Thursday, November 29, 2007

it's almost time!

he told me it was fine to use it
action shot
he was a jogger (his words) for quite a while yesterday
some hall decking
cots r fun
new shower curtain - don't look too close

i know this post is a mess but I am typing one handed. Have a good wknd! xoxo

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sentence reduced

James pauses on his way up to the bathroom. He turns to me with a serious expression,

Mom, I think I will wipe my own butt before I am 13.
I think I will do it when I am 4.

Thank God. The next 9 years were looking awfully long.

my own personal geek squad

Patrick arrived home Monday night with a car full of computer parts. I was rushing out to my last week of parenting class so didn't get a chance to ask him what was going on.

I arrived home to a kitchen covered in parts and a work station set up on the table. It was nearly 10:00 and I could tell he wouldn't be stopping soon. He told me his computer had accidentally gotten shocked at work and he had to fix it.

S: Why can't you get someone else to fix it? I'm sure work would pay for it.
P: Someone else? Like who?
S: I don't know. The Geek Squad or something?
P: Bunny, we are the geek squad.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


James, on his way out this morningfirst snow on Thanksgiving eve, just after Gramma arrived
okay, she LOVES this and always has to be in this position

James helping Ruby get her mitten on. (I made her scarf & hat...heehee)

Going to the mall with my kids kind of stresses me out. It's fine for a while, while they're in the play area, but taking them to the food court for lunch...that gives me hives. I normally agree to go to the mall with Kate about once every 2 months, probably more in the winter, and today was the day. It was really fun to see them and we survived. That's what's important. Ruby doesn't like the stroller much. 18 months is a tough age to take them anywhere but the most child friendly environments. Thank God James is so easy these days. (did I just say that out loud? dumb dumb dumb)

Speaking of James, he is waiting patiently for me to finish up because I said we could go dig around in the Christmas stuff in a little bit. I decided to get those cafe curtain clips (on rings) for my shower curtain. It will be about $5 compared to the $27 I would spend for the (not on sale) grommet tool and grommets. Best case would be that my buttonholer would live up to its' name but I don't see that happening. Here is a picture of my (many) failed buttonholer attempts. It stops halfway down on the return trip. every. time. Any ideas?

Monday, November 26, 2007

ah, it's good to be back

I'm not sure I know how to do this anymore. After blogging every day for the whole month, it feels especially odd after 4 days away. Ah well, I guess I'm okay with being a quitter. We had a very good weekend.

I don't have my thoughts organized at all (what is new, right?) but did want to pop in and say hello. I made myself a list of what I need to get done every week between now and Christmas. I think it's do-able, as of right now. I got my calendars & cards ordered last night so that feels really good.

My house is trashed but I decided to go to playgroup today anyways. It was a nice time and now I can face the next few busy days before my sister arrives on Thursday and brother & dad on Friday. (with their significant others) I am soooo excited to see everyone.

My mom left yesterday after a wonderful weekend. We cooked, shopped, relaxed, ate, Patrick and I had a date...lots of fun. I started my flannel shower curtain but my darn buttonholer isn't working so I haven't been able to finish it. I think I'm going to get a grommet tool and go that route. Maybe I'll post pics of my faulty button holes later to see if any of you smarties can help me.

Supa tagged me for a fun meme, very similar to the one Ellen tagged me for a short while ago. But, I love me some memes so here are 5 facts about me, some random and some odd:
  1. I always wear rubber gloves when I do the dishes. I don't wear them to clean the bathroom, but always do for the dishes.
  2. I had one of my favorite dreams when James was a newborn. I dreamt that I was in Lake Superior, over my head, and the cold, dark blue water was just washing over me. It was so calming and relaxing and quiet. I felt kind of guilty when I woke up, like do I wish I was dead?, but returned to it over and over when I needed help falling asleep.
  3. I still have one scrunchie. It's a brown fabric one and I STILL WEAR IT. Not out of the house, but around here? Oh yeah. It's comfy!
  4. Knowing what we are having for dinner, and having the ingredients on hand, makes me ridiculously happy. It totally lightens my mood for the day.
  5. The first words I ever said to Patrick were, "Do you like my earrings? They're real gold." (I was 15)
Here are the meme rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Don’t break the chain!

I tag Amanda , JEK, Liz, Carol, and Steph. I tagged mostly people that I don't "know" very well but read their blogs all the time. :)

Okay, time to go cut out some scarf parts. xoxo

p.s. Patrick took the picture 3 years ago this month, in Paris.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

only for show

This is a post merely to hold my spot in this little game called noblopomo.

