Friday, August 31, 2007

live from massachusetts...

it's me!

Well, here I am in good old Fitchburg, Mass. I can't even say how wonderful it is to be here. I miss Andrea more than I even like to talk about so this is such a treat for me.

Ruby & I made it fine...the Chicago-Boston leg got a little hairy once (haha - leg, hairy - haha) or twice but there were no major fits and we sat by understanding people. The one time I tried to get her to nurse (she was exhausted) she screamed like I was trying to poison her. That made me feel good. Then I thought they lost our suitcase and carseat but we found them, thank God.

My mom is here, too, and we've all been having lots of fun. We spent Wed afternoon & evening in Boston, were in Portsmouth, NH and Newburyport, MA on Thursday, around my sister's house today and are heading up Route 1 to York Harbor, ME tomorrow.

It's been the perfect weekend getaway. Patrick & James are having fun, too. They went camping Wednesday night and then up to Superior on Thursday. When I talked to them earlier today they were about to head out in onto the Lake Superior bay in a kayak. I am missing them but have been enjoying this time away too much to feel sad. Ruby has been having a great time. I have lots of pictures but will post them when we get home.

I've found that I never feel like posting much about a trip once I'm home. A few little things I'd like to remember so far...we all LOVE the mei tai, it is so comfortable and my favorite baby carrier to date, sitting at Andrea's bar tonight (she is a bartender/nursing student) drinking Wachusett Blueberry Ale and listening to Tom Petty, having Dunkin Donuts iced coffee available at every corner, the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and their Pumpkin Pancakes with Raisinettes, the 3 of us laughing hysterically in the car, over and over, ignoring my mom in the backseat (kidding mom!), Ruby flirting with Andrea's friend Chris and then laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes with a happy little sigh, Andrea's inability to leave the farthest right lane when driving, just seeing my sister next to me.

I hope you are all had a good week and are looking forward to a nice long weekend. (in the US) xoxo

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

can I leave now, please?

I am so ready for vacation. In all senses of the word. Now that I am leaving tomorrow the minutes are passing excruciatingly slowly. James has been a beast since yesterday afternoon...super sassy and not listening to anything and in his room again and again for telling me no. Is he upset (deep down) that I'm leaving (with Ruby, no less) or is he just having a couple hard days that coincide perfectly with my vacating...making it all the sweeter?

Ah, it doesn't really matter. I am leaving in about 14 hours and Patrick will be home in 1. I am pretty much packed, just need to add my toiletries in the morning. I still would like to polish my toenails and file my fingernails. And switch Ruby's car seat into the car we are taking to the airport. That's about it!

We had our friends over this morning and it was fun. Chaotic, but fun. We are quite the procreating bunch.

Susan brought a little purple sweater over for Ruby that she immediately fell in love with. It has a cow on it, you see. Kate put it on her and she wouldn't take it off until after she woke up from her nap. Poor little sweaty girl. (we do have the AC on.)

Oh yes, Kate didn't like the Prestige at all. She thought it was mean spirited and she seemed a little surprised at how much I liked it. Lighten up, Kate! A little deceit, mental anguish and revenge never hurt anyone! (haha!) ;)

ruby's tuesday

the crime:the criminal:

the defense: (genetics)

Monday, August 27, 2007

on a day like today...

all the rules go out that window...

love & tesla coils

(this is not the one Patrick built)

I love my husband. He is the first one I ever said I loved so much it made me sick. We now say that about our kids, but he started it. Neither of us is perfect but we are perfect for each other. There is no one else in this world that I would want to live with and spend time with every day. (except my kids but they don't count because I do hope to not live with them someday, a very long time from now)

Okay, I'm almost done with the loving talk. My heart is just full with him today and I feel so thankful for the last 12 years. Can you tell we had a nice day yesterday? :) Michelle watched the kids so we could go to brunch. It was a beautiful morning and the food was delicious. Best of all was just sitting beside him in a booth, my head on his shoulder. Lifting it only to take another sip of coffee or bite of quiche. (I wish they had restaurants for tired parents away from their kids for the first time in a very long time where they served you in you could snooze and eat and still get waited on.)

