babysitters rock

(random photo of frozen rocks taken up the North Shore in January of 2002)

So, how goes the Monday? Ours is good so far...we went to Elijah's birthday party and had a nice time. Zoe made delicious soup for lunch and some really good cake. She made the crazy cake recipe with no cocoa and just added more was really good. The chocolate crazy cake is so easy and it's good to know that it can be vanilla just as easily.

Last week we were at Heidi's for Odin's birthday and she had some yummy chili and then made 2 cakes, 1 regular and 1 crazy cake. Wasn't that sweet? We do have the best friends. I am sad all these birthday parties are over because I was loving all the lunches. :) We were talking today about how excited we all are for just go to a park?! That will be so nice. I am actually not chomping at the bit quite yet but will be in another month.

James is in his room with the door closed as a consequence for driving me crazy on the way home. Oh man, he would just not stop talking! Ruby woke up when I moved her to her crib and I was just like, nope, you're going back to sleep little girl. Thank God she did.

I don't have a lot of time to blog right now. I was up early again today but am using most free time for pesky little tasks because I have a lot of them. They are simple as in "write kindergarten testing date on calendar" but there are many. It's nice when they go quick so you can cross them off. Some are longer, like taxes, but I enjoy those so it's no biggie.

We had a really nice weekend. I got to meet Susan on Saturday morning to pick out some fabric and then got groceries, stopped at an antique mall and went home for the rest of the day. I hadn't been to an antique mall forever and it was fun. All it does, though, is make me long for a flea market. I am definitely getting a good flea market in this summer. On Sunday we went to church, came home for naps & playing outside and then Patrick and I had dinner and went to the bookstore last night. The kids love Kelsey and I love how she really plays with them and always has the house clean when we get home. We leave it clean and I know it doesn't stay clean for 3 hours on its' own. Very nice. Patrick wanted to pay her a little more last night, which was a little more than I'd like to set the bar at, but since he doesn't have strong opinions on too many things I try to go with it when he does. She seemed happy and said to call her anytime. She's coming back tonight.

kidding. have a good afternoon. xoxo


  1. Would your sitter mind commuting to Seattle? No? damn it.


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