Is next month nomopoblo?   (no more poor blogging)


p.s.  very thankful.  and very full.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Greetings

My computer got a virus yesterday and Patrick wiped the hard drive last night but stuff is still acting strange.

Not much to report, I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!  We all have much to be thankful for, no?  xoxo

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

catching up & ruby's tuesday

,,mmmmjjjjjjjj okay, that was Ruby. She is on my lap so I don't think I'll be getting very far with this. Mainly, I've had a lot of good days and so I think I'll just post everything I've been thankful for lately. (aka: a list)
  • for new babies: My friend Heidi had her baby last Friday morning, one long week after her due date. A little girl they named Willah Lake. I love her name and she is just the cutest little tiny pink thing. Their family is busy adjusting to life with 3 little ones. I got to visit her in the hospital on Saturday and it was so nice to talk quietly with her, without all our kids around. I'm just so happy for them.
  • for time alone & thrifting for Christmas: I spent the day by myself on Saturday, shopping and visiting, like I said. I found some lovely old bowls at the thrift that I want to give as Christmas gifts with a bag of homemade muesli.
  • for visiting with friends & happy news: Kate & Natalie came over Saturday night for dinner. I was gone all day and when I got home Patrick had the house looking all cozy. (I think it's so cute how he likes to make things look cozy for our guests.) We had a really nice time, aside from all the blood. (our evening with them ended with James' lip) Kate announced to our group on Saturday that she is 13 weeks pregnant. I've known for a while and have just been bursting with happiness about it. She was so good to me while I was pregnant with Ruby and I am so excited to do the same for her. And doubly excited for her to have a new tiny fat one.
  • for visiting with friends, part 2: We went to Susan's yesterday for Ally's birthday party. I hadn't been to Susan's since before she had little Ben, 10 weeks ago. I got to see his nursery and it is just the sweetest little coziest little room. And it's done in Milwaukee Brewer's stuff. Who would have thought?! That would be Ben's dad's influence but Susan has added her touch and I could have just curled up in there and taken a nap. Ben has this amazing smooth, creamy skin. I got to hold him for a while and I could hardly stop myself from chewing on his cheeks. Ally loved the pillowcase we gave her and came and gave me a kiss and a hug. Yup, made my day.
  • for James making me laugh: To Ruby in the van yesterday, "Ruby. I can't understand you when you talk that baby talk." HAHAHA! That is exactly what we say to him and hilarious to me because, you know, she's actually a baby. (be quiet, she is!)
  • for Ruby turning 18 months: I love her, she is amazing. She says absolutely everything and knows some colors (purple, blue and yellow) Who taught her those? Well, Blue comes from Blue's Clues, but what about the others? She is deep into the babies and has been pretty sweet lately. I love her tone and how she will always answer our questions. Ruby, where are you? Stairs. Ruby, are you hungry? Yeah. (only it's more like "yeaaaaaaaah." she draws it out, v. cute.) Ruby, did you poop? Uh-uh. Do you want a diaper on? NO. Where is James? Rooooooom.
You know, there was more but I can't think of it right now. Ruby wandered upstairs a while ago and is asking for water. Just because, here is one last picture. I had cleaned out the closet and James wanted to play in it before I filled it back up again. He set this up himself and was in there a lot that afternoon.

Monday, November 19, 2007

a baby story

I was going through my email tonight and found this letter that I sent to a friend the week after James was born. I saved it because it was the first time I had written it all out and didn't know if I would get to it again. Nope. Glad I saved this one. So, here is the story of James' birth. His birthday isn't for a couple weeks but that day is really about him now, you know?

