annie & rony baby sitting in a tree...


First comes love.
Then comes marriage!

Yippeeeeeeeee! My seester is getting married!!! Congratulations Annie & Ronan. I am so so so excited and happy for you. xoxoxoxooxo. I'm not losing a sister, I'm gaining a brother. aw. (even if it is a squinty, gimpy, mumbling one!)

Who wouldn't want to marry a man who feeds you ice cream so you don't have to move your arms out from under the blanket?

Yup. thrilled. All my love to you guys.

um, oh yeah...Happy Birthday, too, dear seester! Rachael Ray should be on her way to your apartment now and I'll have those place mats whipped up for you ASAP. xo

(PS this post should stay at the top all day, there is another Christmas post underneath and may be more later depending on how my day goes.) :)


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