We had a bit of time to just be together after we ate and then we went and got the wee ones. Michelle said they were so good and neither one of them batted an eye when we left. I was so proud of James for being such a good boy. Even though I pity myself for all I put up with from him, it does make me feel so good that so many people have told me how easy he is to watch. I guess I'd rather have him be a rat to me and be good to others when I am not around. Makes leaving him easier! hahaha! Anyways, Michelle & I are pretty excited to live so close to each other and really want to keep switching kids. (on a side note...Kelsey never returned my last call. Her cousin was gravely injured so I think their family is still in crisis mode. I hope she calls one day, even if she can't babysit again, I just really liked her. I think I'll send her a note.)

After I put Ruby down for a nap I went and got my hair cut, highlights and my eyebrows waxed. Feels so good! I don't look like Bert anymore! I also spent $30 at the Lands' End Inlet and got 2 sweaters, 3 long sleeve t shirts, and one short sleeved t shirt. Original price for all of it would have been $140.00. The sweaters are cable knit, navy and dark yellow...I can totally wear them this fall and winter and the long sleeve shirts are also good for fall. It's so much fun to shop when you haven't for a while. I know I didn't make it the whole month but I did really hold off for a long time. :)

We put the kids to bed early and watched The Prestige. This movie came out last year and I had no real interest in seeing it because we had already seen the other turn of the century magic movie with Ed Norton. I thought this one was soooo much better! I loved it. Patrick liked it but had a few small issues with the role Tesla played in the story line.

See, Patrick built a Tesla Coil almost 10 years ago. It was his 3rd year in school and he constructed it in our garage. He got most of his information on the Internet as well as lots of help from other coilers around the country.

It was the middle of the night, sometime in April 1998, when he woke me from a dead sleep to come out to the garage. All the lights were out and he handed me an extension cord. Plug this in, he said. (I haven't told you much about this side of my husband but most who know him would be a little hesitant in this situation.) I did as he said (what a good wife!) and suddenly little bolts of lightning were shooting around our garage, lighting up a fluorescent bulb that he had suspended from the ceiling. The bulb was not attached to the machine at all! It's really pretty amazing and if you ever get the chance to see one demonstrated you should do it. I was so proud of him! He made this amazing machine himself. How cool. Sadly, we moved 3 weeks later and he had to leave it behind. It is still at the University and he's been to visit it a couple times over the years.

Anyways, 10 hours later, back to The Prestige. Patrick developed a real fondness for Nikola Tesla during his research and was a little disappointed with how they portrayed him & his work in the film. For most of us, or those of us without soft spots for certain scientist from the 1800s, it's a very clever film. And creepy! Loved it!

Okay, I'm out of time. (I can hear your sighs of relief from here...or rather one sigh of relief as no one else finished all of this.) Have a good Monday...back later! xo

Saturday, August 25, 2007

what a special day

(photo by drhunter on flickr)

We headed out this morning happy and excited. The sun was shining and there was a lovely cool breeze.

We went to the farmer's market and ran into Kate & Oliver. I was hoping we might see them, as they are there every week, but the market is huge so I figured we had a very slim chance. Yay! We found them almost right away and a few minutes later Kate & I headed off to find a muffin and made a plan to meet up with the boys after about 10 minutes.

The boys never showed. Well, Oliver did, with Natalie, but no Patrick & James. I left my cel phone in the car because I was short on pockets and for some odd reason Patrick used my keys when we left this morning. So I had no phone and no van keys, no husband and a baby strapped to my back. (I love my new mai is super comfy.) (even though Kate said I look like Princess Leia.) (better than obi-wan, right?) We just continued walking the square figuring we'd run into them eventually. We never did.