I started bleeding a little in the middle of the night on the 4th (dec 4th). The next morning I was having the usual contractions (belly tightening) but also had period like cramps. The bleeding continued. I had my midwife apt. that afternoon and she said I was only dilated to 1 and could go in 2 days or 2 weeks, impossible to tell. She did something that really hurt during my exam and made me bleed a LOT. She had said I might bleed so I just left after getting dressed but the MA that cleaned up after me was concerned and the midwife called me when I got home and made me lie down until the bleeding stopped, about 3 hours later. I found out later that she had stripped my membranes, without asking me. At this point, my contractions varied between 5 and 13 minutes apart and stayed that way, but got stronger, all night Thursday (the 4th), Friday and Friday night. By Saturday morning I was exhausted (patrick, too) because I hadn't slept in 2 days...I woke up with every contraction because they hurt so bad. I called in and they said I could come in at 7pm on Saturday for some sleeping medicine. Saturday was the worst. With every contraction I would get up and walk this path around the apartment with Patrick holding my hands, moaning. He started moving the furniture around so I would have to take a new path. (He also ran hot baths for me all day...he was so perfect.) Then the contractions got 3-5 minutes apart and stayed that way...we thought it was almost time. When we got to the hospital I was dilated to 3 and they checked us in. The contrax slowed back down. (grrrr.) But hurt like hell. At 10 pm they gave me the sleep medicine (Ambien - HA! what a joke!) and sent us home. It didn't work. We were back to hospital at midnight and I was dilated to 4. They gave me some shot (I will love the woman who gave it to me forever) (it was numorphine (sp?)) and Patrick and I both slept, finally. When I woke up I was dilated to 5 and then my water broke. Holy crap, the contrax hurt on a whole new level after that. I immediately signed up for an epidural...another heavenly experience. When giving it to me they said I had to remain totally still even during a contraction...I said a mack truck could hit me and I wouldn't move...that's how bad I wanted those drugs. Again, we both got to sleep. We woke up at 9 the next morning and I was dilated to 9. She told us to go back to sleep and woke us up at 10:30. They had turned my epi down so I could feel my contractions, but they weren't too painful. I started pushing at 11:00am and he was born at 12:03pm. There was only myself, Patrick, the nurse, and the midwife in the room during delivery. It was so quiet and one told me when to push, I just pushed as I felt my contractions. They all told me how excellent I was doing (you do have to push like you're taking a poop) (which I did not do, for the record) and Patrick wiped my brow and gave me ice chips the whole time. ("Good job, bunny. You deserve an ice chip for that one.") He was so nervous right when we woke up that the nurse went to find him a Tums. He started to feel better after he saw the pushing wasn't hurting me. We reached down and felt his head when it was past my pelvic bone, that was weird. Once the head was out his little body came out the next push...that felt so bizarre! He had meconium in his lungs so they had to suction him. Very scary for us but within seconds he was screaming and he got 9s on his APGARs. He was/is so tiny (6lb 9oz). Then I delivered the placenta, that was neat, too. My placenta was in the front of my uterus so it blocked a lot of baby movements while he was inside, that was hard sometimes because I wouldn't feel him all day. When we saw the placenta and the baby it made sense...placenta was so thick and baby was so small, it totally absorbed his movements. I did feel movements on the sides of my belly a lot, which also made sense, because James has loooong arms. :) We were so suprised he came early because I was very comfortable still at the end. My belly did get bigger and rounder but I never got huge...they said I carried him very tight to my body in an unusual way. Right now I weigh 10 pounds more than when I got pregnant, not too bad, thank God. I didn't tear or have an episiotomy, just a few "skid marks". (their term, not mine.)

all is well

This is just so my mom doesn't worry that we're all dead or something. All is well, busy day. xoxo :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

in stitches

We are pooped today. James was running up the stairs last night and tripped. He bit through his lower lip and bled sooooo much. At first they thought he would need 2 stitches inside his mouth and 2 out, so they wanted to sedate him for that. I can understand how hard it would be to stitch a 4 year old but we really didn't want to put him out. Thankfully the peds dr. didn't think he needed the 2 on the inside when he finally arrived to check James out.

They swaddled his arms, with the video game remote under the blanket with him, and went to work. His first shot of Novocaine didn't work, poor buddy - that's the worst part, so he had to have 2. He was fine right after it was all over and just wanted to play more video games. (new rule: no video game systems in our home for at least another year. it was scary, the love he had for them.)

*also want to remember: he asked the dr if they had any blue plastic gloves in his size. He said he wanted to get a LARGE box of SMALL gloves so he could have them for all the dirty stuff he likes to touch. And he milked it a little when Ruby wanted up on the bed with him. He said, "No Ruby. This is just for hurt people up here." I was so in love with and awe of him sitting there last night...he is such a big little buddy now and so polite.

So anyways, no energy here today. We were all out until 11pm and I guess it just did us in. Patrick worked until noon and since then we've all been napping and having hot chocolate and starting the Sunday laundry catch up. Oh, and James and Patrick made a "tiny orange" run. (Jenna brought James a clementine on Friday and that's all he's been thinking about.)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

a first

James got his first stitches tonight, 2 of them, right under his bottom lip. Poor buddy. He's fine, though. Earlier Patrick and I were trying to decide who would take him to the ER and James, lying in my lap bleeding, suggested that we all go. So we did. We just got home a little bit ago. Time for bed. xo

Friday, November 16, 2007

James does not practice attachment parenting

J: Here Ruby, have this stroller. Then you don't have to hold that baby all the time.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

