another post with no pictures but it does have a happy ending

Still no luggage. I bought new mascara today. (that cool kind they are advertising with the orange plastic brush...)

Okay, I stopped writing this to go call United call center in India and see about my luggage AGAIN. blah, blah, blah, not sure bag is there but probably is, blah blah blah, airport won't call you most likely, blah blah blah, sorry, blah blah, just go get it. and on and on. I gave up and said okay. (nasty letter to United coming together in my head while I hang up.)asiusi9o7uw98w7uisyy9wwa7210913` (that was James but my sentiments exactly)

I came downstairs to cool off (literally, it's freezing down here) and read a couple other blogs and the phone rings. It's a nice guy named Matt from United/Madison who is having my bags delivered tonight, free. (which is what United/India said would NEVER happen, not in 100,000,000 years) Matt is all like, no problem, they'll be there in a while. ?!? I told him I've been trying for days to get a straight answer and my bags delivered (there is more to this story but it is boring) (unlike this thrilling part, right?) and he asks if I've been talking to India, saying they have no power to make any decisions like this. Argh. I had called Madison/United and left 3 messages but Matt told me they don't return passenger calls unless they get a priority call from India. (which I was told they left on Tues morning.) Anyways, I get all my crap tonight and don't have to drive 45 minutes each way to get it! Yay!

(My Lesson: So, you see, call center can't decide whether United will deliver your bags for free or not so don't listen to them if they tell you no. But, you do need them to call your airport with PRIORITY flag if you want airport to call you themselves, IN MY EXPERIENCE. And, since I was finally put through to a Supervisor at call center today, which I had requested but been denied on my previous 3 calls, I think they are the only ones who can give you the holy PRIORITY flag. So, keep calling until you get a supervisor!)

So, how are you? xoxo


  1. Oh, I HATE United. I will never fly them again. Never, ever.

  2. DAMN United. I have had an awful experience with them. On a happier note--new mascara! Yay!

  3. I don't think I've ever flown them before...this was awful. :) But, yes, Yay! for new mascara.


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