After a while, I parted ways with Kate & Oliver and tried to find a pay phone. People. Do you realize how screwed you are without a cel phone these days? There are no pay phones ANYWHERE (that I could find) and 3 businesses said I couldn't use their with a baby strapped to my back! It's so odd to have hundreds of people around you who you KNOW have phones in their pockets and you can't find a public one. I knew I should just ask someone and I finally did...a young college girl who was so sweet about it. I got a hold of Patrick and we finally were reunited. James did run about half a block towards me with his arms out...pretty cute.

So, our family fun morning turned into two separate jaunts around our state capitol. We went to the thrift store for a little bit and then came back home. (just found one little gift.) Patrick napped when the kids did and I am anxious for him to get up so I can leave for a while.

In other news, tomorrow is our 12 year anniversary. TWELVE years!! Our neighbor is watching the kids so we can go out for brunch...I'm so looking forward to it.

Let's see, what else? I did have a fabulous cup of coffee this morning. It's sad how a really good cup makes me realize what crap I drink most of the time.

Oh yeah, I remembered what I was going to tell you! Black Snake Moan is one of the strangest movies I've ever seen. I have always thought Justin Timberlake was a little girly man, and I still do, but he's not a bad actor. However, I cannot understand why women think he's so HOT. Yuck. Now, Samuel L., that's a good looking man.

Friday, August 24, 2007

unexpected gem

I wanted to write a post about all the fall magazines on the news stands and how it's killing me. Normally I would be buying a few of them for my trip out and then a few more for my trip home. This time, I'm packing stickers and board books.

While searching for September cover images I found this website.

I LOVE vintage advertising. I sold magazine ads on Ebay for a long time and still have hundreds in my basement...all sorted and in plastic sleeves. (I've been wanting to search through them for some Christmas gift ideas.) This website has tons of magazine ads scanned as well as their covers. Here are a few that I found, it's always striking to me how nothing really changes. People were just as interested in DIY and toddler activities 70 years ago. And this one sure looked familiar:

Has anyone read the new fall issues? Is there any one that you loved in particular?

lazy friday

After yesterday's madness I needed a little down time. I am just catching up on household chores today and enjoying the cool morning. Ruby slept until 9:30, bless her little heart. It seems like we just finished breakfast and it's time for lunch!

I think we'll go for a walk. I don't really want to but it is so nice out. I just want to keep drinking coffee and reading the Everyday Foods cookbook I got from the library.

Oh yeah. Ruby can say MORE now. She had been signing it but said it out loud this morning. We were making mini banana muffins and I gave her one chocolate chip to try. I turned around to put them back in the cupboard and I heard this little, urgent voice behind me, "moooooow." She is also making cow, puppy, kitty, piggy and sheep noises. She says apple, too.

Yesterday I told Kate how she put a scrap of paper in the garbage and then shut the closet door, just like we do. I told the story like it was the cutest thing in the world and we just laughed. She said she understands though...I can't help myself, I just think almost everything this little girl does is soooooo perfect. It's fun. (except the biting. the biting is not fun.)

I hope you all are having good's almost the weekend! Yay! Any big plans?

my mother is a dirty rat

She just left a comment on "oh, the day I've had" saying they were in York Harbor, Maine yesterday.


I hope they enjoyed it because they'll be back there next week.

Can't wait! :) xoxox

p.s. If you haven't noticed...we tease eachother a lot in my family. It is done in a loving way and not (usually) meant to harm. teehee.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the back of my van, yesterday morning

So this is what James was doing while Patrick mowed the lawn.

oh, the day I've had

It's been a good day but full of nonsense as well. We went to Kate's house for playgroup and had a really nice time. It was so good to see my friends and just talk, talk, talk.

We came home around lunch time and I decided I better start working on my to do list, which has at least doubled in length in the last few days. See, I lost all the usernames and passwords for our online bill accounts. And it's time to pay the bills again. I also lost our car payment booklet. I try not to swear but really, WTF? I've had these things in the same place for the last TWO years. So, I began the tedious process of resetting and having to actually PHONE a couple places when it wasn't allowing me to do so online. I also boxed up my ebay sales and shipped 4 out of the 5, the 5th one will go tomorrow. (I made $50 last week...not a ton but $50 more than I had!)