6 guilty pleasures

  1. I hate it if I miss a week of US magazine. My subscription ran out so I have to rely on B&N to get my fix. If I miss going there, sometimes I'll buy it, but not often.
  2. I love reality tv, just like Ellen who tagged me for this. I've watched for years and seen so many different ones. Here's a list (I haven't watched all of these regularly but have seen at least one episode): Real World, Road Rules, RW/RR Challenge, The Hills, Laguna Beach, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Top Chef, Project Runway, Chains of Love (did anyone else ever see this? so hilarious), Paradise Hotel, Temptation Island, Survivor, Amazing Race, Scott Baio is Really Old, The Osbornes, Nick & Jessica, 1900 House, The Simple Life, The Surreal Life, Bands on the Run (anyone else? we LOVED this), Big Brother, Making the Band, the Biggest Loser, Rock of Love, Top Design, SuperNanny, Queer Eye, What Not to Wear, Sell this House, Trading Spaces, all those design ones, Pimp My Ride, Joe Millionaire, Britney &Kevin, America's Next Top Model, True Life, Sorority Life, American Chopper, The Restaurant, Miami Ink, 8th and Ocean, The REal Housewives of Orange County, Cops, Clean House, Ashlee Simpson, Rich Girls, Gastineau Girls, Growing Up Gottie, Filthy Rich - Cattle Drive, Meet the Barkers, Being Bobby Brown, Work Out, The Parker, The Girls Next Door. OKAY. Once I started, I couldn't stop. (I used Wikipedia for help) Do you see why this is a guilty pleasure? This has been over the last 10 years or so, but STILL. Egad. I am down to one at a time now. Project Runway/Top Chef, normally. I will occasionally watch a different one if I come across it but my tv time is sooooo drastically reduced now. That's a good thing, looking at this list.
  3. Sometimes I keep library books over the due date, on purpose. My library only charges a nickel a day! If I really want to read the book, and it will only cost me .35, I keep it. I do feel guilty, though, because someone else is waiting for it.
  4. I like reading blogs a little too much.
  5. I do this thing in my head, especially when I'm driving, where I will be thinking to myself about whatever and then I will take a word from the thought I just had, say TRANQUILIZER, and find the middle letter of that word. Well, TRANQUILIZER has an even amount of letters so I would divide it in half and take the middle two letters from each half, AN and IZ, and see if I can make a word from them. Last I heard Izan wasn't a word yet so I move on. I'm not sure why I do this but I do. I have lots of variations, depending on the length of the word, and sometimes it's really difficult. (for difficult, the middle letter is I...kind of continue on with the middle letters on either side of the I, IF and UL and come up with filiu, another non-word. It's fun (for me) to find a word within a word. I accept the fact that I probably just lost most of you as readers forever. (this would probably be a better fit under the "why I'm a nutter" meme, eh?) (I just realized that I probably shared this in order to make you forget about all the reality TV that I have watched. I'm not sure, but probably.)
  6. I love to put on some leg warmers and flash dance my way through the housework.
(that was TOTALLY to make you forget about the reality tv) (and totally false)

I'm going to tag Holly and Darcy. :) Have fun, girls.


Ruby & I are skipping Titus today for a couple of reasons. First, I didn't really feel like going. I love these mornings at home with Ruby and the slow pace they have. In the spirit of not doing things that I don't want to, I stayed home. I have a little guilt because it is a church thing, but only a little. Also, Ruby has a cold. It's not a bad one, she is very happy, but every time she sneezes (which is pretty often) you'll want to back up a little.

James wanted to bring his scarf for show and tell today. sniff. so sweet.

Okay, my allotted internet time is up. I'll be back this afternoon. Have a good morning!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a bit of afternoon fun

I wanted to make a scarf for James, so I did. (please ignore the popsicle juice on his face...I was sewing.) I haven't sewn anything for him since his Halloween pillowcase and was feeling like I just couldn't keep sewing for everyone else and not my boy. He loves it. It quickly became a snowboard, and then a tape measure, but now it's a scarf again.

I kept it simple, it didn't take more than an hour. Not that I sat down and finished it in an hour, but over the last 4 hours it took up about one in total. I think I first saw this idea here and then later, here.

Ruby's next but probably not today. Not unless I am terribly inspired by the Project Runway premiere tonight and stay up sewing when it's over. HA! Not likely.

p.s. James' adorable shirt was an early birthday gift from our friends Zoe & Elijah. Ruby got one, too. They both love them and they fit perfectly. Thanks you guys! :)

uff da

Okay, yes, I say that sometimes. I'd always seen it in print, mocking those of us from Northern Minnesota, and thought it was so strange because I had never heard anyone really say it. Then one day I's not something you's a sound you make. Like when you sit down and are really tired, or when you lift something heavy. It sounds more like "oof duh." (I just googled it, if you're interested)

This little lesson brought to you by the sound I just made when I sat down at my computer.

