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food stuff

they're all grown up

happy new year!

I loved it.

not by bread alone, but close

stephanie & james

patrick & james

Increase your log size today!

babysitters rock

sweet dreams

guess what? it's friday!

decisions, decisions

thunderbird italien (and us) at barrett-jackson

another post with no pictures but it does have a happy ending

this just in! Ruby still sweet!

more barrett-jackson tales

one giant list for mankind

home again, home again

thunderbird italien auction info & my usual blathering

i'm using my noggin today

child health update

pollyanna rides again (on the Thunderbird Italien)

do you hear that?

change of heart

james saves the day


i can't find my camera charger


i'll take drama for $500, please

ruby's tuesday

i'm dying over here



my life in photos