I called and ordered a new payment booklet but before doing so I tore through my kitchen looking for it and went on a recycling rampage. Every coupon got tossed in. I love coupons but when was the last time I actually remembered them and used it?! At least a month, so they were all almost expired anyways. (I did save the diaper coupons because I do use those.) (I'm not stupid!) And that free wildlife calendar? Sure, I could hang onto it for another 4 months but tossing it in the recycling made me happy RIGHT NOW. Mounds of artwork? Gone. (yes, I kept a couple) Letter from insurance agent that I'm never going to call and check our rates against but really should? Gone. You get the idea. It felt good.

I loaded the kids up and we went to the post office and then to a soaking wet playground. The children played and got wet and James stripped down for the ride home. All the way down. I was buckling him in his car seat (carefully) and said we just had to stop by the store real quick. It took a second for that to sink in and his expression was HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I couldn't resist.

Oh yeah, guess who got yellow finger paint all over our living room carpet?
On a lighter note, I have gotten oodles of presents lately! First mim sent me my swap bounty. The next day we got a package from Jules laden with goodies. One of the gifts was this adorable outfit for Ruby that I am so excited to take on vacation:

Then, my neighbor brought me over some strands of beads that I had admired on her (she found me another one at JCPenneys...I didn't take hers.) :) and a jumbo CARS coloring book for James.
(Oh yes, I wanted to mention that James is always in his underwear because he strips down for his afternoon business and never gets dressed again unless we leave the house. He is normally dressed all morning.)

THEN, I get the mail yesterday and there were these ADORABLE t shirts from Sybil. Seriously, they are the cutest thing and I can't wait for my kids to wear them out in public.

(there are about 12 of these to get one like the one above.)

Now I am ready for Patrick to come home so I can continue my password changing and finish my mei tai! 45 minutes and counting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

what am I still doing up at 10:40?

And on the computer, no less!

I have so many things running around in my head. I hope I have a few minutes to get them down tomorrow. Is it wrong that I wish I had a whole afternoon just to write?

Sweet dreams.

my tai

practicing with a bag of books last night
it's like sewing a giant squid
always at least one casualty
pocket detail (I was proud of this) just needs to be top stitched all around and tie ends finished
morning bubles, come here for a minute (I just couldn't show you my face...up until midnight)

the back carry!

I don't have long to write now but I am very happy this morning. How cool to make something and have it actually work! It's very comfortable, too. I have a little tweaking to do and may cut off the top flap...not necessary for us. The fabric cost $ that plus about 40 hours of labor...I saved a lot of money! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ruby's tuesday

stephanie-wan kenobi

I was feeling really good about my mei tai straps. I stitched fleece into the top part of them today and was so happy with how it turned out. It looked kind of actual sewing! Here's a sneak peak at the straps and body fabric:

Of course, I had to try it on, even though the shoulder straps are the only thing attached right now. This is kind of how I look, minus the beard and leather belt.

The padding on the shoulders makes them stick out instead of lay flat. Maybe with the 18.8 pounds of baby (for those who are curious about her weight) in there they will look better.

May the force be with me.

disaster averted

So I'm laying on the living room floor talking to Kate. James is watching TV and Ruby is playing in the kitchen. I notice, after a few minutes, that I am no longer hearing Ruby's chatter. I get up and look over the half wall. She is sitting on the kitchen table surrounded by straight pins. I say, "Ruby Harper!" and she immediately starts putting the pins back in the little dish I had them in. No pokes! Amazing. Thank God, that could have gone so wrong in so many ways.

See, I started sewing my carrier last night so my sewing stuff is all over the table. I have all 4 straps done and am going to stuff them with some fleece today for cushion. I hope to start sewing it together tonight. I am taking my time with this and trying to do a good job. I actually pressed these long straps before sewing them...made it so much easier!