Today is grating on my nerves a little. It started out too early, 6:30, after yesterday so rudely ended at the ungodly hour of 11:15. I had playgroup here Monday, parenting class Monday night, went to the park yesterday, went out to dinner with friends last night, and I had told today that I just wanted to chill. But it won't let me.

The youngest of my spawn woke at the aforementioned 6:30, the eldest at 7:00. I looked at the calendar and today reminded me that most of my bills are due tomorrow, except for the ones that were due last week, and that I had better get those taken care of. today. The spawn didn't like this. I beat them off of me while hastily filling in passwords and hitting submit. I then went to feed the spawn and noticed all of yesterday's dinner dishes in today's sink. (hello, yesterday? you are so over. go away!) I fed spawn while doing the dishes and finally, at 9am, made today's coffee. Then eldest spawn pooped (wiping lessons, though not completed, are going well), and not to be outdone, youngest quickly followed suit. I wiped, washed my hands, chased, changed, washed my hands, topped off the coffee, folded today's laundry (which included a baby doll that the youngest dropped into a pee filled toilet this morning...forgot to mention that), hollered at spawn to go upstairs and read to eachother, topped off coffee yet again (with Baileys) (kidding), sat down and said "oof duh." And here we are, waiting to see what other goodies today has for me. How about you?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ruby's tuesday

just clarifying

That Kotex comment was because that big red dot on my dishtowel reminded me of the big red dot in their ads. (not because it looked like a dot of blood!) (which really is their whole point so this kind of makes no sense but yet it does) (hahahhahahhaha)

Monday, November 12, 2007

an offer I couldn't refuse

J: Mom, will you carry the wooden blocks up to my room? I promise I won't throw them at my door again.


Yesterday after church we went for a little hike on a disc golf course. It was so beautiful. For part of it (it's also a cross country ski trail) you are under a canopy of White Pine trees. It smelled so good and was so quiet. James started collecting stuff right away and was thrilled with his finds. As we were walking out he said, "This is a dream come true, finding all this great stuff in the forest." haha. He also said it smelled "terrific" in there.


Our church built a new church and yesterday was our first Sunday there. It is beautiful, kind of amazing, really. Ruby didn't like being dropped off in a totally new place but they never called us so we knew she was okay. When we went to pick her up she was just waking up. She fell asleep on the shoulder of a young girl almost right away and this girl held her the whole time. How sweet.


Our friends came over today and it was really fun. I hadn't had everyone over for a while and it was so good to just hang out and catch up a little. There were 3 little ones here today and one who is still inside but was due last Friday. Her mom says he/she is done now and it's time to come out. I hope it's soon, Heidi!

Ruby loved the real babies today and was surprisingly gentle and kind to them. I think she's kind of mean lately but she really was so sweet today. Maybe she will just be mean to us and sweet to everyone else? That would be nice. She isn't always mean but she sure is quick with a pinch or a nip these days. She will also say "bad" and then hit you. She is right on time for the testing business to start, and continue for the next 16.5 years, but I wish it wasn't so physical. James outgrew this so I am assuming that she will.

(did anyone else see the Happy Days where Richie, or was it the Fonz?, was in the Army and learned that when you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME ? hahaha, that's stayed with me for the past 25 years.)


I got some new curtains and I think they're going to stay. (click the picture to see detail)

I started a new embroidery project and I think it's got to go.(does this look like a special limited edition holiday Kotex to anyone else? It is supposed to look like a vintage cookie cutter with a red wooden handle. I think I'll stick to patterns.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I just dropped a fresh-from-the-oven pan of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the floor. Patrick laughed. HA. HA.

I am already through being mad at him but I am waiting a few more minutes before going upstairs. Yes, I think it's called pouting.

is that so wrong?

Saturday, November 10, 2007


This is just killing me. The one of her and her sister made me bust out laughing down here.


I am freaking out a little bit because I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks. And Christmas? Right behind that. Oh, man. I've got lots to do! I am intent on enjoying these next weeks and only committing to things that I really want to. And sometimes, even if I really want to, I'm going to say no. There's just not enough time to do it all and I really want to stay true to my priorities this year.

This afternoon James & Ruby were napping at the same time. Patrick made me lay down with him and I complained, "I should be sewing." He lovingly told me to shut up so I did and we had a very nice family nap hour. He is my personal reminder to slow down sometimes. I like that.
(I wonder how long this approach will last? I'll check in with you mid-December.)

