change of heart

Well, after Patrick and I got a chance to talk some more last night we decided that we probably did want to send James back to the same school. We feel so safe with the allergy issues and know that they really care about James...that means everything. The idea of being allergy anxiety free for one more year sounds really nice to me. (I'm a little nervous about kindergarten.) So, Patrick dropped off a deposit this morning to secure his spot. We can always change later, if we decide on one here in town. I didn't really like the ones here in of them was 5 days a week for 2 hours a morning. (how dumb.) There is a new one being built so maybe we'll love it and feel safe and switch, who knows? Anyways, done.

We've already been to the store and back this morning. Ruby was a horrible mess when she woke up, screaming and crying and begging for fruit snacks. We were out of all fruit and OJ so I decided a quick trip was in order. We live 1.5 miles from the store and she fell asleep in the 3 minutes it takes to get back home. She slept in the van for an hour while James & I played his new Uno game. A nice break and she is in a much better mood. (we got popsicles & raisins so the day should go smoothly.) **I am coming back a little while later to add that she feels pretty rotten today. Slight fever, more coughing and non-stop runny nose. poor bubles. And poor James & I for having to live with her. :) Right now she is pretending James is her baby. This is a new one. They're both happy & that's what matters.

I am feeling kind of cold-ish today but not miserable. Here's hoping my immune system is in touch with my datebook and keeps me free of illness for my big weekend.

Hmmmmm. What else? Oh yeah, the thank yous are started and we are listening to the O Brother cd. Patrick has had it at work forever and I am very happy to have it back at home. Haha, last night when I started singing to Ruby at bedtime she started saying, "cd? down? cd?" Nice. I'm happy that she likes Raising Sand as much as me but I have to admit it stung a little. (we had just been listening to it before bed.) (He's kinda hot for an old guy, eh?)


  1. old guy??????
    nice.......he's probably younger than me, grrrrrrrrr


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