Sometimes I don't want to try my best because I think it will be so much sadder then if I fail. However, once I actually start doing something right it feels so good. Typing this out, I see how this relates to a few areas of my life. Does anyone else experience this?

after waiting for hours and hours, edited to add:
Okay, nevermind. Me, neither! I was just kidding! (hahahhahahahahha)

Monday, August 20, 2007

menu plan monday

Monday: turkey burgers & pasta salad

Tuesday: spaghetti

Wednesday: chicken drummies & sweet potato fries

Thursday: pork roast & garlic mashed potatoes

Friday: pizza

Saturday: chicken & black bean tostadas

Sunday: beef, brown rice & veggie stir fry

Monday: chicken noodle soup

Tuesday: taco casserole


Yes, there are a couple repeats this week...we usually end up going out at least once so this will happen. For more great menu ideas, click here.
I wish I had a couple hours to go through them all!

our morning walk

Sunday, August 19, 2007

happy sigh.

We had such a nice weekend!

My Dad got here Friday afternoon and we just hung around until we met Patrick for dinner. It was a gorgeous evening so we went to the playground for a while before heading home. James & Ruby were so happy to see their Grandpa!

My kids both slept in until 9:00 on Saturday. 9:00!! I woke up around 8:30 to find Patrick gone and James in his place, snoozing away. Downstairs, Dad had made coffee and Patrick was starting the bacon. Bliss. We just relaxed and ate and were finally ready to go around 11:30. But where? Ruby was actually acting tired again so I laid her down around noon and Patrick and I took James to see Ratatouille. It was his first movie in the theatre (we tried CARS last summer but it was too much for him) and he loved it. It's a really cute show, Patrick and I enjoyed it, too.

Ruby slept nearly the whole time we were gone and my Dad just relaxed on the couch. I felt bad that it was raining and we couldn't go do something all together but he said how nice it was to just relax for a day and that made me happy. (You can relax with us anytime, Dad.) He has been pretty busy for the last year.

We went out for a little walk when the rain let up and the kids had fun splashing around and looking for worms. After they went to bed, Dad said he wished we had a Dairy Queen in town. A few minutes later we were in the tbird heading down the road to the nearest ice cream stand. We came home and ate our sundaes in front of Ice Road Truckers. We had to stay up to see how another concept car would finish at an auction in California. I think it ended at around ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Holy cow! I told him that he better wear some Depends on auction day...just in case. :)

Today Ruby woke up at what we like to call the butt crack of dawn...6:30. Luckily, this is when my Dad is usually headed out the door so we actually got to say goodbye to him this morning. She went down for a nap around 8:00 (how odd, this sleep business) and James got up a while later. From here on it was our normal Sunday stuff with some walks, cleaning, relaxing, reading, returning rotten chicken, grocery shopping, and laundry. We never made it to church, sadly. (I love the late afternoon service but the danger is that it's easy to put off because the kids are out of sorts by that time of day.)

I've been wanting a comfy back carrier for our trip. I really want an Ergo but don't want to spend the money right now. I've always wanted to try a Mei Tei and I found a relatively basic looking tutorial online today. Patrick said he'd help me put it together this week so James and I went to the fabric store and I picked out some beautiful material...I can't wait to get started. (It's in the dryer as I type.) (yes, I broke my vow to buy nothing.) (I didn't mention that I'm not very good with vows.) (except the wedding type.)

I talked to my mom & sister today as they were headed to the Fisherman's Feast in Boston. Whatever. (haha!) I can't wait to join them! It's going to be a busy 1.5's a list:

To Do:

  • haircut

  • highlights?

  • eyebrow waxing

  • finish grocery shopping

  • pay bills

  • fill out preschool paperwork for wed

  • preschool meeting wed night

  • book group meeting mon night

  • pack

  • host playgroup tues

  • leave next wed morning...early

I hope you all had a good weekend and are feeling refreshed for the week ahead.