My mom is coming Thanksgiving weekend and I am really looking forward to it. We have plans to shop the day after and for Patrick and I to go to a movie sometime. Fun! I also want to deck our halls while she's here because she never gets to see all of our cute Christmas stuff. The next weekend my brother & Erin, my sister & her boyfriend and my Dad (and maybe Mari) are all coming for a visit. Then we'll be in Duluth for Christmas and off to Arizona in January. I'm so happy about all the family time in the next couple months.

I need to make a list of things I'd like to post about. Um, maybe just these 2 things: good gift ideas & what I want to make. Those will be my posting goals for this week. :)

Here are a few scenes from our day:

James lives for this.
Hiding from me.

I thought she looked cute this afternoon.

I finished my first Christmas embroidery project today!
Have a good night!

Friday, November 09, 2007

so many new pics

on flickr this morning.

Ruby is up saying "all done" over and over. back later.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

yay, a list

I am cold. We are waiting for the phone & cable people to show up with the hook ups. I'm going to do this in list form.
  • Patrick got home at 9:15 last night. James had fallen asleep with the open dictionary on his belly while waiting for him. We were in bed by 9:45, talking and cuddling. At 10 we heard Ruby. Patrick went in to get her and she had puked all over. He gave her a long shower and I cleaned & changed her crib. I was rocking her and she did it again. Right while I was looking at her. It got in my mouth. sigh. Repeat cleaning & changing & rocking. Put her to bed. 30 minutes later? Repeat. Then she slept until morning and is fine today. Who knows? A nice welcome home for Daddy.
  • I brought James to school this morning and had the next few hours to myself. First I went to the bookstore and had a coffee. I ended up talking with a man and a woman, each with a set of 2 year old twins. He stays home part time with his and they were with him. She had the morning off of work and was out for some alone time. It was all random and fun. I headed over to d&s when they opened and got a couple things I love and can use in that hour I had there. The camera is in Ruby's room and she is sleeping so I'll have to show you later. One thing I found...a Redmon picnic basket for $3. I love it, it's in good shape and I'm going to store hats & mittens in it until picnic season starts again.
  • After fetching James we went to the new Super WalMart that opened yesterday. I didn't know it just opened, I had just happened to notice on our way into town on Tuesday that it was open. I guess yesterday was the first day, though. It is huge with covered parking and escalators. James thought it was great, too big for me. I got us a phone and some groceries. big whoop.
  • On the way home I stopped for gas and let James get out and wash the windows. Boy, did he love this.
  • We got home and I was putting groceries away and then came downstairs to get some laundry out. Patrick came down, laughing, and said he had to tell me something. My pants were split up the back, right along side my left back pocket. Split as in my whole butt cheek was exposed. Well, not my BUTT but my underwear. Thank goodness I didn't wear a thong today! (haha) Think for a minute about allllll the places I was today. PRESCHOOL. oh no. B&N, d&s, PRESCHOOL, WalMart, the gas station. Oh man. I didn't feel a breeze, though, so maybe it just happened? The pocket was ripping out and I was going to fix it but never thought it would split! They were my only cords, too, the nice olive green ones. The half-full part of this story is that the corduroy is right in time for holiday crafting. Scarf, anyone?
  • Today I am thrilled that Patrick is home. Last night I was kind of icky towards him, in my head, not sure why. (I think I was just tired.) But today I fully love him again. xoxo We are excited to watch a movie ON DEMAND tonight. We are even more excited to see American Gangster on Thanksgiving weekend when my mom is here. (okay, mom?)
  • hmmmm. what else can I bore you with? Oh. In preparation for the cable guy's appearance Patrick scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned out UNDER the oven and vacuumed. ? He is strange, but good. I have wanted him to pull out that oven FOREVER so I could clean under it. You know what he did? He just removed the bottom drawer. Brilliant.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

sew fun

the stash
(about 50% of it is compliments of my mother. My embroidery & sewing stuff is in the vintage suitcase. Scraps & lining flannel are in that plastic tote underneath. Ebay stuff is in the totes under the table. This is all right by my laundry area, down in the basement.)

Christmas works in progress (some only in my mind so far) & Christmas fabrics

for them, anything goes today


this was so much fun

This is the scarf I made for my mom. She loves it. This makes me so happy.

heeheehee, fun!

Patrick comes home tonight. YAY. I am going to drink more coffee and make a few lists. Back later. xo

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

my favorite home

Ah. We are home. I will update more tomorrow but just wanted to pop in. It's so good to be back. I love my life. I want to do nothing for the next 49 days except for be with my family & friends, decorate, listen to christmas music, make presents, play in the snow, drink hot chocolate & wine with my husband and shop with my mom on the day after Thanksgiving. (I've decided that will be my only retail shopping day. I was at Target today and wanted everything. Must not do that.)

