet time yesterday!)

3 or 13?

(good thing it's only my mom he's on the phone with)

my fate in the hands of a stranger...

I decided I am ready to change the name of my blog. Sugar Ave is a little to cutsie for me...I am such a serious blogger now and it just doesn't seem to fit. HA HA HA!

I'm kidding. But I do want to change the name and just last night, I figured out to what. Problem is, that blog name is taken. By a 27 year old poker player in California who hasn't used it since last August. And there is only one post on it. I emailed him and am really hoping he'll take pity on me and let it go.

If you stop by, Mr. Poker Player, PLEASE!!!! I love my blog and use it almost every day. I promise to take good care of BtL! And you have that other blog with a really cool name, too! I bet you won't even miss it. :)

Stay tuned, readers. I'll let you know if & when it's going to go down...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you so much.
Thank you for loving me so much and for now loving my kids like you do.
And Patrick,

you couldn't be a better father.

You are so good at this and they are so blessed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

happy weekend!

This has been kind of a blah day. Back and forth between good & bad: nice morning, good napping from Ruby, so freaking hot, no shade in backyard, kids had fun in pool anyways, huge pickers by sandbox, lawn long & prickly, seester sent adorable clothes for J&R in mail, nice quiet time & afternoon nap, James playing outside with friends, didn't lose my cool with Patrick, approached him calmly and thus had good talk with him about my outdoor frustration (will buy quick shade canopy, will mow regularly or get someone to) and now that I think about it, it wasn't so bad. So, a pretty good day...I was just blah. :) But, I'm feeling better now, too. There's a turkey breast in the oven and just look at my library haul. Oh yeah, and the adorable little one who thinks she can hide from me.

Have a good weekend!
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might as well try...

I am so late to this contest that Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing is having. But, I might as well try. Just yesterday I was wishing for a more comfortable back carrier for miss Ruby. Here's my chance! Steph is giving away a $75 gift certificate to MamaKanga. If I won, I would be all over's just what I want and soooo gorgeous!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

thursday, so far

This is Cap'n James & his barge. He'll show you all the best fishing spots on the lower level for only $4. I had a couple of rides this morning and had a lot of luck.

This is Ruby, running from James, wearing her adorable new BabyLegs. That little darling Sophie and her mama sent them to miss Ruby for her birthday. I have wanted these for her since last fall but never got around to buying some. What a fun surprise! We love them. Thank you!

This is just James, eating the freezer jam with a spoon. It's that good. It does have a lot of sugar, but hey, no corn syrup! And how much do you spread on your toast anyways? So worth it. I can't wait to make more varieties as different fruits come into season. It made 5 cups, 4 for the freezer and one for right now. Yummy.

I have no cute pictures of me. We went to WalMart this afternoon for sewing supplies and diapers...where else can you get both in one stop? Ruby ate her weight in Teddy Grahams while we were in there and I have them smeared all over my shirt to prove it. I only wanted to gouge my eyes out a few times so I think it was a pretty successful trip.

They are both asleep now. Praise God.

(a few more picrs on flickr)

is nothing safe?

My first email this morning was a link to this recall. Okay, gotta go round those up and hope my wee ones are not full o' lead.

Just now I see this on Yahoo. Good thing my kids don't brush their teeth use regular toothpaste yet. If you have Colgate, check it. (I like Pepsodent or Crest, myself. Or CloseUp, if I'm feeling retro.)

Ruby is just up from her nap. We are going to have some lunch and head out for a few hours. We got the most delicious surprise in the mail today...I can't wait to show you later on. xoxo

something is wrong....

with Blogger. I keep trying to publish and it won't work. It's also bugging me how everything on my site is smooshed in towards the middle. Will have to work on that soon.

That's all. Just a bit of complaining. Time for some more coffee. xoxo

charlie & lola

Oh, I love Charlie & Lola. James does, too. He sits on the couch and just giggles while he watches them.

I love that they are brother & sister. I love how fond they are of one another and the silly things they say. I love how they bicker and make up and take care of each other. I love how they go off to do errands together. (will that actually happen some day?) I think James & Ruby are incredibly blessed to have each other and I love that there is a cartoon that shows this relationship so sweetly and realistically.
I saw the DVDs on the "new book" list at the library last winter and signed us up. He wasn't as interested then...I think it was still a little too hard for him to follow. Now I have another DVD from the library and he LOVES it. I think they are also on Disney in the mornings. I just read that they are based on a series of books by Lauren Child...I have 4 of those on our hold list now.
I encourage you to check them out...if you don't have cable they are probably readily available at your local library.

james on the coaster

Just a quick one so you could see it live...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just finished Top Chef and loved it. I felt bad for Clay but it sounded like his food was pretty awful. It was fun to see Anthony Bourdain again. happy, happy, happy. Patrick sat in the kitchen while it was on, pretending not to watch, while sewing something to his wetsuit. (advanced open water course for him this weekend) I made one batch of freezer jam, full sugar, after the kids went to bed. A really nice evening.
I came down here to finish a different post I had started but read this instead, from Looky, Daddy!: "Intellectually, Kathryn grew by leaps and bounds this year, learning about punctuation and the mystery of the silent "e" and by mid-year she wase. writinge. alle. ofe. here. sentencese. like. thise. which I guess will make her work easier to recognize when we start finding "Cripse. Forevere." spray-painted behind the old train station. Of course, while she was wildly punctuating her written work, her spoken work begantosoundmorelikethiswithnotasinglepauseforbreathormoreimportantlythought."

HE KILLS ME. Love it! Fun way to end the computer portion of my evening.


I can't remember where I first heard about these delightful MOO minicards...maybe on Mighty Goods? I didn't have my photos on flickr at the time & uploading the required photos seemed a little daunting. You get 100 mini business-type cards with up to 100 different images for $25, shipped.

We stopped at a new playground yesterday, in between the farmer's market and Whole Foods. There was another mom there with 2 kids (one a redheaded girl!), each about nine months older than mine. Our boys started playing and we started chatting. A while later a bus full of grade schoolers invaded and we had to quickly part ways to protect our offspring. She hollered, "I hope to see you here again sometime..." as we ran in opposite directions. I'll probably stop by there again next time just to see if she's around, she mentioned she lived nearby. It would have been great to get her name and number but first of all, there just wasn't time, and second, who has a pen at the park? If I had some MOO cards I could have slipped her one of those. I want some.

Does anyone have them? Want to show them off? These people have already, if you're curious.


On the agenda tonight? Freezer jam. But, wow, that's a lot of sugar. I may have to investigate and find a recipe with less. We got 4 quarts of these juicy little beauties at the farmer's market this morning. I also plan on freezing some of them for future smoothie making.

I am in the process of looking for a good soy ice cream or sorbet recipe to make with James. My mom got me an ice cream maker a couple years ago and we've never tried it. These also look really good and James friendly...made with Earth Balance & Sunbutter.

I'm kind of hungry today. :)


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