Thank you to everyone who stops by. I think it's really sweet that you would take a little time out of your life to read about ours. xoxo

good afternoon, all

Just a quick note right now...and a big WELCOME BACK to my seester! She finally has internet access again!! Hi Seester! xoxo

Friday, August 17, 2007


Super busy day! Dad coming! House a pigsty! Clean now! Gorgeous out! Got awesome swap goodies from Mindy! Pics on flickr! Will gush more later!

I am tired but happy and excited to see my Dad. James just got out of quiet time so I'm going to go hang out with him for a bit before Ruby wakes up. I probably won't be around this weekend much. It's so much fun to have a day or two off and then see all the new posts on Sunday night. :) Have a great weekend, everyone. xoxo

Thursday, August 16, 2007

chicken of the sea?

Oh, I could throw up.

James is napping so I made the white puree for our oven fried drumstick coating for dinner tonight. I pulled out the drumsticks, from happy little Whole Foods chickens, to take the skin off and they totally smelled like fish. SICK.

Now I have to go to the grocery store when he gets up and buy more drumsticks from chickens that undoubtedly had a hard and hormone filled life with nary a free range in sight.

One step forward, two steps back.

poster child for birth control

So there I am at Cost Cutters. James is sitting in a waist high yellow race car, barely under the weight (and age) limit, clutching my shirt with one hand and crying. He has one eye closed and the other eye fixed on the red plastic television showing an Easter episode of the Mickey Mouse Club. Ruby is on my right hip, facing outwards. I am losing my grip on her and she has slid down so her pits are resting on my forearm. She is red faced and screaming because I won't let her climb the glass shelves filled with pretty colored bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I am bouncing to soothe her and unconsciously begin to sing the Mickey Mouse jingle. Our stylist, who has a thick vanilla scent hanging around her and little flowers painted on her toenails, begins to laugh and says she is never having kids.

My work here is done. Almost.

I tell James to suck it up or he'll be leaving with a mullet. I walk away to put Ruby down and she immediately goes back to the bottles. I spy the suckers on the counter and quickly unwrap a yellow one. Oh Ruby, I call. She stumbles over and begins to suck greedily on the banana flavored choking hazard. James is finally finished with his cut and flies out of the car, almost breaking his kneecaps, towards the Mike & Ike machine. I pay the stylist and ask her for some quarters. On my way out, I catch the eye of a gentleman waiting. He looks at me coolly and I am imagining what he is thinking of me and my 2 kids, both eating candy at 11:00 in the morning. I smile sweetly at him and say to James as we pass, "What a good boy, let's go get some ice cream!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm so going off my meds

I mean...I feel FINE. Seriously.

haha - I'm kidding but it is kind of amazing, really. It's been 2 weeks today since I started taking the Zoloft and that heavy feeling of sadness has all but disappeared. I felt better a few days in and that has just slowly that I haven't even noticed. I can remember that I felt that way but it seems like a distant memory.

What has been so reassuring for me is that I still feel like myself. I still have little mood swings and get frustrated with the kids. I still had some PMS and was kind of cranky. I wasn't sure if I would turn into a Stepford wife...I didn't really want to. (haha) I didn't want something that would glaze over me and leave me not feeling my life's MINE and I want to feel it. All of it. I would have hated to not be me on these meds and then go off of them and have my family want the medicated Stephanie back.

I've always believed that depression is an actual illness. But now I know that for myself. To have been quite suddenly feeling so low and have this medicine take only that feeling away and still leave everything else...I'm astounded and thankful. (so is my husband. xoxo)

I just took a short break to go kiss James goodnight and decided I'm done talking about depression. It's almost time for Top Chef! Unfortunately I am out of watermelon...what will I snack on? And last night's tacos? Really, really good. What else? Oh yeah! I miss the thrift store. I decided August was buy nothing month and I am missing dig & save big time. I did buy myself some new blue toenail polish, inspired by mamamilkers, but other than gifts, I have bought nothing for myself or my family. This hiatus will end on Day One of my vacation, of course.


my mom's gonna love this

(nearly first thing this morning)

J: I'm going to poke your eye bulbs out.

S: Don't say that, James. It's not nice.