I returned to sad news from 2 friends. They themselves are both okay but have some scary stuff going on. Note to self: must cherish every day. xoxo

Monday, November 05, 2007

my favorite parents

As we drove into town last week James asked, "Isn't it neat that gramma and grandpa both live in Duluth?"

If he only knew, right? But you know what? These two have made a potentially hard situation really easy and really good. I love you both a ton. xoxo

Sunday, November 04, 2007

my favorite boy

can you spot him?

there he is!

Another gorgeous day in Duluth. How did I get so lucky to have these beautiful fall days while we're here? Yesterday was spent in Lester Park with my Dad & his friend Mari. That is one of my new favorite places to take the kids. Today we went down to the far end of Park Point with my mom. There is a nature trail back there that I believe I last walked on when I was pregnant with James. We spent most of our time on the beach. The dunes blocked the wind and we ended up nice and toasty after a few minutes of playing. Such fun. I have a lot of pictures from both days but will post them when I'm back home. (I also have to write about the corn vigil at my Dad's.)

Speaking of home, we're staying here until Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I get to see Jolee & Lindsey for sure and hopefully my Dad again. I never got to see Thomas & Erin but it sounds like I get to see them the week after Thanksgiving when Andrea comes. yay!

I was sad to leave the beach & lake today. I still feel kind of sad. I know we'll go back at Christmas, probably up the North Shore too, but there was something special there for me today. I loved all the debris along the edge of the dunes...tiny pieces of birch bark, driftwood, little bugs and red was all so beautiful. I was watching for trash and only saw one tiny round from a cap gun along quite a long stretch of beach. That made me feel good. If you're ever in Duluth, drive over the lift bridge and keep going until you have to stop, right by the airport. Follow the path over the dune and you'll find a gorgeous, nearly deserted stretch of soft clean sand. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007

my favorite beer dip

Oh SHUT UP. I am blogging on a new super fast (compared to what I had last night) computer with the freshly installed Firefox. My mom's computer is pretty new and NetZero is decent (for dial up. or decent in the sense that I don't often hear of people offing themselves over a slow connection which is what I was considering last night) so I figured it must be the out of date versions of explorer and opera that it has. I was right. I have heard about Firefox everywhere so I got myself some on download this afternoon. (while I napped, Ruby napped and James was out doing errands with Gramma. Yes, I napped.) (Yes, that was italicized.) Anyways. Holy cow, what an improvement. I have every blogger button available now and might attempt a photo tomorrow. It is still slow, especially blogs because we are all so darn camera happy, but not that horrible slow that makes me whimper. (not that I would ever whimper over blogging.)

Oh, I'll get to the dip in a minute, hold your horses. Guess what else? I'll get to comment tomorrow. fun.

Today was a good day. My mom had to see one client this morning so we went and hung out with my dad for a couple hours. We went for a little hike and then he fired up the Italien for a photo session. Like I said, I napped this afternoon. Glorious. Ruby napped for 3 hours, after sleeping 12 HOURS STRAIGHT last night (can you hear the hallelujah chorus?), and James just had a good time doing all sorts of stuff with Gramma. This afternoon I went to KMart alone and that was also fun, but a little disappointing, too. I have been surprised in the past at how cute their kids clothes have been. It seems they've changed direction and decided to go back to the ugly/tacky KMart of my youth. sigh. EVERY girl shirt had some stoopid saying on it. Like I want Ruby to have a shirt that says "Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee." nice. Anyways, I did get a cute ghost/pumpkin muffin pan for $3.50. They were just putting out the Christmas stuff so I'll probably go back on Sunday night to look at that. I like Martha Stewart Christmas stuff. I like it better at 50% off so I won't buy anything yet.

As a special birthday treat my mom gave me lots of buttons and fabric. haha. She did, though! Lots of awesome stuff that I am so excited about. I now have a serious stash. Thanks, Ma. (and Happy Birthday!!)

Okay, here is the dip recipe. I first had this at that Halloween party that made me cry. (heehee) The dip, though, the dip made me cry of happiness. I wanted to be alone with the dip, that's how much I loved it.

Kristie, the little darling who brought it, sent us all the recipe afterwards. It is super simple and really, really, really good. I made some tonight to take to my dad's house tomorrow as a special treat for him. I think it will make a great gift with a bag of pretzels and a good 6 pack. (some folks on our Christmas list will be getting this as well. more about that later!)