J: (laughing) That's what my gramma says to me!

(a while later)

J: I'm going to put you in the garbage and you will go to the dump.

S: Well, then who will be your mama?

J: Gramma.

S: The same gramma that's going to poke out your eye bulbs? Good luck with that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

15 months, 15 things

that I love about Ruby right now...

  1. She likes a long, leisurely morning nursing session. She lies there playing with my hair and staring out the window. I like when she wakes up a little before James so he doesn't have to witness this. (makes him kind of antsy)

  2. Her perfect little body. It's all just so soft and cute and kissable.

  3. That she tried to help James wipe his bum, with her bare hands

  4. If you ask her if she pooped she will pause and make a little grunting noise (I realize this may not be cute to anyone but me.)

  5. If you say, "no choking, Ruby", she will make a little choking noise

  6. She said yum for the first time at dinner last night. (pizza)

  7. I gave her a long hug today and she curled right into my neck and said thank you.

  8. She gives Patrick kisses and hugs before he leaves in the morning and then says "byebye dada"

  9. Yesterday morning she brought me the clothes she has on over her jammies in the picture. She handed them to me and started nodding yes.

  10. Her vigorous nods, usually used to answer important questions like, "do you want your pants on?" and "milk & night night?"

  11. How she wanted to sit on the potty the other night and then looked at me with big eyes and signed help.

  12. She loves to read and each book needs to be read twice in a row

  13. I took her for a walk and asked, "hand?" She put up her little hand and walked with me that way for the first time.

  14. She has kind of a deep voice

  15. She likes to make out with James in the morning and at bedtime. James used to like to do this with me at this age so I am happy to have someone else to share the burden.

a little while later...

I typically keep my filters in that old coffee tin. See how empty and alone it looks? I managed to find a mid-level napkin in the pantry, leftover from a birthday party.

I am making the Sneaky Chef tacos tonight and needed some lemon juice. James loves to juice lemons and make lemonade. Ruby had to get up and help him, of course. Also of course, she had to take it to the next level. (literally)I am trying to keep her off of the table as this is quickly becoming a favorite hang out. Today I happened to have the camera on hand so I snapped a picture before I scolded her. My mom suggested the half wall would be her next challenge. I'm sure she's right.

This is my counter after 10 minutes of prepping my special purple sauce for tonight's tacos. It's made of spinach, blueberries and lemon juice. The spinach flavor really disappears into the blueberry flavor, like when I made the smoothies, so you are only left with a sweetness. I now understand why the Sneaky Chef cookbook has no photos. How could even the most brilliant food photographer make this look good? All I could think was MECONIUM. Menu Plan Monday: Monday: Meconium Tacos!

the elusive filter, or, middle of the afternoon rambling

middle of the night thunderstorm + middle of the morning benadryl = sleepy me

Okay, I'll admit I stayed up watching the Hills last night, too. (I won't watch again, though, over it. Just like the Scott Baio show...dumb.)

I need some coffee. I have this strange thing with myself and coffee filters. They keep disappearing into my kitchen. Seriously. I always put them away thinking I will remember they are here and then can NEVER find them. Did I really use them all already? They seem so plentiful that it doesn't feel like they will ever not be there. I'm sorry, ever so important filter, for taking you for granted. Now I have to take my chances with a cheap napkin. sigh.

I want a cloth, reusable one. Anyone have one they recommend?

Thank God for spell check...2 words in this post always make me nervous. Can you tell which 2? (but HEY! I got them both right today!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

tackle it tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I mentioned a while ago that all of my closets have gone to seed. Last night I locked myself in the bathroom for a half hour and look what I accomplished:

I tossed a ton and just straightened up what was left.

This is my bin above...what a mess! I got rid of a ton of old makeup and this is what I kept:

The towel shelf even needed help:Pretty easy fix!Yay! One down, 14 to go. :) For more great tackles visit 5 Minutes For Mom.

ruby's tuesday

Again with the standing!

Can you see the attitude in that little body?


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