Beer Dip

2 blocks of cream cheese, softened (those standard blocks, I think they are 8 oz. each)
4 C of shredded cheese (used cojack)
1 pkg of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix (the dry stuff)
up to 12 oz of beer (I used an Amber but any favorite beer will do)

Mix the first 3 ingredients with beaters, adding beer until you get the desired consistency. I used almost all of a bottle and it was the perfect dipping consistency. (yes, my mom & I had some. I'm so drunk right now.) (kidding!)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

my favorite luxury

This is a bonus post because I cannot believe how mind-numbingly slow dial up is. I can't comment on blogs this week because my mom's version of explorer doesn't support that feature?! I can log into blogger on Opera but it takes FOREVER. Seriously. I've eaten a Klondike bar and read a chapter in my book while I was waiting for this create a post page to load. And reading bloglines during nablopomo? hah! I got through to some of my favorites and would like to say: Darcy & Holly - Elle, Thomas & Annelise all looked adorable on Halloween. Holly, I have never heard of trunk or treat. blackbird - I was so happy to hear about Caleb Potter. I was just thinking of him yesterday. (I would italicize yesterday but do not have that button available. Thank God I have spell check.) Ellen - I already told you but I am soooo happy for you guys. Sarah, Again, Jack looked great and I love the quilts you are giving away. I would be too tempted to cut them, though, so I will refrain from trying to win one. :) Sondra, I'm so glad you got your little satchel and like it. I am going to try and catch up tomorrow. And maybe on Saturday - my Dad has high speed! Hallelujiah! So, yeah, a favorite luxury of mine is a high speed internet connection. FOR SURE. (I can't link to any of you because explorer v 1.0 doesn't recognize the hyperlink function.)

I got us loaded in the van this morning and it would not start. Not kidding. Called service station down the road and said a little prayer with James. He was pretty sad about missing preschool but recovered quickly. They came and gave the van a jump and then I drove over to the shop and they ran a diagnostic to make sure the alternator and battery were okay. They were and we were on the road by 11am.

We made excellent time with only one stop in Eau Claire. The kids were great. The Cars movie & Blues Clues helped. Ruby only liked Cars for about a half hour then wanted her screen covered up. She slept the rest of the first leg. nice.

V. happy to be here. I made my mom a scarf that I gave her already (we're like that) because I was so excited. I really like how it turned out and she seems to love it. Her birthday is tomorrow so I'm glad we can spend the day together. I am planning on seeing my dad on Saturday and hopefully a whole boatload of other people sometime, too. (oh yeah, Darcy, where do you live? Sometime I'd love to meet you if you would ever want to. Maybe next summer when we come for longer.)

You should see what garble just popped up when I tried to spell check this hot mess. I thought spell check and picture upload were my 2 meager options and now I'm down to one. I am afraid to even try and add a photo.

I have to call Patrick now and read for a while. Oh, and paw through my moms' jar of vintage buttons that she keeps by my bed. mwah ha ha. Oh yeah. My mom found a pair of cords for me...they have ZIPPERS on the bottoms of the legs. Whatever, mom. They are totally gonna be a scarf for my brother.

As part of my own personal nablopomo I am not checking my statcounter ALL MONTH. I vow that right now. Totally serious. So, I will have no idea if anyone drops by unless you leave me a little comment. I understand (very very well) that commenting takes up precious time so there is no pressure but if you want to, I would love it. And you know what else? I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to add that I would love to hear about any of your favorite meals. I love reading stories about stuff like that so if you want to share, let me know so I can come and read it. Have a great night. xoxo

(wow - labels work, preview doesn't) Let's try to post this bad boy.

my favorite meal

*for anyone who saw this earlier...I just couldn't leave that title up there even though I thought it was funny. :)

(perfect photo found here)

Patrick and I were on Martha's Vineyard with my sister and her boyfriend. We had rented mopeds and went to a tucked away beach that had a freshwater swimming pond right next to it. It was the perfect set in the strong surf until you get scared (if you're me) and then relax in the pond.

We played all afternoon and headed back into town for a late lunch. (I can't remember which town.) We found this little diner with a slamming screen door and a specials sign outside. We were all know that certain kind of starving you get after a day at the beach?

I ordered the daily special...fried fish, mashed potatoes, corn, a roll and an icy Coke to go along with it. It took a while to get our food but it was so worth the wait. I couldn't help making these little happy noises while I was eating it and ever since then, when I say I love something I'm eating, Patrick always asks me if I love it more than this lunch. So far my answer has always been no.

It wasn't just the food, though, it was everything. The little bustling diner on Martha's Vineyard with the fan in the corner, the day spent with two of my favorite people (no offense, Tony) at what was, to me, the perfect beach. The sunburn on my cheeks and the ice cold Coke. My exhaustion and satisfaction. Everything.


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